Guardian Angel Kicked Out For Praying

Tili "Sis" Ayala

A member of the San Jose, California Guardian Angels franchise has been abruptly kicked out for setting up a prayer message for leader Curtis Sliwa, and is being intimidated by the group’s leadership from speaking out.

Tili Ayala, who went under the street name “Sis” in the group, went to the World Conference of the Guardian Angels several months ago. She was a bit surprised with the lack of people, especially from the more than 100 franchises around the world, who showed up for the confab.

“It was not a very good turnout,” Ayala said. Her disappointment was made up with finally being able to meet leader Curtis Sliwa and hear him speak.

"Risky Surgery": Sliwa

During his speech, Sliwa said that because of his being shot seven times back in early 1990’s, he would have to undergo a potentially life-threatening surgery and he “might not make it.”

“Say good thoughts for me,” Sliwa said.

If he died during the surgery, Sliwa told the Confernece that he would leave Chicago franchise leader and Midwest regional director Michael “3rd Rail” Fuentes in command.

Ayala viewed 3rd Rail as “cocky and arrogant” and not the best choice for a new leader of the group.

Sliwa went on to talk extensively about his personal life. “I have been on the news many times,” he said, and asked the Conference to not talk about his personal life in public.

“My marriage is not anyone’s business, whether I’m divorced or married,” Sliwa said. “Don’t share my personal life in public.”

Tili Ayala protests against DHS abuses.

After his speech, Ayala met Sliwa and talked about her extensive humanitarian work, showing the Guardian Angel leader her award from the United Nations for Ambassador for Peace, which Sliwa took but never returned.

The day after the Conference, Ayala posted a prayer request message for Sliwa on the social networking site Facebook, asking friends to “please keep Curtis in prayer, he will be having a surgery, he has been shot more than 7 times.” Ayala believed the information she posted about Sliwa was public information because he made the announcement at the GA World Conference.

San Jose franchise leader, Ren

Shortly after making the post, Ayala got a call from Fuentes, telling her to take down the prayer request. She immediately erased it. A couple of weeks later, on the morning of September 3rd, Ayala got a call from San Jose franchise leader, Ren.

“Sis, you’re a wonderful person, but I’m going to have to let you go” because of the post, Ren told her. Guardian Angel leaders, most likely Fuentes, pressured Ren to fire Ayala because Facebook is considered “public media” to the group.

Ayala tried to go within the chain of command within the Guardian Angels in an attempt to sort out the problem and get reinstated, even speaking Sliwa over the phone on October 3rd and personally apologizing for publishing the prayer request. Sliwa said he would “look into it” but never got back to her.

Ayala has been left devastated and bewildered by being kicked out of a group she was so passionately involved in. She was injured several years ago while on patrol back in Philadelphia, when she helped an elderly man who was being attacked by a crazed woman on the subway. Ayala also credits the Guardian Angels with helping her get the United Nations Ambassador for Peace award, and other achievements in her life.

A portion of Adam Kratt's Facebook slander and intimidation (click to enlarge)

Ayala was set to go on shortwave- and Internet radio show The Right Perspective this Friday with her story, but after making a Facebook post promoting her appearance,several other Guardian Angels pressured her to back out of going on air with her issues. San Francisco patrol leader Adam Kratt slandered the show a “racist” and accused Ayala of being a “traitor” by going on it.

“I feel intimidated by the Guardian Angels right now,” Ayala told The Right Perspective. “I feel they are targeting me, I feel that if I speak out I will be a target.” Other Angels still in the group may be kicked out simply for speaking to her as well, she said.

“In the Philadelphia [franchise] we were told, ‘once someone gets stripped, [if we have communications with them], we would get stripped as well,” Ayala said.

Kratt also promised Ayala that he would give her the “real” reason she was let go from the group, but has not yet gotten back to her, despite posting on Facebook all day long in a desperate attempt at damage control.

“Adam has my phone number, and he has not called me,” Ayala said. “I have called everyone and asked, ‘if I was not stripped for the prayer thing, then why?’ and they just won’t tell me why.”

Many other Guardian Angels say it is “dead wrong” that Ayala got kicked out of the group and want her back. They too feel intimidated from speaking out publicly on the matter.


  • Has one of those 7 shots been to his head?

  • No the guy that shot at him was trying for something VITAL

  • They are nothing but punks and thugs now

  • So this guy Adam says that TRP is racist? I guess he has never looked at his own youtube page then.

    All I see is this guy, some looser DJ from Chicago, and some other nobody's using grade school bully tactics against anyone who dares to care enough to point out wrong doing by their members/leaders.

    Tili Ayala needs to document EVERY contact she has with ANYONE associated with the guardian angels and make sure that someone she trusts has copies so if anything unusual happens to her the police can get the information.

    I wouldn't put it past most of these so called guardian angels to give one of their concrete back massages to anyone who speaks out against them if one of their "leaders" told them to do it.

