Provincetown Under Fire For Condom Policy

Deval Patrick

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has called on the Provincetown school district to change its new policy that hands out condoms to children as young as the first grade without consent from parents.

“It is simply not age appropriate to have a program in place for such young children, not to mention not having parents of such young children involved,” Patrick said in a statement.

“Comprehensive reproductive health education needs to be done in an age appropriate manner.”

A man-on-the-street report from CNN shows that Provincetown residents and tourists are outraged at the new policy.

“I think that [the new condom policy] is going a little too far,” said one Provincetown resident.

“I think it’s pretty sick,” a Provincetown grade-school student told CNN.

Dr. Beth Singer

Still, Provincetown school district superintendent, Dr. Beth Singer, is standing firm on the new policy.

“Sex has no age limit. It’s an individual scenario for each person,” Singer said. “We can’t put out an age for using condoms.”

Singer also told CNN that the policy was never meant for grade-schoolers. That, she explained, was a “misunderstanding.”

“I would prefer to hear parents say to their children, ‘you’re not allowed to have sex,’ as opposed to ‘you’re not allowed to have a condom.'”


  • I’ll bet you a coffee at McDonalds that this Dr. Beth Singer isn’t a real doctor,
    and that she’s Jewish. Any takers?

  • This law firm condemns this policy, the people who passed it, and the agenda behind it. What do you think? Should a public school district be allowed to provide condoms to first graders whether their parents like it or not? Please vote:

  • Taken in a different context and someone would soon be doing Federal time.

    e.g. ; "Hey kid let me show you some condoms and how they are used."

  • What is Beth Singer’s real agenda or what is her life style?. Any other person handing out condoms to a child would be jailed and made to register as a sex offender. Is this school district insane?.

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