Guardian Angel Mugged While On Patrol

Newark has laid off 15-percent of its police force

Guardian Angels leader Curtis Sliwa is frantically denying reports that one of the group’s members was mugged at gunpoint while on patrol last Tuesday night in Newark, New Jersey.

News of the mugging was first reported by local news outlet PIX 11, quoting sources within the Newark police force.

Sliwa has put members from the New York City franchise on patrols in Newark after the city laid off 15-percent of its police force in an effort to close a massive budget gap. A total of 167 officers were handed pink slips when negotiations between city and police union officials fell apart. New Jersey’s largest city also suffers from one of the state’s largest crime rates.

“What can they do? This is a tough neighborhood here,” Newark resident Stanley Conover told PIX 11 News after hearing the vigilante group would begin street patrols.

The last time Newark fired this many cops was 32 years ago, when 200 officers were laid off. The city suffered a 25-percent spike in crime then.


  • I’m happy to see the fine upstanding citizenry of the great city of Newark are doing their part in ” Operation No Angels “. Great work.

  • This poor idiot was lucky. Next time he may not be so lucky and it could be worse! The media shyster and degenerate liar sends these drones out to get publicity which he feeds off of and makes his money. Hey, I thought that they’re “trained” to “defend” themselves? They’re just cannon fodder to feed the media shyster’s publicity machine! He couldn’t care less about them, or any of his slaves! All he cares about is lining his pockets! Join Operation No Angels and end the Empire of Lies!!!!

  • I doubt VERY SERIOUSLY a Guardian Angel was mugged at gun point while on a patrol. A patrol consists of SEVERAL Guardian Angels – NEVER EVER just one individual! If anything, it could have happened on his way to or from a patrol – possibly out of uniform and would most likely be a “trainee.” And if anything like this did happen, it just shows the need for the Guardian Angels help! As a long term seasoned member of the Guardian Angels I most likely would have heard about this RIGHT AWAY – and (as of yet) nothing like this was verified to me. And as far as anyone from that neighborhood NOT wanting Guardian Angels to help out…….. they are either totally stupid, completely ignorant, part of the crime problem or somehow benefitting from it! Lets be real here.. Who in their right mind wouldnt welcome the Guardian Angels comming to save them while there being attacked by some group of punks? Ask yourself this.. If you were on the phone with your daughter and she said two men were chasing her and she said there were two alleys in front of her, one with a patrol of Guardian Angels and one without anyone. Wich one would you tell her to run down?? If you answered this TRUTHFULLY, I rest my case! And “Frank”.. WE dont do this for Curtis, we do this to HELP PEOPLE! We ARE NOT a cult nor do we “worship” Curtis! He is just the founder of our group! We are NOT dedicated to “him”, we are dedicated to “the cause!” To us it doesent matter weather he is the founder or if it was Nabisco’s Captain Crunch! Any publicity we bring to a problem is NOT for Curtis’ benefit or ours – its to bring attention to a problem that needs to be adressed. Contrary to what you (Frank) try to imply with your commentaries, we are VERY welcomed throughout the communities we patrol by the people who LIVE THERE – except of course.. by the criminals! throughout my many years of VERY active time with the Guardian Angels, I have been on and lead over one thousand street patrols throughout some of the worst cess pools society has to offer and risk my life doing what I do and it is NOT for curtis (as you imply) – it is, for a “higher power!” To do what is right and good! To be a “protector of people”, to be an example of what the solution is! And yes Frank, even though I know you HATE us all.. I’d still stand between you and 5 guys trying to harm you and risk my life to protect you. And by the way, thats weather Im wearing a red beret or not! Thats the type of people we are. thats what makes us Guardian Angels! Sincerely…….., “JAWS” – Tampa Chapter of Guardian Angels..

  • We as a people of this great city of Newark must stand together. There are so many organizations doing the exact same thing when we should come together as a group. Where is the largest gathering spot in Newark? That is were we need to come together and sit like men and women, young adults and even our young children. We all need to voice our concerns about this great city. We need not try and grand stand because it has not worked thus far. There are too many groups saying and doing the same thing. We will only make progress, if we do it together. This city is more than Black people, white people, Hispanics, Portuguese. Let’s do it together. We need to save our public schools first and then we can worry about the charter schools. When it comes to crime, there are far too many of us that will look out our windows and see the drug dealer or someone being mugged but will not pick up the phone and call the police. We need to do more to make not only our political leaders accountable but we must be accountable also.


