Gingrich Blinks On Immigration Stance

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has revised his stance on illegal immigration to allow for citizenship of illegals serving in the US military and work permits for illegals attending American colleges and universities, two platforms that are included in the controversial DREAM Act currently being debated in Congress.

During a heated exchange with talk radio host Laura Ingraham, Gingrich cited a provision in the DREAM Act that allows “non-citizens” serving in the American military to have the same opportunity as others in applying for citizenship.

“I think that it’s legitimate to say, if you’re willing to risk your life for two or three years, serving to protect the United States, we will be willing to consider you for citizenship,” Gingrich said.

Newt Gingrich

Gingrich also said that illegals attending colleges and universities in America should be afforded work permits, but not automatic citizenship.

“I am opposed to granting citizenship to anyone who has broken the law, before the people back home who have obeyed the laws,” Gingrich added.

Ingraham then played a clip from the day before where Gingrich said, “we have to find policies that extend to every American, and that includes people who are not yet legal, every American, the opportunity to pursue happiness, the opportunity to have a work ethic, the opportunity to grow more prosperous, and we have to design a system where it is more advantageous to be legal than illegal.” She then asked Gingrich what he felt Americans voted for on November 2.

Gingrich replied that no election, including the Colorado governor race that saw the openly anti-illegal Tom Tancredo lose to his Democrat rival, has been won on the idea that 11 million people can be deported. This led to a heated argument between the two conservatives, with Ingraham saying that both Republicans and Democrats have “fallen down” in their basic responsibility to enforce the border.

Gingrich said he is in favor of deporting illegals who are gang members or arrested for a felony, and is “committed 100-percent” to enforcement of the US border, noting his past accomplishment as Speaker when he helped enforce the first control of the San Diego border. He also said he committed to having English as the official language of government.


  • I agree very much with enforcing the law of immigration to the maximum level possible. I also support the Dream Act very much. Remember the newest version of the act will make it impossible for criminals to qualify, in other words only the fine immigrant students will make it into the act. It is not amnesty. Senator Sessions is just intimidating the Hispanic population with his negative remarks, for me it’s easy, Sessions is just a racist person which he is afraid to tell the people because his political career will be over. Sessions does not see the point here. Sessions knows there is a new Act version already he has not mentioned anything about it. Finally, Sessions also knows that the newest Act version it 100% good, no sponsoring allowed, only up to 29yrs of age qualify, no tuition, no government benefits, There we go he is the only senator complaining like a little girl in the Senate.

    • The Dream Act, like the 1986 amnesty and like our immigration laws in general, has a major flaw: the unwillingness of this administration to enforce its provisions EXCEPT as they relate to letting as many people stay here as possible. This bill STILL allows the head of DHS to grant waivers, which effectively guts any of the “requirements”. It also allows for “hardship” cases which again get around the so-called tougher provisions.

      If illegal alien “students” really want to go to school here, then they can do that by applying for foreign student visas behind the record number of legal foreign students we already have in this country. Illegal aliens can also join the military.

    • You are very confused, every illegal aliens who works is a criminal, they are committing multiple felonies. Maximum enforcement includes deporting every illegal alien, including those attending college. The Dream Act is a giant amnesty that will take jobs away from unemployed Americans.

      If enforcing the laws is racist, then the IRS commits racism every day.

      Actually you sound like the racist, only talking about Hispanics, maybe because the Dream Act will benefit 30 Hispanics for every Asian, African, or European who benefits, it seems you support this 30 to 1 bias in favor of Hispanics.

    • 111th Congress

      The Nightmare Is in the Details

      The DREAM Act has been reintroduced in both the House (H.R. 1751, by Rep. Howard

      Berman (D-CA)) and the Senate (S. 729, by Sen. Dick Durban (D-IL). Several cosponsors of the

      legislation have referred to the DREAM Act as a “narrow” proposal to deal only with the

      children brought here illegally by their illegal-alien parents. Unfortunately, the facts belie that

      claim. Here are the essentials of what the bills would do:

      • They retroactively repeal the federal ban on in-state tuition for illegal aliens, so individual

      states would decide whether to grant this subsidy to illegal aliens at the expense of U.S.

      citizens and legal residents.

