Guardian Angels Exposed By 30-Year Member

A 30-year veteran of the Guardian Angels has abruptly left his post as Las Vegas franchise leader and martial arts instructor, leaving a series of dirt-dishing YouTube videos exposing rampant corruption within the group in his wake.

Tyrone Bonds, who earned the street name Wing Chung through a street fight while on patrol with Guardian Angels in 1980, says in a series of YouTube videos that he simply could not take any more of the “immorality, lies, dissension and deceit” that he claims the group is filled with.

“I’ve bled alongside many an Angel in my day,  trying to establish the group,” Bonds says. “When I joined the group I did so with the same ambitions as everyone else – I wanted to make a difference and I wanted to make a change, and I believed in the moral value of the group.”

Thirty years later, Bonds says he feels like he’s been “made to work for a pimp for free.” The Guardian Angels, he claims, is being run by “people who think they are pimping the members” who are forced to “sign away their lives” and are “out there on their own” once they do.

Bonds points to The Fallen Six, the hallowed Guardian Angels who have been killed while volunteering to go on street patrol, to prove his point.

“What has the group ever done for them? Have any of their children gotten a scholarship?,” he asks.

He also claims that a family member of one of The Fallen Six came up to him during the Puerto Rican Day Parade in New York City one year and told him the Guardian Angels did not even send the family a condolence card.

“What could say to him?,” Bonds asks.

Alex "Gemini" Makarczyk

Bonds also points to Alex “Gemini” Makarczyk, the Los Angeles franchise leader who was forced to beg online to pay his doctors bills after being hospitalized in the line of duty.

When Bonds approached Midwest Regional Director Michael “3rdRAIL” Fuentes about setting up a fund to help Makarczyk, Fuentes flatly replied, “He signed a release, he’s on his own.”

Bonds says he then asked about what would happen to Makarczyk’s family. Fuentes shouted, “Screw his family! It’s about the group!”.

“I felt like sh-t at that moment,” Wing Chung says. “But for the Grace of God it could have been any one of us lying in that hospital bed.”

Bonds says Fuentes, who has a record of entrapping young hip-hop artists into spraying graffiti and arresting them, is “the most two-faced person I’ve ever spoken to in my life.”

“I don’t know whose side of his face I was talking to,” he says.

Michael "3rdRail" Fuentes

Fuentes “is such a puppet for Curtis,” adds Bonds, that “if you told him sh-t was going to fall out of the sky on 34th Street at 2 o’clock on Sunday and Curtis said those words and said ‘go out there and catch it,’ 3rd [Rail, Fuentes] would be out there with a baseball glove because Curtis told it to him.”

Ever since breaking his ankle during karate class, Fuentes has turned into a “little old lady in front of his computer” dictating to fellow Angels what they can and cannot post on social networking sites.

Describing Fuentes as “a little man with a little man syndrome,” Bonds says the Chicago franchise leader “has truly killed the morale of a lot of people in the group. Truly.”

Bonds also claims Guardian Angels leaders are covering up rampant drug and alcohol abuse within the group.

Arno Thirteen, who was at one time the group’s second in command behind leader Curtis Sliwa, is an active cocaine addict and alcoholic whose repeated rehabs have been paid for by donations to the group.

New Zealand franchise Leader Andy “Chieftain” Cawston, is a drug-dependent, manic-depressive who is banned from speaking at the group’s yearly convention, according to Bonds.

“The only reason they don’t kick him [Andy Chieftan] out [of the Guardian Angels] is because they are afraid he would kill himself,” Bonds says.

Bonds says he was pressured not to talk about drug and alcohol abuse in the Guardian Angels or they would “crucify” him.

Curtis Sliwa

The cover-up goes all the way to the top, according to Bonds. Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa simply refers all member complaints to Fuentes, who then tells them not  to complain.

“Curtis has really nothing for nobody but Curtis,” Bonds says. “How does the leader of the group [Curtis Sliwa] live in a 4.5 million dollar penthouse apartment, yet he can’t supply t-shirts and berets to the people who are out there?”.

