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  1. AC says

    Israel honours Bolshevik Red Army

  2. Lior says

    @ AC. Before you post a link to a moron’s video, you should do some homework. Please prove to all of us that you are not a retard by showing proof of what David Duke says in the video. Show me the evidence. There isn’t any, because this is FALSE. You are a true dumbass, and you probably voted for Obama too. Must be fun being stupid huh????
    Oh, and tell me AC? If you found yourself stranded with no passport or money in the middle east, which country do you think will be most welcoming and helpfull to you out of the following? Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, or little ISRAEL ? You know as well as I do, that any human, even the hate filled Arabs are welcome in Israel.

    For all the other readers with brains and hearts, please watch the link below.

  3. ron says

    Hey, when you have a muslim-born Kenyan Marxist living in The White House, there’s no telling what will be foisted upon America’s military.

  4. Spiculum says

    Whether one comes up with 7 or 7 x 70 points the following 40 still show the real truth.

    See “True Israel verses the false Jewish State today in Palestine” – a Scriptural comparison by Col. Jack Mohr.


    “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.” – Dietrich Bonhoeffe

  5. Lior says

    @ Spiculum. Just another bumbling idiot who believes everything that he reads on the internet. Try going to: You must understand that Israel is a secular state, and not all her citizens are observant. Actually there are more observant jews outside of Israel than inside but thats going off point. Please explain to me, how can you claim America to be your homeland? You took it from the ” Native Indians” ” the peaceful people” . Instead of reading other bloggers’ lies, rather try read actual history books for yourself. Answer me this then. So you agree then with the blacks who state that Jesus was a black man and that you white Chritians changed his identity to that of a white man?. That all the deciples were blacks? You have to believe that as I read it on a blogg somewhere too. You shit for brains.
    Oy vey, look I found some truth on a blogger’s site. Please everybody you have been lied to for 2000 years. Go read this and also, please believe it as much as you believe Spiculum’s post.

  6. Nick Devious says

    Lior, youre obviously a HIPOCRITICAL bumbling idiot, considering you bash Spic for believeing whatever he reads on the internet then right after try to support YOUR beliefs with what? A link to a fucking website. Wow. Give me a fucking break. You do realize how idiotic this makes you look right?

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