      • They require DHS to award amnesty to every illegal alien claiming to meet minimal

      criteria: 1) present in the U.S. for the last five years; 2) a U.S. high school diploma or GED,

      or admitted to a U.S. institution of higher learning; and 3) of “good moral character” with

      no more than 2 misdemeanor convictions.

      o The Senate version also requires that amnesty applicants be under 35 years of age and

      not be subject to a final order of removal or exclusion.

      o Neither version requires specific documentation or other proof that amnesty applicants

      actually meet these minimal criteria.

      • Once an alien files an amnesty application, he or she cannot be removed from the United

      States for any reason until the application is fully processed and a final decision to grant or

      deny amnesty has been made.

      • All amnesty applications go to the front of the line for processing, thus bypassing millions

      of people around the world who have applied to come to the United States the right way.

      • In order to deny any amnesty application, the federal government has the burden of

      proving an illegal alien’s ineligibility for amnesty.

      • There are no numerical limits to the amnesty and there’s no end date for the application


      • Amnestied aliens are required to complete two years of college or military service during

      their first six years of legal residence, but DHS can waive the requirement or grant

      additional time to comply for those who do not.

      • At the end of the six years, amnestied aliens can apply for citizenship and petition to bring

      their extended relatives—including the parents who brought them here illegally—to the

      United States.

      • Amnesty beneficiaries are eligible for certain federal student loans and work-study

      Although the 1986 amnesty resulted in 2.7 million illegal’s being legalized, over 10 million were actually legalized after they brought their extended families over.

      The 1986 Act was not enforced, illegal immigration exploded out of control. So here we are again with plans to pass another giant amnesty for 12-20 million illegal aliens and their extended families, another 48-80 million.

      Why would Obama and Congress want to makes things even worse on America’s 14.5 million unemployed?

      The administration could easily create 7.5 million jobs in manufacturing, construction and service industries simply by enforcing the existing immigration laws.

      A side benefit would be to return the 7.5 million SSN’s being used fraudulently by illegal aliens to their rightful owners.

      Those who come here illegally, steal our IDs and ignore our laws have already demonstrated they lack the honesty and decency to ever become American citizens.

      a.) Enforce the existing immigration laws.
      b.) Secure the border.
      c.) Don’t hire illegal aliens.
      d.) No anchor babies.
      e.) Deportation through attrition.

  • The DREAM Act is nothing but amnesty for illegal aliens who, by law, have no right to be here. Why don’t these illegal aliens go back to their own country, take their parents with them, and make the best of it there. The American people are fed up supporting the illegal aliens and this invasion of 12-20 million of the illegal aliens. It has to stop. Granting any form of amnesty will only encourage more, and where will it end? Our laws need ENFORCED! We don’t need or want any form of amnesty. Is this so hard to understand?

    This is just a thought, but if we get rid of all the illegal aliens, would this open up jobs for Americans. Illegal immigration is also costing us an estimated $250 BILLION a year for these illegal aliens. Think of the money we would save that could bring our enormous debt down. So maybe it is time to get our immigration laws ENFORCED and finally get the illegal aliens out of this Country. Another costly thing are the anchor babies. When is this going to end?

    • It’s an honor to share the Comments section with Delaware Bob!

    • To answer your question, Delaware Bob, “Because they are taught from the time they’re in grade school that the Southwest U.S. and West were stolen from Mexico. Also, because our Federal and most state governments aren’t doing enough to MAKE them go back! We 1) have a continuing wide open Border, 2) have refused to put armed National Guard troops on the Border and our Border state Governors are reluctant to do it themselves, 3) continue to elect RINOs like McCain and Jeff Flake or Socialists like Hickenlooper in Colorado and Grijalva and Giffords in Arizona when their Conservative opponents should have won, 4) continue to allow over 1 million legal aliens in on H-1B and student visas, 40% or more of whom become illegals by overstaying and not going back to their countries as they agreed to, 5) are now releasing most of the illegals ICE is given by local police and sheriffs thanks to Soetoro-Obama’s policy of only holding felons and 6) continue to talk of Amnesties be it Bush during his presidency or Soetoro-Obama. When Mexicans and other would-be illegals hear this, they make a bee line for the Border.