  • How can you solve like these horrible crimes? Get a degree in Criminal Justice from “United Forensic College” search online.

    • Seems that this violent cult, like all cult mindslaves, doesn’t want it’s master to be criticized! This is the emotional and mental pathology of the mind slave as epitomized by the brainwashed nitwits who allow themselves to exploited by their master. “OOOH, don’t dare say something critical or negative about the GA”. That is the brainwashed dimwits response to criticizm of their master! Now you know what it was like to live in Jonestown when someone dared to say something that exposed Jim Jones. This Jim Jones is running a violent cult, where his thugs in Davenport IA violently and viciously assaulted and broke the arm of a U.S. Army Iraq War veteran!!! Chapters open and close faster than a ten dollar whorehouse raided by the cops. It’s all a publicity stunt to line the media shyster’s pockets! A complete jerkoff who runs around in a king’s costume to garner more publicity to feed his sick habit!! And you assholes worship this flim flam artist? You’re so sick that you expect us to fall for his line of total and compete bullshit! Go watch the movie, “The Music Man”. The main character played by Robert Preston, is Harold Hill, a fraud who sells musical instruments to schools. Fact is, there are no instruments!! His line is, “if you think you can play, you will without instruments!!!”. THAT is Sliwa!!! Selling total bullshit to the ignorant, stupid, intelligence deprived, brainless, dimwits, halfwits, nitwits, morons, assholes, losers, failures, no bodies, nothings, dregs of the streets, shiffless, garbage pickers, worthless, idiots, and just plain dumb who fall for this tired old line of crap! Do yourselves a favour, join Operation No Angels and get on the TRP bandwagon! We’re winning this war, and we ‘re winning big!!!!!

  • Hey Frank, lay off!

    You probably were a Guardian Angel reject and jealous. These are fine upstanding young people. Curtis is ace and is doing a superb job and you’re not fit to shine his shoes.

    This country needs more people like him, as he always put himself last, so show some respect!

  • Hey Frankie – Moolah, Shmoolah, Greenbacks, dough, loot, big bucks, dinaro, bread , backsheesh, gelt. I’m raking it in baby! I’m not just bringing home the bacon, but the entire farm!

    Hey! I used to be da stickball commissioner of Noo Yawk. Have sum respect!

  • The GA is like Roller Derby! Roller Derby was a fake “sport”, it had “teams” that came from different cities, or so people thought! In fact it was the same group who changed uniforms to make it look like they were in a “league” from different cities. The GA is the same thing! He has a small group of assholes that go from town to town to make it look like it is a large group, when it fact it is the same assholes saying that they are from different cities! This is what happened in Newark. The same group that travels around to promote this cult got caught by some gang members and ran like hell. The poor stooge got caught alone when the rest left him running for their lives. It was exposed when he had his “World GA Conference” in CA. Less than 50 stooges showed up embarressing him. The guys who were supposed to show up and make it look like he has alot of stooges didn’t come because they wanted more moolah smoolah and he tried to get away on the cheap! So the next time you think that the’s got a “chapter”, it’s just the same group that you saw in another city posing as a different “chapter”! When you hear him bullshit the ignorant and stupid, think “ROLLER DERBY”!!! Join Operation No Angels, and stop the media shyster and degenerate liar and his stooges!!!!!

