Hillary Giving Up Secretary Of State?

Is Hillary Clinton about to resign?

A growing number of rumors are saying that Hillary Clinton will resign from her position of Secretary of State in the early part of 2011.

Clinton was revealed in the Wikileaks Cablegate scandal as instructing American diplomats to get personal information from United Nations diplomats, which top officials at the UN said may be a breach of international laws. A few days later, Clinton soberly told an audience that her position as Secretary of State would be the last public office she will hold.

Published reports speculate that New Mexico governor Bill Richardson will take over as Secretary of State. Richardson has ample foreign relations experience, most recently meeting with North Korean officials to quell escalating tensions with South Korea. Richardson’s term as governor ends in just a few days, so he will be available.

Clinton will reportedly give the obligatory “family needs” excuse for stepping down, over rumors that husband Bill Clinton is in ill health. However, the former President has been seen in excellent health, most recently taking over for current President Barack Obama at a White House press conference.


  • Unless he can be used as an asset for higher office, Hillary couldn’t give a rat’s ass about Bill.

  • Couldn’t you find a more unflattering photo, Hillary breathing fire and eating small children, perhaps? Is her toothed vagina giving you castration anxiety and fits of CDS, again? Poor, baby. Use this photo to tell us how you *really* feel about her:

  • If HRC is stepping down as Secretary of State it can only be for 1 of 2 reasons: 1) she is planning to challenge Obama in the 2012 primaries again, which is ludicrously unlikely, or 2) she is planning to join the 2012 ticket as VP, which is a little more believable, but still not too likely. If she has any political aspirations at all, she will not pull a Palin and quit half-term. Even stepping down to take on Obama again would be stupid, because it would instantly re-open all the old wounds from 2008, make her look bitter and turn her into an I-Told-You-So candidate, which we know never works. Hillary will stay at State at least until January 20th, 2013, guaranteed. And she might stay longer, although it is an accepted tradition for State to change hands every 4 years, regardless of if the Prez stays in office or not. Hillary is biding her time for 2016– make no mistake, she still sees herself in the Oval Office, and she just might get there. People happily accuse her of being a political mastermind, but never seem to think she could apply that same wisdom when it comes to doing the right thing.

    And yeah, maybe next time you could use a picture of her breathing fire and eating children.

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