    To any guardian angels out there who have even a shred of intelligence, I remind you that the defense of "I was just following orders" did not work at Nuremberg.

    These people are not drinking Kool Aid, they're drinking something much stronger.

  • I pray that Curtis croaks!!

  • Otilla "Sis" Ayala was asked to leave the Guardian Angels because

    1. Failure to participate in minimum patrols and trainings.

    2. That you made accusations of gender discrimination which after investigate…d were found to be false.

    3. Unwilling to participate in trainings, workshops and patrols during the conference.

    4. Failure to arrive for patrols you committed to.

    5. Causing strife or drama with other Angels.

    • The above post was originally made by Guardian Angels SF patrol leader Adam Kratt on Otilia’s Facebook page. It has since been deleted, but here is a copy to prove it:

      The IP traces back to Engelwood, CA – and that’s where Adam Kratt is located. Funny, huh?

      So, Adam, why’d you delete your FB post and then paste it over here, under another name?

      • Hey, newsguy… Your willing to identify where that post originated from via IP adress. Why then, whan I sent a reply (a few months back) informing you someone was FALSELY using my name for posting negative comments about Steve Horton and requested YOU to inform ME of the whereabouts of its origin you refused and said “the right perspective will NEVER divulge that info!” I had a feeling I knew who it was and just wanted to see if I was correct.. “JAWS”

  • This proves what I’ve said before, that the GA is a violent cult! It revolves around that degenerate liar and media shyster. It has it’s own rituals and language. As you can see, degenerate liar and media shyster is still milking the shooting for all he can squeeze out of it! He changes the number of shots so many times he can’t keep track of it. No wonder Fuentes follows him! He’s just the type of pathetic, stupid, ignorant asshole that sliwa wants in his cult. Now tell me that the GA is any different from Jim Jones? Like all cults it threatens those who think independently for themselves. All sliwa sees when he talks to his glaoms is dollar signs. They exist for him to get money by spinning more and more elaborate bullshit stories. These stupid shits with a beret are so dumb that they actually believe his bullshit stories. She is then frightened out of coming on TRP because Adam Kratt is scared that others will follow and we’ll break this cult wide open! Operation No Angels working together with TWS to stop this Jim Jones cult!!!!

  • So lets take a look at these individualy

    1. Failure to participate in minimum patrols and trainings.
    So I guess this is not a volunteer organization if there are mandatory minimums

    2. That you made accusations of gender discrimination which after investigate…d were found to be false.
    So define that they were found to be false. Did she truly believe she was discriminated against? If she did and she was just mistaken then why kick her out? It will just make others who actually might have been discriminated against think otherwise.

    3. Unwilling to participate in trainings, workshops and patrols during the conference.
    I wouldn't want t go into dangerous situations with the half trained thugs Ive seen in GA colors either.

    4. Failure to arrive for patrols you committed to.
    So what was the reason? Did she have to work, was she sick?

    5. Causing strife or drama with other Angels.
    Oh my goodness I can see how wishing the founder well can cause strife within the group. After all, if curtis lives through his surgery then 4th rate doesn't get his ego fix

    Differing opinions will of course be accepted and laughed at

  • I just wish that those that want to help the Community will do so, I was once a G.A. and now I just call myself a Prayer Angel! I do not need to wear Colors to make a difference in my CIty. I do hope that these kind of shows keep on going and keep telling the truth, and that the G.A. and the Arch Angels will keep doing a great job to reach out to the crime and not fight among themselves. Thank you Mr. Peter Goodman for being fair about this story. From now Prayer Angel Sis

  • I'm a Guardian Angel from the East coast, and although Iam not affiliated at all with this particular situation I would like to say a few things. To begin, Not all Angels are idiots in red berets. A good number of us are well educated and hold college degrees, such as myself.

  • We are volunteers who come out at night to patrol the streets and RISK OUR LIVES without pay or any recognition. We do what we do because we love doing it, and becasue we think that its right. I have been an angel for several years an we have helped a lot of people. We have dealt with countless medical emergencies, stopped muggings, and not once have we gotten into a "brawl" or a "throwdaoun."

  • We are not thugs, and we are not bullies. We exist because we aknowledge that people need protection from the real thugs and bullies that plague our streets with drug dealing and intimidation tactics. Sure wever had to get physical and put ourselves in the way of swinging fists, but we know how to diffuse a situation without getting combative, and of course we ALWAYS have the police on the way.

  • We do things out here the way things are supposed to be done. We work WITH the police department. Our function is to deter crime through our presence and act as an extra set of eyes and ears for law enforcement. I am more than aware that The Right Perspective is not fond of the Guardian Angels, particularly Curtis Sliwa, and thats fine. All I ask is that you look at the big picture.

