Sliwa Lied On Stern Show: Kuby

curtis_kuby1Leftist lawyer and Air America talk radio host Ron Kuby claims Curtis Sliwa lied when the Guardian Angels founder talked about their time together as a popular morning-drive radio team, on The Howard Stern Show last week.

Among the various claims made by Sliwa on The Stern Show was that former radio team had a falling out over Kuby’s defense of reputed mobster Junior Gotti.

The full Sliwa interview can be heard here:

Kuby, who claims who claims Sliwa is so “not trusted to tell the truth” that federal prosecutors did not want him to take the stand in their prosecution of Gotti, responded in a public posting to The New York Radio Message Board, with the following:

First, the Gotti trial had nothing to do with Curtis now refusing to do a show with me. After I was fired (on November 1, 2007), and before Imus started a month later, Curtis and I actively pursued the possibilities of reuniting on another station. This endeavor failed because Curtis insisted on sole editorial control over the show; I would work for him and he would have exclusive control of what we discussed, how, and when. I refused. That show would be Curtis and Lackey, not Curtis and Kuby. Curtis wanted a subordinate, not a partner. I understand his decision to do a show that is all his own. In the ensuing two years, Curtis and I have appeared together on a smattering of television shows, and our on-air and off-air chats have always been cordial.

Howard Stern

Howard Stern

Kuby also clarified some other misstatements made by the Degenerate Liar:

Second, the “summit” meeting after the Gotti trial was called by Tim McCarthy, at my request. Curtis was quoted in the New York Post making a vague threat of physical violence against me if I came to work the following Monday. As a lawyer and as a worker at WABC, I thought this particular piece of radio shtick had gone far enough. At the meeting, attended by Tim, Boyce, myself, and Curtis, we had a genuine and sincere discussion. I apologized to Curtis for saying the trial was not about him (which I had said to Steve Dunleavy, of the Post, as part of a legal analysis). Curtis admitted that some of his comments were just “blowing off steam.” We shook hands, cleared the air on-air the next morning, and continued to do our show.

Sliwa begins his stint on 970 The Apple tomorrow morning.


  • There’s still a hit out on him from John Jr. Let’s take him out, Frank. Enough of the mouth!!

  • How do you spell Degenerate Liar? Ans: Curtis Sliwa! I told you so! This media shyster and degenerate liar is so delusional, that he thinks we believe this bag of bullshit with a beret’s line of bullshit! His GA are nothing more than whores, streetwalkers for him, and he is their pimp! Anyone who thinks this degenerate liar ever tells the truth is nuts! He has made millions off of lies, deciet, and deception. He’s conned people, but not on The Right Perspective!! We’ll keep exposing this bag of bullshit with a beret until he admits that he scamed NYC out of hundreds of thousands when he illegally sold the building Guliani gave him!!! Operation No Angels continues!

  • Sliwa is to appear in a Part 1 interview on Saturday, Jan. 16 at 7:30AM on Father Pawel Szurek’s radio show “Change Your Attitude…Change Your Life” (with a repeat on Sunday, Jan. 17 at 9:00AM). Sliwa will talk among other things “about the role of spirituality in his recovery and determination”. “Saint” Curtis Sliwa? Are you reading this Pope Benedict? Check out the shows website for more info:

  • I received my “Best of John & Frank DVD” today, so I can listen to the Sliwa Wars too!

    It’s TRP 3 – Sleeze-wah 0! Give it up, Curtis – your time is up.

  • Now, to all the streetwalkers for Sliwa, why haven’t you commented on this site in defence of your pimp? Too scared to be exposed as the fools that you are? Too embarressed? He’s taken you for a ride, morons!

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