Mugabe’s “Ark” To N. Korea Shelved

Plans by Robert Mugabe to send fellow Communist dictator Kim Jong Il a “Noah’s Ark” gift basket of Zimbabwe wildlife have been shelved after environmentalists and conservationists called it an abuse of Zimbabwe wildlife.

Initial reports from Zimbabwe state media said the animals were a “personal gift” from Mugabe to Kim Jong-Il. It was later revealed that the wildlife would be put on display in a North Korean zoo for the public.

The Zimbabwe Independent newspaper reported on June 17 that Mugabe’s plan has been shelved.

Zimbabwean wildlife experts condemned the move, saying the animals, many of them babies, would not survive either being transported all the way from Zimbabwe to North Korea, or the country’s harsh, cold climate.

Others said it was yet another example of how Mugabe feels all of Zimbabwe as his to plunder.

National Parks boss Vitalis Chadenga defended the move, saying Zimbabwe would get US $30,000 for the wildlife. He also noted that elephant herds ofter trample villages and crops.


  • Here we go again. No meat this week either.

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  • Wittes Verenig.

    @ Chol-hwan Park

    Viva South Korea.

    Let North korea go to the dogs. The dogs that they are. Murdering commie bastards.

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  • chl hwan park
    was this a serious post or a joke???

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