  • Gingrich is a sell-out to Conservatives and has been since he took office and thereafter. That he’s even being given a forum after what he did Conservatives in the House by forcing NAFTA thru for Bill Clinton, a program that increased the Invasion and cost millions of American jobs., is remarkable.

    Tom Tancredo lost his try for Governor for a number of reasons. First, he has never been popular with the mainstream Republicans there: 1) Although he received amazing endoresements from Republican leaders there, he did leave the Party to run as an Independent (which he of course had no choice of that late in the race), 2) He vilified and ridiculed (deservedly so) the CO Tea Party favorite, Dan Maes and as a result (Tancredo) didn’t get a lot of the Tea Party vote and 3) He had come out only a few weeks before the Election publicly supporting the legalization of marijuana, a Libertarian position and one that few Conservatives share. Because he didn’t stand a chance of winning the liberal Denver, he needed the surrounding Conservative counties and didn’t get them.

  • Memo to Hendelap:

    Enforcing our immigration laws, which were created primarily to protect American workers, is not racist. The DREAM Act, unless it comes with a cap on eligible applicants, would only encourage more people to enter this country illegally so their children could receive a college education. This bill also lacks any language creating a mechanism by which to verify the information provided by applicants. The bottom line is that while 22 million Americans and legal residents are unable to find full-time employment, we don’t need more foreign workers entering our workforce to compete in a job market isn’t going to improve anytime soon.

  • Who cares what this pile of butterfat speaks, thinks, wants? Screw him and the elephant he rode in on. He is absolutely nothing, and is NOT a factor on anything, anytime, anywhere. He will never hold another political office even if he sucks Mexicans dry. What a waste of air, food, and water.

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  • Rewarding criminals who violate our sovereignty and laws is WRONG! The only “path” an illegal alien deserves is a one-way ticket home.

    Comprehensive BORDER CONTROL!

    Comprehensive LAW ENFORCEMENT!

    E-verify NOW!

    End birthright citizenship NOW!

    Say no to the Chamber of Commerce cheap labor lobby and the racist, ethnocentric advocacy hate groups like La Raza (THE Race), Mecha, and Lulac.

    Say no to illegal aliens, the Outlaw Employers who profit from them at OUR expense, and the corrupt Rogue Politicians who ENABLE both. Say no to SHAMnesty!

  • Newt’s true colors are finally showing through. As for immigrants and the military, the military currently allows immigrants to join, but the must be LEGAL. E.G. have a Green Card that will be in effect through their enlistment. The process of going from a non-citizen to U.S. citizen can be expedited for enlistees.
    Why don’t we just enforce our current laws, seal the border and Yes We Can deport 11 million illegal criminals!

  • What Gingrich favors is the guestworkerfication of the US labor supply (as do too many Republican politicians) in order to put downward pressure on the wages of US labor. The pro guest worker wing of the Republican party speaks with a forked tongue on immigration.


    President Obama is reaching out to fence-sitting Republican Senators trying to earn their vote on the DREAM Act. A new report from the National Journal says that members of the President’s cabinet are targeting Sens. Collins and Snowe from Maine, Sen. LeMieux of Florida, and Sen. Hutchison of Texas. These politicians will be carefully scrutinized how they vote when this issue comes to the table this week. Call the Capitol Switchboard NOW and urge these Senators and your Members of Congress to oppose the DREAM Act Amnesty — 202-224-3121 NumbersUSA for details.

    Its not the processed students that are the major problem, but the–CHAIN MIGRATION–that follows. The immediate family will be sponsored, then the parents will come, with brothers and sisters, grandparents and the whole mass of people will snowball–into the millions–and inevitably a huge cost to taxpayers.

    Those Americans opposed to the DREAM ACT or slyly undisclosed as an incremental Amnesty, better take a minute to bombard your three Representatives in Washington and stop this financial insanity. Children of citizens and legal residents can no longer get a decent seasonal job and 15 million Americans are laboring for lower wages or seeking jobs that are almost non-existent. Yet the extremist Liberals want to extend an open hand to students of illegal aliens and ignore this deep recession this country is in. No matter what Sen. Harry Reid and his administration say, there will be a cost with the passage of the Dream Act. There has always been a direct cost for enactment of any Amnesty, such as the 1986 Immigration and Reform Control Act and the 6 Amnesties that followed. The Dream Act will be no different–whether disclosed or not, to the general public. Incidentally–any illegal alien can be recruited for the armed services, in times of war? This is yet another lie passed onto us by the lame duck government that students cannot join the military in time of war.