“The only kid going to college out of the money raised for the Guardian Angels will be Curtis’ son. Not any of you, not any of your children, I don’t care what you’ve put on the line,” he says.

Bonds has gotten an unexpected outpouring of support from current Guardian Angels members and even some franchise leaders, including James Ramsey from the embattled Davenport Guardian Angels, who wrote the following:

I personally have been wrestling with the same decision.

Our Davenport chapter has had big problems in the last few months and ALL of them were pointed out by me and a few others and could have been prevented but people in the leadership did not see any need to fix anything.

I had found free training in how to deal with people suffering from mental illness or who had been sexually assaulted and was told that it was unnecessary. I had laid the groundwork for our local Red Cross branch to hold a first aid/CPR class for up to 10 of us for about 20 bucks each (To cover their expenses only) and was told “We don’t pay for training” even though that’s why we received a $1000 grant from a local civics group.

Guardian Angel James "Nitro" Steel is accused of breaking an Iraq War vet's arm

Ditto for a local citizens police academy put on by our local Police departments but was told “Why would we need it?” This academy was not to make people cops, it was to help non cops learn about the police department and learn things like citizens arrest laws and how to identify real criminal activity. I had attended it prior to becoming an angel and the people who were running it were excited at the prospect of meeting us and having an exchange of information between the angels and the police. It could have led to a better understanding of what we could do and what we could expect from the police if we called them, but again it was shot down by 3rd rail time and time again.

Our best patrols were ones where we helped people but in the last 6 months or so it started to deteriorate into constantly having to get between my chapter leader and drunks mouthing off or spending 2 or 3 hours following a former chapter member because he “might” have threatened us.. I kept thinking to myself “This is the guy that was put in charge?” and any complaints went unanswered or the members were just kicked out.

By the way, all of the above in ” ” were by 3rd rail so I am in perfect understanding with you on that matter.

I don’t want to leave the group, but it might not be long until I post my own “Goodbye” video as I’ve effectively quit, just not officially.

Whatever your future endeavors, Stay safe.

Bonds has challenged Sliwa to a public debate on his grievances with the group.


  • The Great Frank

    What have we been trying to tell you folks? We said that he was a degenerate liar and media shyster and scumbag who uses people! This media shyster and degenerate liar has conned the naive and innocent while covering up his own shyster antics. That's why he attacked the Gottis. They did nothing to him, but he picked the fight to get his sick fix of publicity. Same as he did to many others. Now his Empire of Lies and deceit is crumbling all around him. His insane and dangerous stalking of Leatherface Cuomo is the culmination of his desperation. He'll NEVER discuss this expose on his two bit radio show. Operation No Angels is winning, and winning BIG!!!!!!!!

  • The Great Frank

    Seems that he is echoing things said on TRP about this degerate liar and media shyster and his sock puppet Mike Fuentes. We told you he entraped graffitti artists just by deduction. What a lowlife pile of crap with a beret!! And we were the first to bring out that he pimps these kids out while he rakes in the moolah smoolah, as this functional illiterate calls it. And that the L.A. GA had to beg for donations to pay his hospital bills. We've had on those who were used and abused by this media shyster and degenerate liar to awaken the public that he is conning them with his lies! He's a bag of bullshit with a beret who's made alot of moolah smoolah off the backs of innocent kids and fearful victioms of crime. This bag of bullshit with a beret is leech and a vampire who feeds off of people's fears of crime while making a buck for himself, and alot of bucks! We invite all former GA's to come on TRP and join the Operation No Angels to expose him! We're winning and we're winning BIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • The Great Frank

    He is parroting almost word for word what he has heard on TRP. I would wonder why. Does he need to flesh out the story by taking words from us? Is he on the level, or is this some Sliwa stooge trying to discredit us and the Operation No Angels? Why has he waited until now to say this? What is his relations with Fuentes? Who is on the GA Board of Directors and who chooses them? Where does the money go to? One member is Eighty years old, so obviously he's no Angel! Is it made up of just politically connexted members so Sliwa can guard against exposes on his violent Jim Jones cult? How come he didn't mention the violent assualt on an Iraq War veteran? Only when he comes on TRP and answers the questions will we know if he's for real! Join Operation No Angels today!

