King Tut DNA 99.6% Western European

King Tut

Recently-leaked DNA test results prove ancient Egyptian royal Pharaoh Tutankhamen, aka King Tut, is 99.6% Western European.

The results were mistakenly leaked in the American cable television show Royal Blood: King Tut Unwrapped. The tests were conducted to find out if a newly-discovered mummy was the boy king’s father.

The Secretary General of the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities, Zahi Hawass, had previously stated that he would never reveal the DNA results of King Tut, whose racial make-up has been a source of dispute for many.

The above video shows a series of Short Tandem Repeats (STRs), repeated DNA sequences whose characteristics are used to identify humans.

European Distribution of the R1b haplogroup

Racial historian Arthur Kemp took the above STR results and put them into a Haplogroup Predictor created by retired physicist and professor Whit Athey. The resulting haplogroup, which gives insight into the ancestral background of an individual going back thousands of years, came back with a 99.6% match with the R1b haplogroup.

The R1b haplogroup “is the most common Y-chromosome haplogroup in Europe reaching its highest concentrations in Ireland, Scotland, western England and the European Atlantic seaboard — in other words, European through and through,” writes Kemp.


  • they even try ed to say that Berbers and moors were not black what a joke

    even the ancient Hebrews was black some of those Muslim know that too.

    • You don’t know the difference between color and genes. You have read some wacky racial theories that have taken from ancient history. The human race has learned a lot since 1000 bc. The L3 gene comes from the one group who escaped from Africa and that includes North Africa. The L2 gene is from West African and they are the African Americans. The L1 gene is in South Africa. See Journey of Man Bradshaw DNA project.


    • Again skin color has little if anything to do with race. East Africans are L3s because they are the ones to make it out of Africa. The East Africans are closely related to Asians and South Americans and Europeans.

  • What white person do you know that has lips like that? Ok, there are a few, but just look at his face, that is an African boy, half-caste at best. It has already been proven anyway, by Egyptologists, that the early Pharonic dynasties were African people. The latter dynasties, like those that presided shortly before the demise of Khemet, were of Asian and European origin. Ancient Khemet, by European Egyptologists estimations, had been in existence for five thousand years. There weren’t any Europeans, Asians or anything else ruling in Africa five thousand years ago! Stop kidding yourselves! By African estimations, the people who can tell African culture just by looking at it, Ancient Khemet could be traced back ten thousand years! All of this IS PROVEN FACT! First irrefutibly proven by African scholars, then corroborated by European scientists. There is no dispute. Pre-dynastic and early dynastic Khemet, up to the 25th dynasty, were exclusively African! Get over it. When Khemet was conquered for the first time by the Hyksos, post 25th dynasty, then you began to see the transfer of power between Asiatics and Europeans. What’s more, Asiatic and European conquerors of antiquity didn’t have the racists, supremecist elements that are so prevelant amongst those two groups today. In fact, foreign conquerors were quick to take a Khemetic wife and adapt as best as possible elements of their culture into that of the Africans. It’s extrememly well documented by Greek scholars like Herodotus, the respect that the Europeans had for the Khemites and their culture. What’s more, what we know of ancient Khemet, Biblically, has been proven over and over again, to be completely false, by even European scholars. For example, the notion that Jews were slaves and were the people that built the Grandfather, the Father and the Son (the three great pyramids) is absolute comedy on its face, why, 1. because there weren’t any people called Jews in ancient Khemet. Jews are from Europe. Jews adopted the HEBREW culture during the Crusades between the Christians, European non-Christians and Muslims. 2. The Khemites maticulously documented all of their history! THEY WERE THE FIRST PEOPLE TO DO IT (on papyrus and in stone)! The idea of writing anything down, on paper or anything else, came from Khemet! Thus stated, there are no stories ANYWHERE of slaves called Jews having built the pyramids! There are however, countless stories of how workers left their land during the inundation (slight flooding of the land) to come into the city to work on the monuments! 3. The three pyramids at Giza, had been built 700 years, before the arrival of the first HEBREW! How’s that for FACTS? All you have to do is read one book to learn anything about Khemet. It’s all in the books and they’re not hard to find. Imagine, the people of ancient Khemet were an extremely spiritual and cultural people, as are most Africans. They held steadfast to their history and made reference to it ALL THE TIME! “WE CAME FROM THE FOOTHILLS OF THE MOUNTAIN OF THE MOON, WHERE GOD HAPI DWELT”. That location has been well documented by any and every scholar to be in the region of Southern Sudan/Kenya. Khemet aside, Africans from the not too distant past I might add, from every region of the continent built monumental cities. Cities and towns that dwarfed anything in Europe and Asia at that time in history. In fact, there used to be a television show that came on, with a European host (forget his name, died recently, older man) that recounted story after story about the historical achievements of African people in Africa and the European and Asian’s relentless effort to wipe them off of the historical map. This is something Black people need to know. When the Asiatic/Europeans or Arab/like peoples first began to travel the ancient trade routes DOWN the east coast of Africa, they discovered cities, monuments and vessels that completely destroyed their ignorant world view. So much so, that shortly after initially visiting these places, they would come back and suprisingly sack the entire location, killing everyone in sight. They would then destroy the city, its buildings, streets and walls. BASIL DAVIDSON! That’s his name! His shows have got to be on YouTube! LOOK HIM UP!!!!!!!! For all of you who want to hear the FACTS! HA! As well, for all of you right wingers who think that all throughout history, white and whitish people are the only people who could have possibly built anything, the Europeans did in fact, after the Spanish annexed the Moors from Spain after 900 years of Moorish rule, took it upon themselves to “write the African out of history”! Their words, not mine! They actually said they would do it and they did! Who is they? I believe it was the same people who organized Christianity at the Council of Nicea. Look it up. This is the reason you white people and black people or anyone else for that matter don’t know anything about Africa! Think about it for one second before you keep reading. Ask yourself, why in the world is Africa so screwed up? Think about history and the way things really transpire, not how it happens on tv, where two and three hundred years are left out between scenes. As soon as the first European and Asiatic traders saw what Africa had to offer, Africa has know nothing but war and desolation – until recent years, Africa is actually on the rise. Just think about it. I went to school in Ghana and even after Europeans and every other non-African have virtually inserted a pipe into Ghanaian soil to drain it of its resources, gold still comes from the ground when it rains. Think about it. It has alway been about Africa. The center of the world. For all my people, I love you. Don’t listen to his lies ANYMORE. Africa is on the rise again. Black Power, Forward Africa.