  • There are thousands of us in this organizatipon that do what we do because we want OTHERS to make it home safe at the end of the day. I love being a guardian angel. We all have full time jobs, and families. This is simply something that we LOVE doing. We pay attention to the disenfranchised populations such as the homeless and the drug addicts that others neglect. In the winter we provide them with blankets and clothing, and we keep a watchful eye ver them to make sure that they are not victimized. Im sorry that the opinions of many have been skewed by a few Guardian Angels, but we are still out there.. the angels who believe in the noble cause. That is why we will continue to put on our red berets and venture into the darkenss, not because we are bullies, but because we are protectors. I respect all of your opinions and I will not tell anybody on there that they are wrong. I simply wish to open some eyes and to hopefully broaden some views about who we are and what we do.

  • xxx is just one of many who’ve been brainwashed by the Cult of Sliwa! You’re being manipulated by sliwa, friend, and you don’t know it! What you are doing is not any thing for the “community”, but making a buck for him by getting him more and more publicity which he desperately craves, like a ju nkie on heroin! If you want to help yourself and fellow members join Operation No Angels, together with TWS we’re cleaning up the Angels. Do you want to be part of an organization that that has an assholic moron such as 3rd Rail from Chicago? This scumbag is a snitch who entraps taggers for the cops! Or be part of the Melville coverup? Or Davenport beatdown on an Iraqi war vet? Or a look out for drug pushers, or any of the numerous crimes that have been committed by members of the Sliwa cult? It is a cult, and cults are dangerous!

  • XXX I used to be a guardian angel and I would have agreed with you completely up until 6 months or so ago. I left the organization after seeing an ongoing lack of training in everything but how to hurt people. No first aid, no CPR, no conflict resolution. Patrols were just walking around and harassing drunk or homeless people until one would swing on us and then be “arrested”. While I was still an angel I saw members of our chapter kicked out for unknown reasons (We were told a variety of reasons but none added up ad the story’s changed over time) and then be harassed and intimidated when we ran across them out on patrol Since leaving I have become the target of the same tactics.

    While Frank is a bit overboard he is speaking the truth as far as curtis using the guardian angles organization improperly. A lot of his reports of angles acting like thugs is also true. My own chapter had a downhill slide where so called arrests were made that were improper. Lucky for us the people arrested did not know this and they didn’t file charges on us otherwise there would have been an entire chapter in jail months before the incident in Davenport.

    Yes there are angels that are still good and are only wanting to help others but the leadership level above the chapters is rotting away. I am not asking you to take off the beret but at some point you need to decide if belonging to the angels is more important than your own principals. Whatever you do keep doing the right thing and stay safe.

  • The definition of a “cult” is a religion that doesn’t happen to be yours.

  • Curtis Sliwa prayer is in the bible the very same place were you got the Name Guardian Angels with out it you would not even have had that name in Luke i remember when we sat and talk and the Angel said fear not what are you some kind of a nut ? let the woman back in the ranks you seem to forget were you yourself has come from ! remember so many old lady's in the beginning when we started the AG were praying for US you me Jerry and the rest of the GA all she was doing was asking The real Angels to help you the ones from heaven were you will be standing before GOD one day for what you have done. it is a crime to kick this woman out because she was looking out for your healing tell me what kind of leader are you ? 3Rd Rail don't say a word to me I promise you you don't want to go there . I am shocked at this this is cruel and mistreatment and totally a abuse of power. she is an angel and what do angels do the "PRAY!"

  • Hey railgun, Learn punctuation and how to spell. “I am shocked at the mistreatment and abuse of power.” That is more like it. Also, “She is an angel and, what do angels do ? they “PRAY!”

  • The GAs are a bunch of DAs. A bunch of unarmed guys arent going to win a gun fight and thats what they would be up against if they stood up to real thugs.

  • Peter Schiff vs media shyster curtis sleazwa and failed nightclub act allen colmes

  • Just as it is in a large company someone may work for, the other “employees” are not allways told the reason(s) for someones termination. And, it is almost NEVER public information! It is a matter of privacy and sometimes respect to the terminated persons reputation. There are allways 2 sides to a story, you only heard one. “JAWS” Tampa chapter of Guardian Angels..

  • Really? You call yourselves Guardian Angels? What the HELL is an ANGEL that can’t PRAY? Even’re the HELL”S ANGELS PRAY!!! And yet you’re supposed to PROTECT? What the hell do you people practice then? What happened to the Freedom of Speech? You should be ASHAMED of yourselves!! Bottom Line…The guardian Angels are Dictators and are a DISGRACE!! Kick out the idiot that reported this TRUE ANGEL!!! Change your CULT ways of thinking… You’re really defeating the purpose! And by the way, you couldn’t win a gunfight without a prayer!!!

    So, let me get this straight… This TRUE ANGEL chose to go out there and protect perfect strangers- and dosen’t get paid, I might add… Protects in TOUGH CITIES like PHILLY and San FRAN!!! I bet you couldn’t walk down some streets alone in the neighborhoods this TRUE ANGEL has traveled to!!! All she did was Pray??? And now she STANDS ALONE???!!! Well, sometimes you have to STAND for WHAT”S RIGHT…Even if you STAND ALONE!!! Way to go TILLY FROM PHILLY!!!!

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