  • The Great Frank

    Why would he want to stay in such a violent cult like this? Correction:It is not a penthouse but a condo that costs not 4 and a half million but a million and a half. Apparently Fuentes attacks on TRP and my character was to hide his own machinations. Who would want to stay in such a cult that is violent and run by a derranged maniac who dresses up in a Burger King outfit and stalks Leatherface Cuomo? He mentions the “number two” GA, but you can’t make it out on video. Since when did Sliwa EVER mention that there was a number two stooge? Who is he and what are his duties? How long has he been in this violent Jim Jones cult? Join Operation No Angels and the media shyster and degenerate liar!!!!!

  • The Great Frank

    He is I believe as are ALL GA entitled to money from Sliwa's violent cult. Third Rate keeps saying that they are "volunteers". Well then so is the media shyster and degenerate liar. So how come Travis Bickel with a beret made money from the name GA? He used the name to get radio jobs, speaking engagements, commercials, endorsements. seminars, ect. He did it solely because he was touting the GA name and because he was the head of the cult. Therefore, why didn't the other GA members share in the wealth? Aren't they also like Burger King volunteers? Did all the money he made go to the GA or in his pockets? He used and abused these people for his own enrichment! And as far as the "Fallen Six", their families should sue the shit out of him!!!! NO ONE can sign a release for their lives!!!! How old were they when the "releases" were signed? He preys on kids from the lower socio economic rungs because they aren't sophisticated enough to know what to do. A class action suit by all former members who quit and are discontented about their treatment. He makes millions off the backs of those who are in the streets while sitting on his fat perogi ass!!! Join Operation No Angels today!!!!

  • I would like to know why it took 30 years to finally see the truth about sleezwah. I mean, it should be obvious that there is something wrong here. He has his followers setting up "franchises" from state to state while he collects the money and his followers get there butts kicked. WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE PEOPLE, GET AWAY FROM THE CON MAN!!!!!

    • Jesse Thornton. Aka TNT.

      I also was apart of the Guardian Angles during the Rodney king riot. .
      N had chiped my elbow which is still messed up today I couldn’t Evan go to the hospital to get treatment. N instead of calling the cop when we made drug bust they just simply dumped it out for somebody else to return to get it. Most of the young guy’s that were part of the Angles were runn away children or children who parents did want but yet they laid there life down n for what for somebody who didn’t care about them.

  • The Great Frank

    Perhaps he was blinded by his desire to be part of something bigger than himself, to "belong". Sliwa has used the GA as his personal bank acct. Since he is supposed be a "volunteer" and "non profit", then how could he have made personal money off the cult? He was never in it for any really altruistic reasons, but to get fame and money. He is a leech who used the lower socio economic class to con them into thinking that they were in an organization that was doing something good. He laughed all the way to the bank! Join Operation No Angels!!! We're winning, and winning BIG!!!!!!

  • Oh, and one last thing, What kind of name is wing chung ? I mean I know there was one guy that has the nick-name “gemini.” I guess these guys give themselves these nick-names for some stupid sleezwah-bag reason. It’s just funny, that’s all.

    • Our names are chosen for us by the members of our chapter while we are going through our training period.. They usually signify something. In Wing Chungs case his name was chosen to “be that” because the particular style of martial arts he used in that fight (he was referring to) while he was in training is called “Wing Chun!” Someone added the “G”. JAWS

      • Jesse Thornton. Aka TNT.

        I also was apart of the Guardian Angles during the Rodney king riot. .
        N had chiped my elbow which is still messed up today I couldn’t Evan go to the hospital to get treatment. N instead of calling the cop when we made drug bust they just simply dumped it out for somebody else to return to get it. Most of the young guy’s that were part of the Angles were runn away children or children who parents did want but yet they laid there life down n for what for somebody who didn’t care about them. So not true about the name that R chooses my cousin n I had made our own names to hid our identity. I was apart of the LA Angles

    • Simple, Wing Chun is a martial art discipline that he studied. As with all nicknames, we used “street” names to protect identities while on patrol.

