Swastika Now Israeli Flag: Castro

Fidel Castro

Retired Communist dictator Fidel Castro has blasted Israel for its treatment of the Palestinians, saying it has become like Nazi Germany and the swastika is now its flag.

“The State of Israel’s hatred towards the Palestinians is such that it would not hesitate to send 1.5 million men, women and children to the crematoriums in which millions of Jews of all ages were killed,” Castro wrote in an op-ed piece published in a Cuban newspaper.

“The swastika would seem to be the flag of Israel today,” Castro wrote.

The former dictator emphasized that his words were not “born of hatred,” noting that Cuba helped many Jews escaping persecution during World War Two. However, the Batista government was in power at that time, with Castro coming to power through a bloody coup in 1959. The Castro regime also confiscated many properties from Cuban Jews without proper compensation.

Castro also claimed that there is a double standard when it comes to Iran’s pursuit of nuclear power, writing that Israel never was sanctioned for its own efforts to get such energy.

He also said a confrontation with Israel is inevitable, and that even the UN and US “cannot alter the chain of events.”


  • @Ron: Your talking out of your backside. You've probably never been to Cuba – or Palestine. I have. Castro, this great man, has always spoken the truth. He tells it like it is. I am proud to be involved in the Palestinian Solidarity movement here in the UK and it's just a matter of time before Israel implodes. What Castro speaks is the uncomfortable truth that many would prefer not to hear.

  • It's all Jewish-Bolshevik rhetoric on both sides. Hope the Philistines and Khazars wipe each other out one day soon.

  • Will the jewish liberals take off the Castro T-Shirt?

  • This is rich. This scumbag mass murderer has the nerve to blast Israel while he jailed, tortured, and murdered anyone that he even perceived was a threat to his brutal Communist dictatorship over the last 50 years. He’s responsible for the murder of tens of thousands of people not only in Cuba, but in parts of Central and South America and parts of Africa as he was used as a tool by the Soviet Union to spread their brutal Communist influence over people who never wanted any part of it.

    This brutal, evil tyrant was also responsible for starving his own people, subjecting them to live in abject poverty, kept them illiterate, and, contrary to our own home-grown Communist Michael Moore, Castro subjected his people to a Third-World healthcare system.

    Life under Castro was/is so brutal that tens of thousands of his own people risked their lives over the last 50 years to flee his regime by treading shark-infested waters to get to the U.S. Many of them drowned.

    Catsro is your typical, arrogant, duplicitous Communist hypocrite. Castro wouldn’t put up with the Palestinians for one minute. He’d massacre them just as the Soviets massacred 40 million of their own people…people who sought to overthrow the evils of Communism.

  • @ Ron KUDOS!! For ANYONE to take a word this moron takes seriously is beyond me…EXCEPT that his is another link in the chain of the antisemitism being sown today just as it was before the “night of Breaking Glass.” It seems that when people can grab onto someone to blame for ills of the entire world, in this case the non-existent place today that is called Palestine included, they are ready to offer them up to head tormentor itself, not even realizing that is where their own hatreds and delusions that Israel is to blame for everything come from. The supernatural hatred of the Jews is satanic in every
    way. About Palestine..I have a question for you: And I will let my “e-buddy” answer it since he did such a fine job of it.

    I think I’ll spring for one of those GPS systems. Like most men, I’ve always fancied myself as a fellow who could “tell directions.” Sure, I’ve been lost a few times, but overall, I’ve been to quite a few places, and I’m still here.

    But the need for a navigation system stems from the fact that I have no idea where “Palestine” is. Several Christian leaders from a variety of denominations feel that they know for sure where it is, but I’m scratching my head here. I’ve looked at maps, Googled, and called a few people. Like the Spaniards who searched in vein for the fabled city of gold, I cannot find the elusive Land of the Palestinians.

    Oddly enough (and this is almost comical), a growing number of Christians seem to know where Palestine is. They refer to it, long for it, nurture it. For FOPS — Friends of Palestine — there is only one impediment to realizing the dream.


    “Palestine” was the name of a region in the Middle East for almost 1,900 years. When the Romans expelled large numbers of Jews from what was known as Judea (originally, Canaan) in the second century, they renamed the area “Palestina,” a reference to the ancient Phoenicians. The aim was to erase any reference to the Jews.

    Nothing has changed. Since the modern state of Israel was established in 1948, the Arabs have worked to convince a (shockingly) naïve West that the Jewish presence in the Middle East, down through history, was either sparse or non-existent. This was a favorite lie of Yasser Arafat, who used to say out loud in front of Bill Clinton that there never was a Temple in Jerusalem. The blood-soaked dwarf would allege that the Temple had stood in Hebron!

    It’s one thing for an arch-terrorist to spout such sick revisionist history. It’s beyond sad that American Christians would hop onboard the Propaganda Train.

    Take the Disciples of Christ, for instance. The liberal, mainline denomination is one of several (officially, the United Methodist Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America) groups that refer to Palestine as if it exists. It’s really quite odd.

    Imagine if I insisted that the eastern half of Missouri is really Twainistine. Would anyone believe me? No. So why do some people believe in Palestine?

