Southern Pride Group Sues History Channel

The History Channel is being sued by a Southern pride group after the basic cable channel refused to air ads from the group giving their perspective on the Civil War.

The ads from the Georgia Sons of Confederate Veterans commemorate the 150-year anniversary of the conflict. One advert, which can be viewed at the left, says the South “peacefully seceded, just like our Founding Fathers did in 1776 with England,” while The NY Post reports another gives the cause of the war as “Northern congressmen were able to vote themselves virtually anything they wanted, using Southern tax money, while the South was powerless to stop it.”

The ads encourage viewers to “be proud of your Southern history and heritage,” and to not “let others do your thinking for you.”

“The one thing they seem to be kicking on was the verbiage when we said the South was invaded,” said Jack Bridwell, a commander in the group. “That seemed to bother them. We were invaded. We had legally separated from the union. We were a separate country. If they take offense to the truth, they are losing their reliability. It offends me they aren’t going to use it. I had been a big fan of the History Channel. I’ve quit watching it.”

The Wall Street Journal reports that The History Channel’s policy prohibits the selling of time to commercials that present “a partisan position on a controversial issue”, the exception being political candidates protected under campaign laws. In a press statement, the network claims the ads were purchased by a local distributor without its consent.


  • I’m unclear why the History Channel would have a problem with the historically accurate portrayal of the war, articulated in the above referenced Sesquicentennial Celebration commercial presented by the Georgia SCV.

    It’s not as if the Georgia SCV wanted to embarrass the Union by pointing out that its Commanding General Ulysses S. Grant allowed his wife to own slaves throughout the entire war…..or that Lincoln had expressed a willingness to move forward with the Corwin amendment, thereby maintaining slavery in perpetuity.

    Such embarrassing but historically accurate vignettes would obviously dispel the myth that the war was fought over slavery.

  • I hope and pray that the sons of confederate veterans win. This is bias against the veterans group. They don’t want the truth to be told on there network.

  • You can only have an opinion if it agrees with the Jewish media’s perspective!

    Shame on you, goyim!

  • Shame on the History Channel!

  • Funny how the CSA had two Jews and a Roman Catholic on the executive cabinet, something Leen-Con would not have even countenanced! My wife’s Cherokee ancestors were the last Confederates to stack arms. There were 60,000 Blacks involved in the war effort – both free and slave. There were thousands of Mexican-descended Texans who fought for the CSA. This is not a racist issue, but it will no doubt be portrayed as one.

  • The History Channel wants to be politiically correct than historically accurate. That way they don’t that way they wont get in trouble with the NAACP , Al Sharpton , Jesse Jackson and the rest of those true racist . When are we going to stand up to these people and say enough is enough .

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