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Obama Makes First Transgender Appointment

Amanda Simpson

Amanda Simpson

Barack Obama has chosen Amanda Simpson as a Senior Technical Advisor to the Department of Commerce, marking the first transgender appointment in an American presidential administration.

Simpson has more than 30 years of experience in the aerospace and defense industry, most recently serving as Deputy Director in Advanced Technology Development at Raytheon Missile Systems in Tucson, Arizona. While working at Raytheon, she transitioned from male-to-female over a six-year period, and successfully lobbied to add gender identity to Raytheon’s Equal Employment Opportunity Policy.

Simpson also holds degrees in physics, engineering and business administration along with an extensive flight background. She is a certified flight instructor and test pilot with 20 years of experience.

She has also been very active politically, having served on the Board of Directors of two national organizations: Out & Equal and NCTE. In Arizona, she has been on the board of Wingspan, the Southern Arizona Gender Alliance, the Southern Arizona ACLU and the Arizona Human Rights Fund (now Equality Arizona). She also ran an unsuccessful congressional bid in Arizona back in 2005.

The appointment makes good on a promise made by White House Office of Public Engagement (aka the LGBT liaison) Brian Bond, who stated an LGBT would have a visible role in the Obama Administration.

“I’m truly honored to have received this appointment and am eager and excited about this opportunity that is before me,” Simpson said in a press statement. “And at the same time, as one of the first transgender presidential appointees to the federal government, I hope that I will soon be one of hundreds, and that this appointment opens future opportunities for many others.”

Simpson will be working in the Bureau of Industry and Security.

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  1. Zoe Brain says

    I should mention – the person I’m thinking of is neither Stephanie Langhoff, Chief Scientist at NASA’s Ames Research Centre – who has the technical background, but not the necessary military experience – nor Col Dianne Schroer, former Special Forces commander and probably the world’s leading counter-terrorism expert – who has the military background, but not the technologicall expertise.

    Both of whom also transitioned. As I said, such women are grossly over-represented in some specific areas.

  2. ron says

    @ Pia,

    Pia, you opened your mouth and yopu vomited the following"

    "Or did we miss that badge ‘God’ gave you that says you are his spokesman on earth?"

    We do not claim to be God's spokesmen on Earth…however, it's very obvious that YOU claim to be. Who bestowed that "honor" unto you?

    Fucking duplicitous hypocrite. But, then again, ALL Liberals/Marxists are duplicitous hypocrites.

  3. jenni says

    It’s good to see recognition that transgendered individuals can make a meaningful contribution to society. Hopefully other transgendered individuals will be inspired by this.

  4. Amber Rose says

    You know, as a teenager growing up in the US, it astounds me to see just how many close- minded individuals this country has. Who are we to judge someone just because of their gender, sexuality, color, race, or any of the like? We aren't God, or any other religious idols.We are ALL human beings, living and breathing the same air and living on the same planet. To suffocate each other with pointless hate and discrimination just seems so stupid. Come on people, your adults. Stop actying like narrow- minded preschoolers.

  5. ron says

    Maybe he/she will share an office with carpet-muncher Janet Napolitano.

  6. njjoe says

    Well, no one can accuse BHO this time of appointing a weak leader without balls

  7. The Great Frank says

    Marxism is “scientific socialism”, yet it is not scientific at all! They ignore reality, and create a false reality and claim you’re irrational if you prove it. It is not “rational dialectics” but pure bullshit! The late Dr. Irwin Corey made more sense with HIS double talk than these pompous bullshit artists. IT had to shave it’s adam’s apple to pass as a “woman”, and cut off it’s dick. Take hormones so it’ wouldn’t grow facial hair. And you tell me this is a “woman”? But they cover their bullshit by calling you a “racist”, but cosmetically altered are not a race! You’re a “bigot” because you won’t accept this insanity? They sound just like the old Bolshevike who said you were insane because you could see through their horseshit! Not accepting that this is bullshit makes you a “bigot”? This is thought control. They did it before, now they just have a new line of bullshit! C.A.P. cosmetically altered person for short.

