Diplomats Walk Out On Mugabe

Mugabe speaking at his sister's funeral Sunday

Diplomatic envoys from the US, EU, and Germany walked out on Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe after he told them their countries should “go to hell” during a speech Sunday.

While speaking at the funeral of his sister Sabina, Mugabe drifted off into a rant against Western sanctions on Zimbabwe for its racist land-grab of White farms.

“They say ‘remove so and so’ – of course, they mean ‘Mugabe must go before we can assist you’,” he said.

“To hell with them. Hell, hell, hell with them whoever told them they are above the people of Zimbabwe that they decide what Zimbabwe should be and by who it should be ruled.”

At that point, the envoys walked out.

Zimbabwean Foreign Minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi said the envoys’ decision to walk out was “unacceptable” and demanded an apology.

US Ambassador Charles Ray told the BBC he walked out because he was “very disappointed” in Mugabe’s conduct.

“When America is treated in the manner it was treated on Sunday, I will react,” he said.


  • When Are we going to invade this spearchucker?

  • Let me see if I get this – Mad Bob tells them to go to hell. So they walk out. And now his sidekick monkey expects an apology from those walking out?

    You can make a baboon wear a golden ring, but it still remains a fairly ugly thing…

  • I am surprised the US representative, authorized by big brother O, didn’t didn’t actually agree and apoligize for not going to hell sooner.

  • Obviously the diplomats are all racists too, for walking out on a brother..tryin to put down a sus sesfull blackman.

  • I think they should make Mugabe apologize and pay a $50 fine.

    That should bankrupt the entire country.

  • Robert is not owed an apology from anyone.if he can be shunned and isolated like a pariah,maybe he will shrivel up and go away.

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