      I am not on either side of this arguement, short of being on the side of our fallen 6 and their families. I do hope Angel 1 takes this serious and comes to the front of this fight with a lot of explanation. And humblness, as I learned from my mentors and he in the nineties as a fucked up kid. Now a grown adult with much respect and pride.

      GA Alumni
      Chicago, Denver NYC 1995-96 1997-99

  • Who is Curtis Sliwa ? Sounds like a scum bag!

  • Boring !!!!!! Boring !!!!!! Boring !!!!!!

  • First James Ramsey is excoriated for breaking a Vietnam Vet's arm, and now he's your character witness for the Guardian Angels? This stuff about drugs and alcohol is also libelous gossip. You have two examples, and one you don't mention is allegedly prescription drugs. For Tyrone Bonds to allege that someone is manically depressed and on prescription drugs just points to how low he will go to fulfill his personal vendetta against Fuentes and Sliwa by attacking anyone in the organization. Tyrone has never been a member for 30 years but joined for a few years in the 80's and rejoined a few years ago only to FAIL to keep a chapter open and BLAME everyone but himself. It's sooooooooo sad.

  • Youze all juss jellus o' me cuz I makes duh moolah schmoolah, lettuce, cheese, ducats and youze all remain a bunch o' bums. I laughs all duh way tuh Chase. Happy ulcer, Frank!!

  • The difference between Slimewuhh & a traditional pimp : one provides a useful & needed service,the other is only a useless & unnecessary pimp.

  • I must say that although Curtis Sliwa is the founder and in charge of the organization, each chapter operated independantly from NY. Monies donated to each chapter stays there, and does not go to NY! Many caring, good people join and help their community through safety patrols. This does not mean we are Curtis zombies, this just means we care about our cities moreso than the average joe.

    I am sorry to hear about the controversy surrounding Mr. Chin's release. It must be difficult for him to understand and accept. But PLEASE do NOT group ALL Guardian Angels into one clump. As he stated in many of his YouTube videos, we put ourselves on the line each patrol and face certain dangers. That is our choice. No one has ask us to!

    Good Luck Mr Chin, and by the way, you spelled 13's name wrong.

  • The Great Frank

    Now the degenerate liar and media shyster is angry at Sly Stallone because he is talking to Jr.Gotti about making a movie about his father and him. So of course he attacks Stallone. He made up some bullshit story how Stallone asked him to send the GA to the part of Philly to “protect” him. From whom? The GA lowlifes, nitwits, halfwits, dimwits, losers and all around assholes? Truth is, he’s angry because Stallone isn’t making a movie about him! He is so sick he needs constant attention. Like a junkie, he is so hooked he can’t think straight. Maybe in the movie they’ll portray the truth behind his “shooting”,which the Gottis had nothing to do with! Show him as what he is, namely a media shyster and degenerate liar who exploits the members of his violent Jim Jones cult. How’d ya like to see that? Join Operation No Angels!!!!

  • ernesto "che" godiva

    Boys, get Frank away from that little tree. All it’s leaves are now gone. Have him shake the other one.

  • Rick from H.Hts.

    Little by little,day by day the facts about Curtis Sliwa and the GA are exposed. Let’s hope it doesn’t take another Guardian Angel’s life being lost to prove to those misguided unbelievers what the truth really is. Dittos Frank and keep up the good work exposing (as Jackie Mason calls him) ” the man with the schmata on his head” . And Go Operation No Angels!!!

  • Why could SylvesterStallone do a Sleezewuhh movie?They both do fiction!But Sly is honest enough not to pass-off fiction for truth.That instantly disqualifies the half-ItalianScallion.