    Because it furthers their political agenda. There are plenty of people who so detest Israel that they fantasize about Palestine, which is intended to be an Arab state. There are already 22 Arab states.

    Think about that. Palestine does not exist, has never existed as a sovereign entity. Yet significant groups virtually demand it. It is the height of arrogance to refer to “Palestine” when it doesn’t exist. Again, simply referring to Palestine, as if it were a state somewhere in or near Israel is mind-boggling.

    In a press release late last year, the Disciples of Christ website announced that December 6 was “Prayer for Israel and Palestine” Sunday. In order to appear balanced, leftwing lovers of Palestinian Liberation Theology speak about Israel and sometimes express concern for Israel’s security.

    But if you know what the Palestinians in fact intend for Israel, you’ll know that a two-state solution is a death sentence for the Jewish state.

    According to the Disciples’ press release:

    “In that spirit of humbleness and hope we come before your presence to intercede for the peoples of Israel and Palestine… For over sixty years these two communities have been trying to live together in peace, in the midst of violence, terror, deaths and wars! For more than six decades these two nations have been trying to discover the path of justice, in a world of aggressions, occupations, invasions and resentments! For over half a century these two peoples have been trying to create the necessary conditions to discover, promote, affirm and enjoy the results of a just peace!”


    Notice first the reference to Israel and “Palestine.” I ask again: where is Palestine? Where is its seat of government? Where is its navy? What is Palestine’s GNP? What is the state’s chief export?

    No one knows, because Palestine as an Arab state is a myth. It doesn’t exist.

    The press release also refers to the “Sabeel Liberation Center,” a radical think-tank in Jerusalem. When someone positively references Sabeel, just as Germans once waxed enthusiastic about the National Socialists … you know where things stand. I encourage you to Google “Sabeel Center” and investigate for yourself just how “even-handed” this group is.

    The fact is, the American Church in particular is so lost and groping when it comes to biblical truth that warming to “Palestine” seems like a perfectly good idea.

    The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is not the only denomination that has it wrong on this issue. And here I’d like to say — because I get emails from Lutherans and Presbyterians and Methodists who take me to task for making blanket statements — I’m aware there are quite a few individuals in these denominations who do get Zionism.

    My point is that on the whole, the mainline is almost hopelessly lost on this issue. Their obsession about the Arab-Israeli conflict is vexing.

    Because I don’t know where Palestine is.

  • Wanda, you forgot to take your medication (again).

  • The Great Frank

    what a jokester! to praise a degenerate mass murderer and psycho like Castro? Cuba Campanoni has the facts directly from Cuba. I don't know if this moron has seen the slums that the Castro Crime Family has created in Cuba or the concentration camps. Perhaps he's never read nor heard of Armondo Valedares, a Cuban poet who was in jail for over twenty years for writing poems criticising the Castro Crime Family. His legs were broken twice and he was starved and routinely beaten!!!! As for being involved with the Palestinians, well perhaps in the U.K. you should be telling the Brits out of N.Ireland. And how about reparations to the Irish for stealing their land and the genocide that G.B. committed against them during the Potato Famine. Whilst you're at it, how about the Brits giving reparations to Die BoereVolk for stealing the land and committing genocide against their women and children during the Boer War? You agree with the Castro Crime Family calling Israelis "Nazis"? Well didn't the Brits invent the concentration camps that were used in Die Boer War against Women and children? And the Arabs are not indigenious to the rest of the middle east. They conquered it and still occupy it. read up on your history, moron! And tell the Turks to get out of Constantinople which they occupy! and Cyprus!!

  • Carl has posters of Communist mass murderes such as Che Guevara, Fidel Castro, and the deranged islamic butcher, Osama bin Laden, on the walls of his apartment in his mother’s basement.

    This asshole is your typical America-hating, islamic pig who adores the mass murderers of islam and Marxism.

    Carl, that’s not his real name (his real name is probably ahmed, mohhamad, or Fucktard), is your typical intolerant islamic pig who believes in murdering the infidel in order to advance his sick death cult (islam) which was invented by his false, demon-obsessed, pedophile prophet (mohammad) who was hell-bent on murder to advance his self-absorbed agenda of achieving power through mayhem and enriching hemself.

    Hey, “Carl”, why don’t you go back and live in the islamic, toilet-infested swamp from which you crawled from, huh?

    You’re a primitive, 7th century, FUCKTARD!

  • Ron, your language says more about you than I can. You are very brave sitting behind your keyboard. I have been arrested several times because of my beliefs for a free Palestine. Can you say the same? And I am of Jewish ancestory and also am a US Citizen.

    There were many pro-Castro demonstrations in Cuba and he is a leader that is genuinely loved by his people. OK, not everything is perfect in Cuba, but neither is everything perfect in the USA or the UK. If capitalism ever returns to Cuba, then many Cubans will lose the gains they made under the revolution, such as free housing, education, subsidised food, free health care, etc. Cuba will revert to being a subsidary of the Mafia, supported by the corporations and the US Republican Party. Cuba will be subjected to the hell of capitalism and many will suffer. There were far greater crimes comitted by American Republican administrations and Israel than were ever committed by any Marxist government. I don't really expect you to know much about that, as you don't live abroad and have no idea how America is viewed. Also, as much as you may not like to admit it, much of the American media is censored so many Americans don't really know what's going on in the world, or how it is seen by the international community.