    • There you go, getting it ALL wrong again. We are NOT the same group running around from city to city pretending to be from that area (as you claim). We have chapters with members from those cities all over the world. True, there are times whan a few of us may travel to other chapters to assist them with something special – but that IS NOT THE NORM! And, it there is no chapter in an area that needs help, members from other chapters will go (sometimes) to help that community. After all, were ALL Americans arent we. And your claim about aGuardian Angel being mugged while on a patrol turned out to be FALSE! It didnt happen! Your further claim that he was “scared” and ran away from his patrol group is LUDICHRIST (not the Rap group – by the way)! This goes to show how little you really know about Guardian Angels! A Guardian Angel would NEVER EVER run and abandone his patrol group FOR ANY REASON WHAT SO EVER! EVER!! And a patrol would NEVER EVER run and abandone a member! EVER! This is (partly) what makes a patrol group so strong! We stick together regardless of ANYTHING! ALLWAYS! And, its NOT for Curtis or a “cult” its for each other! Its what makes us strong as a unit. You will never understand the “comradery” between the members and our dedication to the “cause”. You also claim we think of Curtis as our “master and dont want him criticized”.. Nothing can be further from the truth.. We and ESPECIALLY Curtis are used to criticizm. It really doesnt phase us. But you go WAAAAY out of your way to CONSTANTLY talk bad about our GROUP and its MEMBERS. What our group does is good and our members are good people. The way you think of us and our group because of your hatred towards Curtis is like saying because you dont like the Police Cheif all cops are bad. Have there been some “bad apples in the barrel” – mabey so., But that doesent make the whole bunch bad.. I would challenge anyone to find any group or organization that NEVER had a problem with any of its members. Really, think about that.. Start with ANY Church and work your way all the way down to the Boy Scouts. Hey Frank.. You and I need one of those so called “beer summits!” No microphones, no cameras, just 1 pitcher and 2 mugs.. Hell, Ill even pick up the tab! JAWS

  • @”Jaws” Ron Smith: your long-term support is awesome – I’m glad to be in an organization with a dedicated and helpful member of society like you.

    Your “two-alleys” problem is a great clarifying method.

    @Frank: I was at the “World GA Conference in CA” and there were well over the number you give here, and indeed they represented multiple nations (and cities within the USA).

    I find it odd that you host a “conservative” show, but prefer to eliminate enterprising volunteerism, and instead favor a government-run solution as the only solution. Bigger government and less citizen involvement is hardly in line with the values you represent.

    • Another mindslave from the GA who vomits up the line of crap that he is fed! “government run solution”, what inane nonsense! This is spewed by his mindslaves because they think that it is an answer that makes them look like they’re “conservative” and “giving back to the community”, when in fact it is a lie along with the bullshit line, “volunteerism”. “Volunteerism”? NO! For the media shyster and degenerate liar it’s “line my pockets with the millions that I’ve made off this scam and the suckers who wear their clown suits”!!!! “Volutneerism”? Is that why he gets at least $10K per appearance? Plus expenses? Some “volunteerism” when all the money he makes goes NOT to the GA, as you are nothing more than homeless bums who have to panhandle for “donations”, but right into his pockets! Hey, dimwits, how do you think he’s gotten himself a million and a half dollar condo in Manhattan? By “volunteerism”? He’s used this cult as a cash cow. He gets you nitwits to go around begging for “donations”. How come he NEVER gives a nickel of what he’s gotten off the name GA back to the cult? You’re like Moonies selling flowers at the airports!! It’s really, really scary to think that there are these kind of halfwits out there who parrot the line of bullshit from the GA. It sounds like Jonestown, Moonies, Hari Krishna, Nazis, Bolsheviki, any group that is comprised of fanatical believers who’ve never questioned their cult leaders! They wear some clown outfit that they THINK makes them look “unique”, but instead shows that they have no individualism, no ability to think for themselves, but instead can’t function outside the cult! The photos of the “world conference” show that there were less than 50 losers there. There is no “GA”, it is a phony scam dreamed up by cult leader Sliwa! When they were confronted in Newark by a gang of three, they bolted and ran for their lives leaving this poor stooge by himself! They even lost their berets! Get the truth, Join Operation No Angels! and stop this violent cult that beat up an Iraq War Vet!!!!

  • I don’t “hate” the GA! I am trying tough love on you idiots to snap you out of the mindless lethargy that you are in! A stupor induced by the pure bullshit of the degenerate liar and media shyster and bag of bullshit with a beret who has been using and exploiting you for his own gains! Look, how can anyone have ANY sort of respect for a group that puts Mike Fuentes, aka, “Turd Rail” who snitches on kids AFTER telling them to tag illegal sites? He entrapes them to look, “big” thinking that it’ll make him like his buttmaster, Sliwa. And you want to be part of this crooked deal? How long until the media shyster throws YOU under the bus?? Turd Rail has been on You Tube bragging about beating up defenceless drunks on the CTA. Do you want to be like this pile of bullshit? This lowlife rat and snitch, who is a cheap punk and bully? The Davenport IA assault and beating took place because Turd Rail didn’t want to do criminal background checks on those animals who broke the arm of the Army Vet in three places got in! Why he even ignored the complaints from other members!! How low can you go? Please, join Operation No Angels and put a stop to this violent cult that has control of your mind!!!