  • Also, six never died while on patrol, only two did, and one of those guys was shot by a police officer who alleged the guy was approaching him in a hostile manner, unarmed asking if he could help. That cop was later convicted of grand theft auto. The others were OFF duty or FORMER Angels who by themselves tried to help a crime victim only to be killed by the attacker or attacker's friends. One was killed for posting photos of drug dealers in his neighborhood. Yes, Curtis got a nice condo in NYC but I wouldn't trade that for his life dealing with a lifelong disability caused by his gunshot wounds, not today, not EVER.

  • The Great Frank

    Tyrone a.k.a is fine decent person who could have made alot of money by opening up his own school for Wing Chun gung fu, become a teacher to Hollywood stars and made movies. He is the American Bruce Lee. But instead he chose to selflessly devote his incredible talents to teach for free and help others. He got taken for ride by the media shyster and degenerate liar, Sliwa! Now having tremendous revulsion at what has become a violent cult revolving around this media shyster and degenerate liar, this Travis Bickel with a beret, he is courageously telling the world what is really going on with the GA! I fear for his safety with this derranged liar on the loose. What does wearing a Burger King costume have to do with "fighting crime"? It is only another pathetic attempt by a derranged stalker to get more and more publicity to feed his sick ego! The Gotti Jr. act has dried up, so now he needs something else. As far a Gotti Jr. goes, he's getting the movie that the media shyster desperately wants: a big Hollywood star to play the lead role. Instead he got some shitassed tv movie that no one saw or if they did, even remembers! As for the "shooting", the cops never believed the story. Why was his "wife" at the time, Lisa the prime suspect that the cops questioned?Read the trial transcripts. Burger King looks like the degenerate liar that he is! The F.B.I. didn't want him to testify because he is such a degnerate liar who changed his story numerous times. Tyrone is a real hero who has laid it on the line! Tyrone should form his own group, he is intelligent, brave, honest and moral. The exact opposite of what the GA is become!! "Che" is a Sliwa stooge who can't face the truth! Let's see him debate Tyrone, if he has the guts! Travis Bickel with a beret wouldn't debate Tyrone, because he knows it's the truth! Who would know more about the inner workings of this now violent cult than Tyrone? The Monroe bros, and also the founders of Cyber Angels also exposed the degenerate liar! Join Operation No Angels and support the facts!!!

  • The Great Frank

    Hey, Darren! Go to “Chicago hates 3rd Rail” and see the post. To wit, “3rd Rail is a snitch plain and simple”. Do you know about this? If it isn’t true, then show why. Tyrone has gotten low? How about the media shysters remarks about Victoria Gotti’s three boys? Calling them “degenerates”? Innocent children, that’s whom he attacks so viciously? Or decorated NYPD detective, “Bo” Dietl? Going along with another liar who said he was taking bribes and the Burger King repeated it about him? It wasn’t true, but the truth never mattered to this degenerate liar! Join Operation No Angels!

  • The Great Frank

    How did he get the condo? How come the monies that he makes off of the fact he is the GA “president” doesn’t go into the GA or back to the members? Where is the 100K he asked for when he had a begathon for his new “headquarters “which he never used, and no one knows what happened to? Show me the money! He claims that the GA are an example of “races working together”. But his life belies that. He lives in an exclusive area of Manhattan, his son goes to a private school. Why not a public school where he can mix with other peoples? Why pick the Upper East Side of Manhattan? Doesn’t this media shyster and degenerate liar want to live in a “diverse area” or is he just once again pulling his putz? How can you be so ignorant and naive as to believe his bullshit stories? Don’t you realize that if he lied to the media, the cops, and everyone else he’d lie to you? Or are you so stupid like 3rd Rate the hip hop flop, his slave! Join Operation No Angels and end his Empire of Lies!!

