Mugabe Now Targets White-Owned Businesses

Not satisfied with stealing White-owned farms in his country, Zimbabwe dictator Robert Mugabe has enacted a law banning Whites from starting new businesses and forcing already-established White-owned companies to have a minimum 51%-Black ownership.

The Indigenisation and Economic Empowerment Regulations Act affects all businesses with assets of more than £320,000 (US $500,000). All White-owned companies worth at least that amount must have a 51%-Black ownership by March 1 Рor its owners face imprisonment.

Executives cannot choose their new shareholders: instead, they are being forced to pick from a database set up by the empowerment ministry, headed by former secret service operative Saviour Kasukuwere, who has vast business interests of his own.

The new regulations will affect several London-listed banks and mines, such as Barclays Bank and Old Mutual, which have a significant presence in Zimbabwe.

Several types of small business have been deemed “sectors reserved against foreign investment,” such as hairdressers, beauty salons, employment and advertising agencies and bakeries. Whites and foreigners will no longer be allowed to open estate agencies or valet services, nor will they be allowed to engage in the retail trade or grow cash crops.

The law was first passed by Mugabe’s Zanu-PF-dominated parliament in 2007 but were shelved, leaving many to believe they would never be enacted. But the long-dormant legislation was suddenly brought to life on February 5th, exactly a decade after the country went on a bloody land reform campaign which has all but evicted all of its 4,000 White farmers from their land.

“This comes down to loot and pillage,” an aide to Zimbabwe PM Morgan Tsvangirai¬† aide said.

“It disqualifies a lot of black-owned foreign companies, including ones from South Africa, which shows it has nothing to do with black empowerment. They (Mr Mugabe’s Zanu-PF party] just want things for free like the farms.”

When Tsvangirai voiced his opposition to the legislation to Mugabe, the Marxist dictator told him he “knew nothing about it.”


  • Sounds like the Nuremburg Laws in Nazi Germany. Help me out of the slmmer and I can take care of him!

  • Yes, Barclays have bankrolled this thug for decades. Looks like it’s time for payback, maybe not the way they planned, but payback nontheless.

  • This is precisely what is coming here to the USA under the FO.

  • And now for the anti-PC slant at “The Freedom Fighter’s Journal”

    They asked the farmer why he hit the mule between the eyes – “To get his attention,” said the farmer.

    Long live the First Amendment and political satire.

    Cheers, Roinbo

  • If the USA wants to take in political refugees we should consider whites from these counties, not because they are white, because they are persecuted.

  • RACISM!! CALL OBAMA’S “WHITE” HOUSE!! Auntie Jane you hit that nail on the head my friend.

  • Bravo AuntieJane!

  • This has already started in the US with Affirmative action, Government quotas, and other racist measures.

    The same racism is spreading to South Africa were Black (racism) empowerment is being enforced, and in Bolivia.

    In Bolivia they had a domestic crisis last year when Evo Morales tried to pass law that would give Indians privileged representation in Government. When Morales came to power he declared himself Amerindian and started targeting light skinned Indians, but mainly white property owners to redistribute land.

    There is increasing anti-European racism, and unless we address it ,now, it will unleash more Mugabe style racist. The problem is whites need to ignore the word “racist”, because that word only implies to Europeans.

    Look at Morales and Mugabe for example, their Socialist, and the Left accepts them as one of their own, even though they spread the things the Left has been claiming they been fighting against. What we don’t realize is the Left hasn’t been fighting racism, but supporting it. The Left only hates natural thought (racism) if done by whites. In fact, you don’t even have to be a Nazi to be labeled racist, anymore, just by being proud to be European and demanding self-determination you can be labeled racist by the Left,but it’s okay for African Americans to celebrate Black history Month?

    If anything the Left is the real racist and must not be overlooked and allowed to control what is racist.

  • The hypocrisy never ceases to amaze. These people can’t see the idea of empowering anyone in the world based on skin color is just as ridiculous as the notion of people hating others based on skin color. Behavior is the number one reason for people being separated from civilized society, and Mugabe’s behavior is that of a thug. His skin color is simply nature’s warning system, like brightly colored bugs make bad food. You could still eat them, but they may kill you.

  • liberals will sit on the side lines on this on! so much for practicing what they preach!

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