Palin Hits Back At “Blue Blood” Bushes

Former Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin has lashed back at criticism from former US President George H.W. Bush and his wife Barbara, calling the couple “Blue Bloods” who want to dictate “the winners.”

“I say that in all due respect,” Palin told talk radio host Laura Ingrahm on November 24, who said the Bushes are an example of the “Blue Blood who want to pick and choose their winners, instead of allowing competition to pick and choose the winners.”

“They kinda do some of this with some of the economic policies that were in place that got us in to some of these economic woeful times, too,” Palin added.

When asked about Palin during a recent interview, the elder Bush gave a tepid response, seeming to not know how to answer the question, when wife Barbara interjected that the former Alaska governor should just “stay in Alaska.”

“I don’t know if that kind of stuff is planned out,” Palin said, “but it is what it is, we deal with it, and as I say, we forge ahead and we keep doing what we’re doing.”

Palin also responded to criticism she has gotten for writing in her new memoir, America by Heart, that US President Barack Obama and his wife Michelle are “unpatriotic” and “racist.”

Michelle “has a different worldview,” Palin said, “and she’s not afraid of sharing that worldview.” Palin went on to defend her written criticism, citing that the First Lady infamously said during the 2008 campaign that she was now finally “proud of her country” for nominating her husband.

Palin also criticized Michelle Obama’s anti-obesity campaign as an example of big government dictating behavior to the public.

“What she’s telling us is that she cannot trust parents to make decisions for their own children, their own families,” Palin said.


  • Did CNN use a licensed mortician to prep George & Barbara for the King interview? They all seem moribund. At least Sarah Palin has a pulse.

  • Mrs Barbara Bush is right. The Palins are a bunch of uncultured country bumpkins hillbillies. They have no impressive education, no social class, no cultural fine taste, no decent family pedigree. They are a bunch of stinking trash.

    Compared that to the two Presidents Bushes who has consistently scored excellent grades in their Ivy League educations, have tremendous fine things in life and unparalleled family upbringing. The two Presidents Bushes even played better golf than the those Hillbillies Palins. Civilised people like Mrs Bush hold more than one golf country clubs while those country bumpkins hillbillies would never have touched even one single golf club in their entire sickening pathetic miserable lives.

    People like Mrs Bush and us are highly educated, highly cultured, highly civilized, highly developed, well-born, well-nurtured and well-bred should never be allowed to be led by those Wasilly trash. America is the land Of the Best, By the Best, and For the Best. We and Mrs Bush simply represent the Best and those filthy trash like the Palins are simply the worst.

    America has become such a great country because we have never allowed cheap serfs like those Wasilly Hillbilly ever become our leaders. India becomes a great civilisation because they keep those uncultured Untouchables caste at the bottom of the society. We should continue to follow the great foot-steps of our Indian mentors to suppress those untouchable Wasilly Hillbilly at the very bottom of our feet forever. Low-life Hillbillies like the Palins are only worthy to clean my toilets and polish me loos.

    Like Mrs Bush, I am also utterly disgusted by these filthy Untouchables. These unpolished, uncivilised barbarians are born to be led, not to lead.

  • Why do they talk about a state that way? Texas was referred to as the place to go back to before Alaska was. Larry King is a liberal, and the Bushes know that they are helping the left by saying this. They are ingrateful to the support that the grassroots conservatives gave to them. The Bushes gave an award to Ted kennedy a few years back!

  • Palin calling to the fore that the Bushes are elitists and that they and others of their stripe seek to control the Republican Party is the equivalent of announcing that day follows night. Palin may have inadvertently done the country a service by pointing out the Republican Party doesn’t have, never had and never will have the interests of anyone but the elite at heart. The fact that many who this elite wouldn’t let in the front door or the back door unless they were wearing aq green jump suit with a name tag have supported the Republican party for so long and so strongly defies logic and may be coming to a head. The Republican party has traditionally blocked any benefit from the have nots and now that this group is growing by leaps and bounds perhaps the Republicans will appear in a more clear light that will not appeal to many of their past supporters. The net result may well leave them in the same flaccid position as the Democrats where the party of FDR represents little but the triangulating that results in so such confusion that no one can say what they represent. The image arises of two headless serpents locked in deadly struggle over the remains of the public purse. Free no log-in editorial cartoons. President Palin: The Whys and Why Nots

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  • The elder Bush is a typical “go-along-to-get-along” Republican who, in a long line of them, gave the Democrats everything they wanted at the expense of the country. Palin stands for Republicans who aren’t afraid to confront the Marxist Democrats who would destroy this country. Other “Country Club” Republicans were former House Minority Leader Bob Michel, Bob Dole, and U.S. Senator Bob Baker. Other Republicans who can be put in a similar category are; Lindsey Graham, John McCain, Olympia Snowe, and Susan Collins.

    I’d take Palin over any of those phony bastards.

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