  • When the Moors (Muslims) Ruled Europe: Documentary (full)

    another great video on the moors

  • This type of DNA is well known throughout Sub Sahara Africa and Northern Africa. King Tut has an elongated skull which is well known throughout Africa especially Sub Sahara Africa even Namibia. The Egyptian Empire was all over in Europe during the 12th Dynasty which includes Russia and several other dynasties before King Tut was around was over in Spain. Also they reached India aka Hindu Kush. Basically Zahi Hawass and the European Jews are masking his DNA all for money and exploitation because they know white people would not attend the museums if they knew King Tut was black. King Tut was black, you could not take the throne during his time period if you were not black. The Egyptians kept their bloodline in tact. This is as bad as painting a picture of a white Yeshua aka Jesus. He was black too.

    • Jajajaja, very funny!

    • Nor King Tut was black, nor Jesus. How do you define black?
      They were both Caucasians. And for the record, there was never black people in Egypt in the whole history. Please review your information!

      • its very clear that nofretete and victor dnt know anything – king tut was from egypt, the Egyptians where from one of the sons of ham who was blood brothers to ethopians, the sudanise (cushites), canaanites. Now if these were black where do u get a white king tut? Nofrete – egypt was a black nation and guess what its found in africa! You actually need to review ur info and maybe pick up ur bible and read that in genesis 10. Now for those who say the messiah was white – the hebrews looked exactly like the black egyptians – u couldnt tell them apart. Fast forward to NT- why would the centurian ask Paul if he wasnt “that egyptian” when he was surprised he spoke roman? Why would “jesus” go hide in Africa when herod was after him? Come on now the clues are all over, if u want to know what he looked like look at the original Egyptians not the modern day arab Egyptians who came through and conquered Egypt and are now ruling it.