  • The Great Frank

    Now suddenly the "Fallen Six" were NOT active GA,but "off duty" or "former Angels". This is the media shyster's stooge machine at full blast to discredit Wing Chun. So if this is true, then how come the degenerate liar has made them out to be GA in the "line of duty"? He's milked this as proof of how his cult is "fighting crime". You see how he uses people and throws them under the bus EVEN IN DEATH!!!! When his Jim Jones cult is threatened he'll get rid of ANYONE, even dead people!!! By his own stooge's words, the degenerate liar and media shyster exposes the lies that the GA are founded upon!! Hey, third rate, the hip hop flop snitch, he'll dump you in a second if you are impeding his cult. If he lied to the media, the cops, and anyone else, he'll lie to you!!! Join Operation No Angels and be part of stopping The Empire of Lies!!!

  • This is a guy who at one time stood by Sliwa's side when we told him of the attrocities that this man was doing. Curtis is not the founder of the Guardian Angels for the last time. The Twin Dragsons are. And they, Or I should say we and it was our Kung Fu school that started the group. Every Angels knows this to be true. When Curtis saw his Mag 13 leaving and joining our group the Guardian Angels he pleaded with us to let him remain the spokes person for the group and we being young and inmature to his cunning ways, said yes. And within two years Curtis filed behind our backs the alliances of Guardian Angels withoout our knowing. And we couldn't even copyright our own name. It was to late. To the world the Twin Dragons Jeff and Jerry Monroe Are the Founding Fathers of the Real, Respectful Honorable NYC Guardian Angels NOT SLIWA. Curtis prior group was known as the Magnificent 13. When I was going to go to the press with his lies, and do a book, Curtis went ahead of me and fessed up. To soften the blow of his lies. There is so much more to tell so all you angels who know the truth about this lier get in contact with me fast. And don't worry about what these people write who do not know the truth. We will talk from our new web site and we will tell the world the truth and everything this guy has sone in detail. Wing Chun we are proud of you for taking the truth and the hit like a man. And standing up for the truth because that is how we trained you. We are Shaolin brothers and let the truth be known call me this is Dragon Two of the Twin Dragons the Original founding fathers of the Guardian Angels. We always honor those who lost their lives. I did 14 years befor leaving, but when I left 300 Guardian Angels left with me because I trained them and they knew that the truth that I told was the truth. You keep on telling the truth. God bless you. Sirfu Monroe

  • The Great Frank

    I’ve finally figured out who the degenerate liar and media shyster really is! He’s the character in Steven King’s novel “The Stand”. Randall Flagg, a demon from hell who gets people to follow him and set up his evil empire. 3rd Rate the hip hop flop is the character who is derranged and says: “my life for you!” Flagg’s Empire of Lies was defeated, as Operation No Angels will defeat the Travis Bickel with a Burger King outfit!

  • Jefferson Monroe

    I support Wing Chung My brother Jerry Monroe are the real founders of the Guardian Angels and I know Wing Chung He has been faithful to Sliwa for all these years He and I and My brother Jerry AKA as the Twin Dragons have been since day one the true angels as You can See Curtis Sliwa is a fool making a mockery of Got ti, Como, and now even His own members this has got to stop and the truth must be told You will get more on this from Me later. remember what ever goes around Comes around . I tell You the Truth Wing Chung has been the very best of the best of the GA no one not even Arnold should say anything bad about this man nor #RD Rail I have watched Wing Chung since Day one because I was the one who tested Him for the GA and He was found to be of the Utmost Top of the Line of all Angels. I stand with Him and tell All who do not Test Me. you know where to find me. Twin Dragon Number One !

  • The Great Frank

    Once again, TRP is helping to expose this degenerate liar and media shyster! We interviewed Jerry on our program. How do you follow a man who flaunts a Burger King outfit whilst drumming up business for his radio show? You take this Travis Bickel seriously? Can’t you see it’s all about HIM and money and fame? Now matter what Gotti Jr.’s past is, people like Stallone trust him more than this degenerate liar and media shyster! He’s a cheap common crook who stole the group from those who really wanted to do something! Why did he have to fake six crime reports if there was so much crime? Ans: because he’s a coward and a fraud! He knows how to pose before the cameras and make the same lies and stale speeches. He doesn’t have the phones on his radio show to hang up on people anymore,there are sites like ours to expose him to the gullible public. 3rd rate the rat sntich is his slave who’ll attack anyone who dares to state the facts on this media shyster and degenerate liar. Sliwa is livid that Gotti is getting a bio movie and he never go this tv show. Do you think that they were so stupid that they’d believe his fairy tales? He’s just the older guy who when you were 15 and hanging out would tell you bullshit stories. When you grew a little older you saw through them. That’s how he conned those kids. Well guess what Randall Flagg, they’ve grown up and they have the internet!!!!

