Michelle Admits: Barack Obama Born In Kenya

In this video taken during the Democrat Party Convention, Michelle Obama off-offhandedly remarks that her husband, Barack Obama, was born in Kenya and not America.

“When we took our trip to Africa and visited his home country of Kenya,” Michelle says while addressing AIDS testing to an audience of LGBT delegates at the Democrat Party Convention.

Here is a different video of the same speech, which is of a better quality:


  • It’s not going to make the slightest bit of difference to any of them now….this is such “crapola”

  • This is why the Great Frank of Queens correctly calls him “the foreign occupier”, as should we all. I wish barry would go back to his homeland and stay there.

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  • Don’t these people understand that when you put male and female homos in the military you will destroy there morale and therefore the entire the entire military ? And as for obongo boy being born and raised in kenya, well we all knew that he was. It is just that the issue of his birth certificate was never brought up by the republican party.

    • Um, I’ve known many gays in the military and amazingly, it’s still standing! You’re ignorant. It’s sad people like you can’t educate yourselves. I bet you’ve never served a day in the military have you? Ignorant AND inexperienced to boot.

  • Wanda it does make a difference. It is illegal to have some one who was not born in America to run for President much less even win the presidency. I SAY IMPEACH HIM NOW !!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Joseph Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao Tse-tung, and Ho chi Minh could rise from the grave, call themselves Democraps, and the Democrap Party would STILL endorse them and the brain-dead faithful would give them their votes.

    The Democrap Party = The Neo-Marxist Party

  • you people are some of the sickest in history, as well as some of the dumbest. How can anyone in their right mind believe, let alone propagate, the proposition that just because Michelle referred in a speech to Barack's "home country" being Kenya that it is proof he was born there? Thank GOD none of you are in any position of authority! Do you know who your patron Saint is? JOSEPH GOEBBELS, the propaganda minister for ADOLF HITLER!!!! You are just a bunch of greedy racists who hate the idea that a black man is president and are protesting his policies because you want to stop worrying about the IRS coming and arresting you for filing fraudulent tax returns all these years. And if there are any of you who have filed honest tax returns, I'll be that you've been getting EIC, or else you're receiving Social Security!!! If there is a God, you are all going to Hell. ALL of you, no matter what you think. Jesus doesn't forgive liars. When he saved the woman, he said "go and sin no more". You are all sinners, and you know it. Nothing is going to save you except sincere repentance, which none of you NAZIS are ever going to do.

  • Anonymous, Jesus? A Marxist Christian, isnt THAT novel… Notice how these crazy moonbats go insane, and then they project THEIR NAZI ways on us LOL..

    You are the one going to hell coward, you worship a FOREIGN man 'g'od.!

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  • anonymous has a Che Guevara shrine in his mother's basement.

  • Anonymous, Hilter was a Leftist, hello?

  • here’s the original video


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  • She meant Baracks Families home country. Kenya is the Home of his father. I wonder if a young Irish couple born and raised in Ireland decide to relocate to the USA. Have a child in the United States, thus making the child American. I wonder if the parents would consider the child Irish as well.

  • Want to know what is happening to our Country? The answer is the enemy with-in. It’s not the big dogs in Washington it’s the bigger dogs of the multi-multi super RICH that controls the world like a game board. Who should win and who should lose.

  • I don’t get it, she calls it his home country because it’s where his father is from, not because that’s where he is from. People, I beg you please step back and doubt all that you hold to be certain. Certainty is poison, and if you are certain than you are certainly fooled. As for Obama, his birth certificate is official. I’ve seen it. PS – ask yourself if you are racist. If you even had to stop to think you probably are. Klt called him ‘obongo boy’ – right, I know what you want to call him. Comments like that motivate people like me to vote for Obama. Good job! I love America today!!

  • You righties really have to reach in desperation don’t you!

  • I am ignorant about USA politics, but I seem to remember reading or hearing somewhere that no non-American candidate is eligible for the position of president. For that matter, is any non-American eligible for a post in the Senate? So my question is – why did the election officials not INSIST on seeing a copy of Obama’s birth certificate, and if he hedged, or refused outright, he should have been disqualified there and then from standing as a candidate? I’m sorry, but I smell a dead rat somewhere and it stinks to high heaven.

    Even here – regardless of who makes up the government here – far as I know the whole bang-shoot are S.A. citizens, for what they’re worth… And most of them are totally worthless, anyway…

  • If he (could) produce a birth certificate, we wouldn’t be having these discussions. But he apparently can’t or won’t. Doesn’t that omission answer the question or am I missing something?

    The truth is, “Obama” is in reality Barry Soetoro; at best an UNDOCUMENTED person occupying the position of President, and who’s STATED GOAL is to “FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE” America. He says America is “Not a Christian nation” and that “we are not and will never be at war with Islam”.

    Koolaid anyone? Except the Lord intervene, there will NEVER be another Presidential election; we’re going down.

  • God republicans these days are retards. I used to at least respect your party, you know. What a stupid, pointless thing to go back to over and over, once you’ve been proven wrong, because you’ve got nothing better to whine about. Taxes are down, employment is heading up. Quit crying just because you lost and fucking grow up.

  • Regarding Obama’s qualification to hold office; if a group or an individual can violate this important Constitutional requirement with impunity we are all doomed. The Constitution is the highest law of the land. What is next? On 18 January 2010 the Supreme Court declined to hear the case 10-678 HOLLISTER, GREGORY S. V. SOETORO, BARRY, ET AL.

    A Natural Born Citizen is a person whose parents (Both Parents) are citizens of the USA. Barry’s father was a citizen of Kenya. Obama’s birth location is not the issue. His parentage is the issue.

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