    You can play your part in helping to end apartheid and ethnic cleansing by checking the label and boycotting all Israeli goods.

  • "Carl" keeps proving himself to be your typical muslim.

    "Carl" lives in the U.K., he doesn't live in the land of his parents because he's your typical muslim hypocrite who flees his own culture, yet tries to foist that same dysfunctional culture upon his host country….much like what a parasite does to its host body.

    "Carl" is a practitioner of the "religion of peace" who believes in the mass murder of those who are smart enough not to subscribe to such a twisted cult.

    "Carl" is a follower of a false prophet who was a mass-murdering pedophile. His prophet also took one of his own son's wives as his wife. His prophet was a thief and a pillager. These things you cannot deny because they are historical facts that are recognized even by the brain-dead muslim believers.

    Everything "Carl" says is a lie, is propaganda, and is full of indefensible moral equivalency.

    "Carl" is your typical muslim with a twisted mind.

  • Wanda is correct. Palestininans is a tribal name like Zulu, Apache, Comanche, Suni, Shia. These above tribes do not have countries named after them, they share land with others. The leftist media and PLO have done a great job of convincing the morons of the world that a tribal name qualifies as an independent nation and that they have a country named after themselves. What a joke. In China you have manderin and contonese, the country is not named after them specificaly. Then the BOER should claim that they are being occupied in Transvaal and Vrystaat. Just as the left bought the lies about South Africa, they also buy the lies being told about Israel. My God the evidence is there to see, the videos, the pictures etc, but they will rather go with their emotions than with common sense and the facts.

    This video on Youtube is great :

  • Seeing is believing. I urge every person of conscience (including "ron") to view this award-winning video:

  • @Ron: Keep it coming, there’s more of us than you.

  • I SALUTE you The Great Frank, Len and Ron. On the contrary "Carl" more of "them/you" that you speak of? Are becoming more of Christ's than you people would ever have anyone believe.

  • The Great Frank

    Carl, like all of his slimy ilk will never really address the issues. Yes,there are pro Castro demonstrations, just like there are “pro” Kim demos in N.Korea. I’m sure Carl would love to go there. But then again, he’d be interrogated as a spy and kept in jail or a “work” camp. why doesn’t Castro, or Kim, ect allow freedoms of speech and reading? Why must he control what people read and hear? There is no comparison between Castro’s prison and the West, at least Amerika. yes, Carl, there are alot of you, but remember, the Great Crusaders of the 10th Century who took back the Holy Land. Outnumbered, they still won. In the end you and your ilk will lose!

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  • The Great Frank

    When an idiot like Carl says that we should "end Apartheid" in Israel, is that he has never been to Cuba! Cubans call Castro's systen "apatheid" because Cubans can't go where tourists go, or buy in the same shops. They can only use CAstro bucks to but the shit that he lets them have. You stupid moron, I knew my years of training would catch you in you pathetic lies! Now go get your shine box, asshole!

  • Seriously, ron, you sound like a foul mouthed redneck,

    My english is not so good, but id love to make a point here. Refering to the "great frank", where he stated that arabs arent the indigenous people of maybe most of the land and the turks are to move out of cyprus and constantinople, thats just plain nuts. Its like telling the caucasians to get out of the americas and australia, and we all know theyre not indigenous to the respective continents. As to ron, it seems you have alot of hate in you, trust me, people like you are the worst, youre the type that puts hate in people's heart, and dont you dare deny it. The way you push yourself around clearly shows how you lack respect for anyone that doesnt have the same ideology as you. I dont get you at all, you seem to love it alot if all the muslims were terminated, wiped off and mentioning about islam, punishable by death, but how are you different than all the genocidal dictators then. Reflect, at the end of the day, what matters is that we're all humans and humanity is all that matters. Theres already too much hate and biasedness going on. Tell me, the difference between george w bush and osama bin laden? What i can tell you is none, because at the end of the day, both just want each other dead and in process killing many of the innocent.

    Personally, i have never get it with Iran being a threat. The country has not been to war lately, is not occupying any conquered land and never intended to go on a mad campaign to rule the world besides ahmedinajad's mad intention of extinguishing israel, one man does not make the entire nation, just like the americans , im sure most of them didnt want a war, its what bush wants. If its the best of interest for the world to go nuclear-free, why not start by disarming the nuclear powers and stop israel from manufacturing its own nucleared weapons. Sheer biasedness.

    Ron, i dont know what makes you so sure that prophet muhammad was a phedophile and whatever you claimed he is. Reading a book about the prophet does not neccesarily means its the truth, it could be bigoted and one sided. The mind is a very powerful tool, it makes you think what you want to think. Hey ron, someone out there might hate you and start slendering about you . For all you know, someone else hates you as well, and both of them starts slendering about you, obviously its goin to be biased against you, but does that mean everything said about you was true? Its not, certainly. So dont read and assume you know everything.

    The world has too much hate, stop adding on to it

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