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Catholic Church Validates Virgin Mary Sighting

A statue of The Holy Virgin Mary, as described by Adele Brise, greets visitors to the shrine.

The Roman Catholic Church has officially validated a series of visitations of The Holy Virgin Mary in Champion, Wisconsin, making the small town the first location in America where such a miracle has been recognized by the Church.

Belgian immigrant Adele Brise claimed in 1859 she was “visited three times by Mary, who hovered between two trees in a bright light, clothed in dazzling white with a yellow sash around her waist and a crown of stars above her flowing blond locks,” reports The New York Times. “As instructed, Ms. Brise devoted her life to teaching Catholic beliefs to children.”

Location of Champion, WI

Catholic researchers ended their two-year investigation into the appearances, finding no evidence of a fraud and a long history of related miracles, on December 8. A shrine located at Our Lady of Good Hope has been dedicated as the official location the visitations took place.

Although the Times notes the Church in Wisconsin is reeling from allegations of sexual abuse, Rev. Johann Roten, director of the International Marian Research Institute at the University of Dayton called it “devious” to imply that the official recognition is an attempt to bail out the Church.

“Hopefully this will have a beneficial impact on the people, showing them that there are ways of living with faith that are very pure,” Rev. Roten said. “This is a gift to the believers.”

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  1. Philoctetes says

    Baruch Hashem!!

  2. Aryan says

    What a lot of ritual churchian (pharisaical) hogwash…

  3. eduard says

    The great Harlot of Babylon. The smaller churches are nothing but her daughters who whore after her.

  4. klt says

    Hey everybody, What happened to the kwanzaa pimp ? Is he dead or what ? I just was waiting to hear the story again this year on the right perspective. Maybe I missed it or something.

  5. georgetheatheist says

    “Why, my Mammy. Do da Kwanzaa Pimp be givin’ me a present fo’ da holiday?”

    “No chile, fo’ da Kwanzaa Pimp he be not givin’ yo yo presents, he be takin’ yo presents.”

  6. Kwanzaa Pimp says

    @georgetheatheist: Watch yo moutt aw weez gonna gives ya duh same end dat Yo hero Madalyn Murray O’Hair gots.

  7. georgetheatheist says

    O’Hair is not my hero. She at one time espoused socialism. Sho’nuff.

    • NewsGuy says

      That hare must die.

      Hair! Dye! Get it?

      I’m too fast for ya, son!


      Classic scene from Bugs Bunny. And watch that scene, the Senator/Congressman in it reminds me of Bawney Fwank.

  8. georgetheatheist says

    Hey NG, WTF you talkin’ about? You been spiking the egg nog again?

    • NewsGuy says

      No, it’s a real bit from a Bugs Bunny cartoon.

      • NewsGuy says

        Also when you watch that cartoon, notice how Bugs gives Florida to South America, and Manhattan back to the Beringians – proof that Bugs Bunny is a liberal Democrat!!!!!!!!!!

  9. klt says

    And think of it folks, there once was a day when I, as a young child loved bugs bunny. Now, I don’t like him at all. Thanks for the cartoon news guy.

  10. Philoctetes says

    @NewsGuy: R U being affected by SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder up there at the Arctic Circle?

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