    If you feel different, I still have that Brooklyn Bridge to sell you? Be honest—have you known our government to tell us the truth? Annually billions of dollars are spent catering to the invasion of people not welcomed into this nation. Rewarding yet another immigration policy as this, will only be a very large magnet to foreign workers and their families. The annexation of illegal nationals will never end, without the American people demanding a stop to this immigration travesty and throw the outlaws in Congress out who applaud this free movement of people. Just look around our nation over the past thirty years of horrendous infrastructure deterioration, unmanageable influx of at least a million legal immigrants a year. Border state schools overcrowded with illegal alien children, exhausted medical staff in emergency rooms and our growing taxing of the people to pay for anybody who slips through our border or flies in on a one-way ticket.

  • No to the Dream Act…no to Newt Gingrich and to any of the traitors who want to obligate hard-pressed American taxpayers to ante up for the children of illegal aliens. And that’s only a small part of this dispicable act. It will allow every amnestied person to bring all his extended family here. They in turn will receive amnesty and the beat goes on. I’m surprised that there is anyone left in Mexico. The Washington crowd doesn’t care about them anymore than they care about us. They want the future votes to keep themselves in office and to continue to belly up to the public trough. So, don’t kid yourselves that they care about anything but staying on the public dole. This act will be our swan song as a nation. Call your reps and demand that they stop this travesty.

  • There’s one flawed thing in this. Any “non-citizen” currently serving in the US Military is already legal and already entitled to expedited Citizenship. Indeed, you must have legal status to serve and if the Military is allowing illegals in, they need to be stopped.

  • Finally the republicans are getting on board with what every American wants. Seal the borders, enforce the laws amd e-verify everyone BUT DONT BREAK UP FAMILIES.!!! THAT IS NOT AMERICAN AT ALL. Just Register the damn illegals with no path to citizenship already. let them work and pay taxes and be known as registered aliens.

    • I agree, don’t break up families, deport them all together anchor babies included, they are a giant tax drain.

  • Newt Gingrich did nothing to stop ILLEGAL immigration back when he was speaker so what ever he says means little to me. Frankly I don’t trust the guy. Our immigration laws must be ENFORCED! We have to stop running our country by “political correctness” and go back to the rule of law before its to late.

    Traitorous people have infiltrated our congress. Luis Gutierrez from Illinois said in November of this year, “I have only one loyalty, and that’s to the immigrant community.” By immigrant community he means ILLEGAL aliens! This man will do anything in his power grab to flood this country with Latinos by any means. He and many other democrats see these needy people as life long democrats that will keep them in power forever.

    By the way here is the Congressional Oath of Office that Gutierrez and all congressmen swore to uphold. “I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same…”.

  • The “WE HATE AMERICANS BUT LOVE ILLEGAL ALIENS” PARTY just keeps growing…Newt Gingrich, Jeb Bush, Dick Armey, Dianne Feinstein, Nancy Pelosi, L.Gutierrez, and all the dual-citizen that are in our body politic. Even Sarah Palin says “we can’t deport them all, illegal aliens need a pathway to citizenship”
    We Americans didn’t criminalize iLLEGAL ALIENS. They did that themselves. They are lawless and our government can’t seem to reward them enough.
    0ur politicians are the ones being rewarded. Check out their wealth and the $$$ they will be raking in with their SCAM Bills that are draining the taxpayers and funneling 0ur money right into their own pockets.
    E-Verify and 287g Nationwide to find and deport all illegal aliens.
    Let the trials begin for these lawless treasonous lawmakers.

  • What we need before anything else is to see E-Verify made a permanent requirement for ALL employers and business licensees in the US to check ALL jobs, currently held and all future hires. When the workplace is cleared of people working illegally, then and only then can the people believe their government is sincere about enforcement.

    Until that happens politicians are lying when they say they want enforcement and under no conditions does anyone have any reason to grant YET ANOTHER AMNESTY. They can enforce, they just don’t want to.



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  • Don’t break up families. Deport the parents with the children so they can take care of their children in their native country.

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