Boston Community Protests Angels Return

The Boston Herald has been covering the Guardian Angels' return

Community leaders of Boston’s Hub district are up-in-arms against the return of vigilante group the Guardian Angels.

“I don’t think it’s a good idea,” ProjectRIGHT executive director Jorge Martinez told The Boston Herald. “You haven’t even spoken to us and you’re coming into our neighborhood to do what? To do what? To have a whole mess of other folks come in to show us how to do it better? No. No. No. We’re national models. We don’t need folks from the outside coming in.”

Mayor Tomas Menino and Police Comissioner Ed Davis gave yte Guardian Angels an icy reception when they first came to the Hub in 2007 after New Yorker Chiara Levin, 22, was gunned down in Dorchester.

The Boston GA folded after it was revealed that member Erich Kennedy plead guilty to sexaully assaulting a young boy.

The Boston franchise, which was struggling so badly that it didn’t have enough money to register its own car, quickly disappeared after it was discovered that one of its members, 34-year-old Erich “Pitbull” Kennedy, plead guilty to indecent assault and battery of a child in 2002. The Level 2 sex offender was kicked out of the Angels and the group folded.

The Guardian Angels franchise in New Bedford, which also saw heated resistance by locals, has also closed.

Pastor Bruce Wall

Pastor Bruce Wall tells The Boston Herald he will not be as “warm” as he once was when he let the group use his Global Ministries Christian Church as a headquarters back in 2007.

“They really left without a warning,” Pastor Wall said. “They need to establish a base and make a commitment to stay here.”

Brockton franchise leader James Cardella, who has been quietly leading Hub patrols for the past month, says he has recruited 12 locals to undergo training.

“We’re here to stay this time,” Cardella says.

Guardian Angels leader Curtis Sliwa told MyFox Boston that he is not involved with bringing the group back to town, but thinks it is a good idea.

The Angels have also begun patrolling the streets of Boston suburb Malden.


  • They never learn do they ? What idiots!!!!! Operation no angels lives forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Boston Herald's headline blaring " They're back! (Will they stay this time?)" literally defines what has been going on with the GA for sometime. Curtis Sliwa comes in to make the headlines in the papers for his own gain NOT the communities!!! Background checks that are a joke along with poorly trained GA members make the Boston community rightly skeptical of this joke of an organization. Any urban community that 'invites' these clowns in should be ashamed of themselves!! Thank goodness TRP has exposed this group for the record and along with "Operation No Angels!" the Truth has been exposed on this corrupt to the core organization!!!

  • Correct, Felix Paladin, the fearless fighter for truth! The GA is a violent cult that is using the innocent and naive to line Degenerate liar and media shyster Sliwa’s pockets!! All the GA is simply a publicity stunt that has gone on too long! It is a fake, like Bigfoot, UFOs, Alien Abduction, and Loch Ness Monster! Sliwa once again shows that he is a leech and a vampire feeding off of people’s fears. The question is: who runs the franchises? Not him, as he is too busy making money and getting his puss on tv and his voice on his radio show. The franchises are independent! Once he leaves they’re on their own. They report to no one. In other words: There’s no one running the show nationally! It’s a FAKE!!! That’s why it’s filled with the scum of the earth! Violent brain defectives and psychotic maniacs who are violent like in Davenport, Chicago, Melville, ect! There’s no “national headquarters”!!! It’s about making the degenerate liar and media shyster MONEY!!! Operation No Angels is waking America up this scam! We see it in Boston, in Portland, and in dozens of other cities that have just said NO!!! to this degenerate liar and media shyster and his Jim Jonestown violent CULT!! Join Operation No Angels and put a stop to it!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ernesto "che" godiva

    Easy Frank, easy, the meds will be here soon buddy. In the meanwhile, play with the exclamation point key, it will calm you until then

  • Joke’s on you asshole!!!!!!!! Boston is now one of many cities that Operation No Angels is succeeding in!!!!!!!!!! We’re stopping your cult leader at the gates, people have woken up, and his stupid infantile, idiotic, assholic act is failing!!!!!!!!! Like any stale nightclub comic with the same dumb act, people are throwing the bum out!!!!!!!! OPERATION IS WINNING AND WE’RE WINNING BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Hey Frank.. “may your crotch have the fleas of a Thousand Camels and your arms be too short to scratch your balls!” . nothing personal LOL! Actually even though you seem to hate us, I really dont think your such a bad guy – you just dont know enough about our group.. Jaws

  • the great frank has no life, you obveously dont know a thing about the guardian angels, a big mouth with no facts

  • they r not so bad

    c’mon guys. They are the guardian angels. They are vigilantes right?

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