Roy Bennett Cleared Of All Charges

Free Man: Roy Bennett

A Zimbabwe court has acquitted controversial politician Roy Bennett, an outspoken critic of the Marxist regime of Robert Mugabe and opposition party member, of all charges Monday.

Bennett faced charges of banditry, sabotage, terrorism and insurgency, which could have resulted in the death penalty.

However, Judge Chinembiri Bhunu ruled that the state failed to prove its case.

“He is now a free man,” Bennett’s lawyer Trust Maanda said. “I hope that sanity is now creeping into the system and we can now start concentrating on delivering better lives for the people of Zimbabwe.”

Bennett, a White farmer whose land was seized during Zimbabwe’s racist land reform program in 2000, is currently treasurer general of Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

The MDC wanted to make Bennett deputy agriculture minister in the national-unity government, but Mugabe refused to swear him in on the grounds that Bennett first needed to be cleared of all charges.

The MDC has always maintained that the case against him was political and that Bennett was being persecuted and not prosecuted.

It remains to be seen whether Mugabe will swear in Bennett now that charges against him have been dismissed.

“Mugabe has to swear me in now,” Bennett said Monday. “My party has made it very clear that they expect nothing less.”



    Ian Smith lives.

  • If I was Roy, I would hot foot it out of Zims. Mugabe hates him and will find another reason to lock him away. He doesn't like the fact that Roy is so well liked by the Shona and Ndebele, even though he was in the RLI and also the scouts ( I believe ).

  • Aaah, the old tactics of Mugabe – the scum never changes does it. This is just one of many methods of intimidation they use against enemies. Charge a guy with all sorts of false charges, make the court case linger on for months, slowly drain the enemy’s income and eventually you will subdue them to a point where they simply don’t have the energy and the funds left to keep fighting. Classic tactics of the Mugabe regime.

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