        • how is it so clear? jesus was a sephardic jew-they look similar to arabs, and genetically speaking, are very similar people. (hebrew and arabic are both semetic languages). The orginal people of north Africa werent arabs, but they weren’t black either..they were BERBERS. For the most part, the arabs didnt intermix with the berbers (except for egypt), and countries like morocco, algeria, ect. the dna of the people there today is almost exclusively berber. You my friend, are the one who doesnt know anything. ITs been proven by DNA, by scientists who are a lot smarter than you or I. I’m a very liberal democrat, not racist at all, but I’m sick of people saying Jesus wasn’t white. Granted, he was not a blonde hair blue eyes white like hes often portrayed, but he most certainly wasn’t black. He lived in Israel; part of the present day Middle East. How could you possibly think he was black? Black skinned people originate from SOUTH of the sahara dessert. The ancient kingdom of egypt was large, and its souther reaches stretched past the dessert into present day Sudan. There was cultural and social diffusion, and elements of the culures of the lighter skinned egyptians and the people they conquered mixed together. But, as these article clearly states, KING TUT WAS 96% WHITE. Yeah, traces of his dominant DNA halotype are found south of the sahara, but the DNA a white, western trait, orginating in WESTERN EUROPE. any traces of it found in sub saharan africa originated from a white ancestor..the logic in your argument is flawed. I’m sorry your black power professor/pastor,(whoever gave you your bogus info) misled you.

          • Someone is lying you also have articles that also proves he was mostly of African origin. Let’s look at his father Akhenaten look at his DNA it proves his strand is mostly of African origin. So how can Tut be white. It is sad that Caucasians lie and white out history to continue the white supremacy complex.

          • On the subject of Jesus even the bible decribes him in Daniel 7:9 of hair like wool and of dark skinned. I know one race on this planet that have hair like wool and they are the so called blacks not Arabs. Look up DNA evidence proves the real Jews. It is now proven that so called blacks are the original Jews of over 2000 years ago the ones that are there now are converts through religion and some will admit that blacks are the original Jews. Do your research..

          • Another interjection the slaves that were taken to America didn’t speak African they spoke Hebrew. A church in North of North America built by so called African slaves wrote in Hebrew on the benches which was their original language. It is sad how many people throw dirt on the past of others to rewrite their own version of history to benefit them. Do your research and put the puzzle pieces together. Even the white Jews know the original Jews were black not Arabian.

      • Akhenaten which is King Tut father’s DNA proofs he was of African origin look it up and do research. Don’t believe the lies we have grown up with. I thought everyone knew by now so called Jesus is not white the painting is one of a past rulers son. Daniel 7:9 describes Jesus with hair like wool and a dark complexion. Thanks to DNA it also proves that the so called Jews are only converts and the real Jews are black. Look up DNA evidence and the so called Jews will also tell you that. We need to quit living a lie and quit erasing an entire race history.. Don’t believe Hollywood movies it is entertainment only not educational purposes. That is why they took the nose off of the old Egyptian statutes they had black features and the dark skinned people on the walls also. Research DNA proves African pharaohs even Ramsees was of AFRICAN origin..

  • Shekem Tutankhamen was certainly “black”. However Yeshua Ben Pandira (Jesus of Nazareth) was “white”. It is said that Yehoshua’s physical father was a Roman soldier and that his mother Mary was Jewish. It seems to me that the Jews were mostly Caucasian (partly descended from the Hyksos) and that the Khemetians were for the most part Black Africans.

    • King Tut was not black. How do you define black?
      He was Caucasians like all the Egyptians. And for the record, there was never black people in Egypt in the whole history. Please review your information!

      • lol very well-played sarcasm!

      • Lol yeah right they could afford gold but not white paint to paint themselves on the walls. Why would they paint themselves black if they were not? No sunscreen at that time and it is located in Africa doesn’t make sense to me. They would all be sun burn if they were white. The great deception to yet again steal another races history and heritage. Plenty of fake information out there I hope you find the truth in all them lies

    • Not true DNA evidence has proven that the original Jews of over 2000 years ago was actually black. They have tested the Caucasian Jews and they are not genetically linked but moved there about 1000 years ago and claimed the land after the true Jews were driven out. They went to Africa when they left to the Western and South parts if Africa then most were taken into slavery. Look up DNA evidence proves the real Jews. The so called Jews over there will tell you they are converts. Jesus was never white even the bible describes him Daniel 7:9 hair like wool and dark skinned..

  • I call BULLSHIT on this.

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  • This entire thread is a joke. Europeans suffer from a great illness that renders them inept from seeing other perspectives that are not of their own, or contribute to their agenda. The great white Egyptian fantasy that they have to desperately try hard to foster. They have this unending since of superiority that has been passed down from their forefathers who have raped and killed (bloody bloodlines) in the name of imperialism and colonization. They simply can’t help but understand that other cultures other than their own, were great.

    While there have been some remarkable achievements in their history, there’s always a reoccurring pattern of it being at the price of others. Standing on the backs of men (some dead) to say “look at me. “I European claim first!” That will end soon, and a great uncomfortableness in this modern age will ensue.

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