Rove Admits: No WMD Found In Iraq

Karl Rove

In his new memoir “Courage and Consequence,” Republican strategist Karl Rove admits that no Weapons of Mass Destruction were found in Iraq, and his failure to not push back harder against then-president George W. Bush’s insistence to invade Iraq was “one of the worst mistakes he made” during the Bush Administration.

“Having seen how much carnage four airplanes could cause, Bush was determined to do all he could to prevent the most powerful weapons from falling into the hands of the world’s most dangerous dictators,” Rove writes, explaining that Bush did not knowingly mislead the American public about the existence of such weapons.

Rove writes that the failure to find WMDs in Iraq is what ultimately led to a lack of credibility for the Bush Administration, and dwindling support for the war.

In the book, Rove also defends Bush’s handling of the Katrina disaster of 2005, laying blame on Louisiana Gov. Kathleen Blanco and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin, both Democrats.


  • The wmd's were the four planes!!!!! Look at all of the people that died on 911. Is that not mass destrucion ? As for blaming the katrina disaster on the dems. Well, I totally agree with that. Don't wait until a hurricane hits your states to call out the national guard. I live in louisiana and I am so happy that blanco is gone and "willy nagin and his chocolate city" will soon be out of office. I will jump for joy when that looser finally leaves. And I will do the same when the foreign occupier finally goes. Praise God!!!!! Praise God!!!!!!!!!

  • Dear Kit, You can be on the "right" without being a racist rube. A black man is in charge, one who did his homework in school, so deal, huh girlfriend?

  • That’s interesting. Wasn’t there just recent reports of a boat load of yellow cake shipped out of a disheveled Iraqi above ground warehouse to Canada?
    I also remember reading an unclassified report from a US Special Forces contractor, back in 2004ish, finding WMDs. Specifically biological weaponry.

    I don’t think Karl will have the real stories. Or anyone at that high a level. Maybe not for some years to come still. Look at the field grunts for the real deal.

  • Adirondack Jack

    Doesn’t matter that no wmd’s were found at that time. Every world intelligence agency thought Saddam had them. His own generals thought he had them. His government was doing a shell game with inspectors that circumstantially strongly indicated that he was hiding them. Very important- he had vowed revenge on the US and UK for the Gulf War. In matters of vows of revenge, Saddam was highly credible, evidenced by the fact that his intelligence service planned the assasination of Bush #1, (our president) when he visited Kuwait. Killing the head of our government is an act of war, by any deffinition.
    Most important, he had demonstrated a willingness to use WMDs and had done so before, and as they were weapons that could be reconstituted by any advanced chemistry major, a program supported by a government could have made a weapon in at least weeks. If it was advantageous to Saddam’s purposes for whatever reason, could we allow him to deliver such a weapon to any entity with the knowledge that they would use it to be detonated, oh let’s say for instance on the Mall, in the crowd at the coronation of the messiah Obama. It was at a damnable cost, but lets be glad Saddam was a study in pendular motion at the end of his countrymen’s rope.

    • Every world intelligence agency DID NOT think that Saddam had WMD. That’s why we couldn’t put a coalition together. It turns out that the French were correct and the US was wrong.

  • Never forgive or forget Bush

    Do you idiots have no shame? Bush fucked up, he should be sent to Iraq as a war criminal so he can swing like Saddam.

  • The only powerful anything , bush and his buddies were concerned about was OIL ! North koreans were testing weapons of mass distruction and telling the world. Everyday there was something new about some test they were running .How were their wmd any less dangerous to the US interest than Iraq’s was ? Sadam got chemical weapons from a republican administration .The ones bush said he used against his own people, came from the U.S ! If North korea had a large oil deposits, then bush may have considered attacking them .This Iraq war was ABOUT OIL ! If karl rove says he was against it .I wouldn’t believe him , if he was standing on a stack of bibles. Even if they were stacked on top of both the twin towers ,one on top of the other ! Its a shame these people will never have to answer for their lies and the lost of life ,they caused !

  • WMD and yellow cake uranium were found, which can not be denied. This discovery alone, is ironclad proof that Iraq was in violation of the GWCFA and justified Saddam’s removal, end of story.

  • Just the thought of how many american lives taken in IRAQ has me blown away. All Americans were sold an idea that Iraq was a threat to the united states after chaos of 9/11. Now China owns the United States, "a socialist empire" with a debt that we as Americans cannot pay back. 40 years ago this nation was thriving, what happened?

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