  • 3rd rail why are you hiding behind this name,,, Darren Acorn ,,, be a man and use you NAME,,WING CHUNG

  • THE WING CHUNG HOAKS: We are a group of Alumni GA’s that will not stand with Wing Chung. I will tell you this Frank, watch your back about this Wing Chung guy. He is perpertraiting a fraud. He is as bad or worse than Sliwa. Do not trust him. He has spoken bad about you and others. This guy is a Media hound himself. Look at all his videos, and look at what he says about everyone on his radio station. He don’t have a leg to stand on. This guy is after the big buck and a degenerate liar, he learned form the best Sliwa. We the Real Alumni Angels are not going to follow this arrogant sad excuse for an Angel. While we don’t really agree with 3rd Rail, We agree with 3rd Rail that WING CHUNG IS A MEDIA FRAUD! And this Jerk is going to burn with his T.W.S. Angels. So watch your back. This guy is full of himself. Watch his videos and listen to his radio listen how he talks and watch what he does with his videos. A slick person and I think that Car Accident was a wake up call but he hasn’t woken up he is sleep. Don’t trust him Frank. He has spoke very poorly about you to us. Take care. Mr. X.

  • Sifu Monroe: Wow I have to respond, I really thought this Wing Chung Guy was alright but as I have been talking with him for the past 3 months and trying to formulate a new group, I find that 3rd Rail was right about him. Hey I agree with Mr. X and I have to say that This guy Wing Chung is worse than Curtis. We all know Sliwa and his lies, but Wing is Arrogant about it. I have to say that I RETRACT everything I said about Wing Chung. He even disrespects the name Wing Chung. And his name is Tyrone Bonds an Arrogant Fool with dilutions of grandeur. Oh yeah Frank I have to agree with Mr. X Watch yourself with this guy. We are not standing by this man.

    I think that WG has hurt in that Car accident and his brains must have come out. He must be bipolar or something. His members have already called me and told me that they will not go along with his T.W.S and I’m sure he is loosing listeners. His entire show is filled with Character assassination. He is good at saying what everyone else does wrong but he himself is a fraud. The Martial Art world has been alerted as well. And many a Grandmasters are disowning him now. And some have made the comment that he needs a good butt woo pin. I totally agree this man needs to be spanked and I think he will get it by someone soon if he doesn’t back the heck up whit that big head of his.

    I shout out to all you Guardian Angels, listen up, do not follow WG you who have a brain know what I am saying is true. This guy is out of control and is extremely arrogant. This butt head is going to crash and burn you mark my words I promise you this guy will not make it. You would do better to stay with the Lair Sliwa then to be with a lair and a fraud and an arrogant jerk like Wing Chung. Tyrone Bonds. Truly a nut case if I ever saw one.

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  • My heart it saddened, that this is our reflective and collective existence on the web. As an Alumni, I am disheartened to know that our brothers can’t come together like quiet professionals and hash this out in respective privacy.

    A lot of truth and a lot of lies are being told here. One must use his own knowledge and research to seek the truth. I will say this, call NYC Chapter, and when I was there, it was Ft. Apache, and ask about the twin dragon’s. The posters and media clippings from the early days have always been posted on the walls. There the truth is in plain sight and not hidden. I assume that the Angels are still very much proudly displaying the history for the world to see. Nothing hidden.

    As Angels we will stick together, regardless of leadership and this poor display of a very important life changing organization for many young lives. Including my own.

    Dare to Care! Be the righteous one everyday. And earn your beret everyday!


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