Palladino Walks Out Of Interview

New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Palladino walked out of a live television interview after being confronted with charges of sexism for comments he made about Senator Kristen Gillibrand.

Palladino was interview by WCAX-TV while at a campaign stop in Plattsburgh, NY. The Republican, who is trailing Democrat challenger Andrew Cuomo, was asked why he was campaigning in a Republican stronghold with a small percentage of voters only four days away from the election.

“Is this the sign of a campaign in trouble?,” the reporter asked.

“Absolutely not,” Palladino replied through technical difficulties. “These are our friends up here, and we promised them we would be up here before Election Day, and that’s what we’re doing right now.”

Palladino was then asked about calling Senator Kristen Gillibrand “Chuck Schumer’s little girl” and if the thought the statement was “sexist” and if he regretted making it.

“No I don’t,” Palladino said. “I was referring to the fact that Ms. Gillibrand votes exactly as Mr. Schumer tells her to, she doesn’t show any mind of her own in voting, and that’s why I referred to her in that way.”

The female reporter continued to press the “sexist” angle of the questioning, at which point Palladino ended the interview and walked away.


  • Looks like we have the Baby Svachim for the next 12 years for sure. Oofa!!!! A Fanabla!

  • Par for the course by most interviewers they want to use up all the time with BS and not talk about the issues most of us care about. I'd go a step further than Carl Gillibrand is a flip flopping sock puppet for Schumer

  • if it gets too hot in the kitchen this wimp just walks out….says a lot about how he would handle Albany.

  • Typical of the deranged Liberal media. This broad wanted to talk about nothing but "sexist" comments instead of the real issues facing NY'ers. Then, when she was confronted by her lack of interest in asking about the issues, she begs him to come back to talk about the issues. What a frikkin' hypocrite! Good for you, Carl. But, that's the only way Liberals conduct interviews…they'd rather sandbag someone rather than talk about the issues.

    This is the same Liberal media who didn't ask Cuomo one pertinent question during the entire campaign. They didn't ask him about his role in the mortgage meltdown while H.U.D. Chief under Clinton; they didn't ask him about his stand on the Ground Zero mosque; they didn't ask him about his non-investigation of political corruption in Albany; they didn't ask him about his fiscal plans for NYS; they didn't ask him about how he'll deal with the unions; they didn't ask him about his economic recovery plans for NYS….NOTHING!!! They'd rather talk about "sexist" comments.

    NYS is now hopeless with another tax-and-spend Marxist as governor and one-party rule in Albany

  • This is what happens when little girls attempt to do adult jobs…

  • Wow I sure hope they go after Harry Reid next – after all he did call her the “hottest senator he’s seen in years.”

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