  • I am a former Guardian Angel and I can say without a doubt that it is true that the GA is cult revolving around Curtis. I had to quit because I saw what was going on and couldn’t in good concience be part of this fraud. People come and go in the GA. No one stays because when they see that they’re being used they get disgusted. I was idealistic when I joined hoping to make a difference. All I got was nonsense, and when I saw members beating up hookers in NYC, I was horrified. I’m old school Angels, and I’ve seen it go from an original group of crimefighters to worshiping the cult of Curtis. He couldn’t give a damn about members, only how much they bring into the organization. It’s really like the mob, with chapter leaders like his capos and the members like mob “soldiers”. They have to bring in money each week and Curtis keeps sending out memos to keep collecting. I was ashamed by what I saw and what the Angels had become. Please keep the articles coming, people need to know the facts.

  • tws arch angel one

    hey mongo this is wing chung call me 702-429-0394 i would like to talk to you,,thanks

  • I too am a former Angel who was with Curtis during the 9/11 attack. We were supposed to have helped in cleaning up operations at ground zero. Instead many Angels stole from the ruins of the site. We were banned from it. Curtis said that if it helped us, we weren’t stealing. Anything that brings money to Curtis is okay with him, no matter what it is. Those who went along with it, were really thugs wearing our colours. Those who protested were told that we weren’t loyal Angels and it was our loyalty that was questionable. It was just a glorified gang, with a gang mentality. It had nothing to do with helping anyone but Curtis. I quit when I found out that Curtis got and AFTRA card. That is issued to actors and other entertainers. What kind of crimefighting is this, I asked him. He said that he had to make a living and I should shut up and mind my business, because anything outside the Angels is his business. He just used the Angels to get on tv and radio. He is totally removed from what the Angels were about originally. To him it is money, money, monyey and fame. Now I hear him say he wants to get on “Dancing With The Stars”. Is that what we risked our lives for? What the Fallen Six died for? So he can rug shoulders with Hollywood stars? He sure made a fool out of me and others like me!

  • Got into the GA to help people. Once 3rd Rail in Chi-Town told me we had to make a quota on arrests I said no dice and walked away. I am involved in another group that outs arrests at the bottom of the priority list unless it is absolutely neccessary. Outreach and youth gang deterrence seems a more logical way to go about it. If it were not for 3rd Rail’s inability to follow through with anything, keep his word, allow communication between chapters, realise that homeless out reach and community empowerment are ESSENTIAL to strengthen a community. Exposure to that guy would put anyone off the GA for life. As it stood. I voluntarily left the group, regrettebly. The other members of the chapter did not. And were all fully capable of running it. But no 3rd had to publicly state that there was never a chapter here. Though there are news reports of GRADUATED angels patrolling in GRADUATED colors, not I Supports. As for an angel getting mugged… The likely scenario is that someone got gung ho and decided to patrol on their own. Which at last I knew was AGAINST GA protocols, for that and more severe reasons. As for Curtis, I have met the man once. And though he seemed like a stand up guy he also seemed like he was selling it a little thick. But I beleive anyone that is that involved with polotics, volunteerism, and the public eye generally ends up that way. Sad but true. I just do not think a regional director should be closing chapters out of spite, when there are people that have busted their ass to make it happen willing to make it work despite his lies and empty assurances being passed to them. I am finding TWS: Arch Angels a much more appropriate means by which to help others. There are minor issues, but they get cleared up in an efficient and timely manner. I have yet to be lied to by anyone in the group and they genuinely want to help others.

  • Did not realize the monster I would create when I called him Turd Rail on the FaceBook post. Lol. But the shoe fits…….

  • I’m a former LEO in Ohio who has had expernice dealing with GA punks. The DOJ and the FBI should look into Silwas’s past and his publicity stunts. The GA are a joke, we used to treat them the same as gangbangers. The whole Gotti JR kidnapping claims is probably a lie. I bet he paid off some GA goon to shoot him for publicty. They are a RICO charge waiting to happen.

  • He surely pissed someone off,such is life in the big bad city.

  • Newark is too much like Camden (also known as Condemned) if you ever seen it you would know why.

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