  8. Lawrence of Arabia says

    Why would a dude try to become a non dude? Would it be his chromosones are dicked-up? Could it be that if he is as intelligent as he is thought to be in this blog that he has gone over the edge? Does he have an unusual appitite for pork? Or could it be the the most stepped on group in the United States are white males. Now if he needed to advance in busness or government he would have an advantage because he is no longer thought of as a white man. I am guessing that is a way to take advantage of a PC world where women and non whites are put on a fast track. He is now able to launch his equal oppertunitiy and discrimination complaints/law suites against his employer. Let’s see what he could work here, EO charges dealing with gender, they would not advance me because I am a Woman, a stronger point would be they are picking on me because I am a freak. Don’t forget sexual harassment his choice on which gender was harassed.

    Oh let us not forget who will recieve the gay and lesbian vote when he tries to get re elected. Ya think?

  9. required says

    Why do y’all suppot the demise of America? These freaks need to be… (censored)

  10. Ron Vollmond says

    The transgender appointment was “clearly” a social engineering statement made by the Obama administration. On it’s face I don’t have a problem with doing that. However, what I do have a problem with is that she will be responsible for protecting national security through the management of international trade,enforcement of treaties, and promotion of homeland, economic and cyber security. (See UK telegraph article listing these duties).
    Hey if Obama wanted to make a social “tranny” statement, he should have picked one as Ambassador to Sweden where they get their surguries or some of the other thousands of big GOV positions. But for god sake don’t make a social statement with such an important national security position that is responsible for things like making sure we don’t sell missile guidance system parts to China or the like. This is just another example of where this administrations priorities are and it doesn’t include the good ol USA being the worlds only superpower. Obama and the Rosenbergs would have had a lot in commen had they lived in the same time in History. The problem is Obama can do much more harm.

  11. Mike says

    Well, America used to put God first and now he takes a back seat. And this country has not seen hard times yet, but it will. This is sickening and immoral, hard times are coming to America like nobody has ever seen, and this is one of the reasons why. Not only from the take over from the inside of our government but through falling away from the one that this country was based on, and his commandments. So laugh and celebrate, because they did the same thing in the days of Noah and of Sodom and Gomorrah. Oh , and for all you people that believe in other gods or atheist, you might want to research the recent discovery of Bible artifacts. Mark my words, the days of sorrows are coming.

  12. Chrystopher Smith [R says


    It is a problem… this administration is more interested in setting new low watermarks for agenda can be represented and inculcated in the "hunt for the lowest common denominator" politics of the far left, but all they end up doing in the end is affirming opposition arguments to the contrary. Do you think this appointment is going to help congressional democrats outside of tie-dyed liberals enclaves? Certainly not… see, in the end the left has to justify how all this "inclusiveness" isn't [historically] not good for the country, they won't be able to disprove any of it. Porous minds make for porous borders, and given Obama's proclivity for undermining America's reputation for being firm on matters of national security – they have to be scratching their heads right now with Napolitano's inability to share even the most basic information and not make them look utterly incompetent.

    She is more worried about photo ops for feminist and alternative lifestyle periodicals than she is actually doing her job; and she was caught off guard. And like a deer caught in the headlights of public accountability – couldn't give one reasonable account. So the spin doctors come and get her back – pathetict, truly. Then Obama appoints a highly controversial figure like this – foolish. If "Amanda" can't figure out what she/he/it wants to be… how with he/she/it be able to discern credible threats from perceived poo-pooing of his/hers personal lifestyle choices? This move represents a credible threat – terrorist organizations are already ramping up their efforts against what we put out there. This is making us look weak and will bring on more attacks in this cyber-crime arena as well as commerce oriented terrorism. The rash and imprudent actions of Obama lets you know what's more important to this administration – folks it's the downward spiral.

  13. Lawrence of Arabia says

    Ron V. I agree with you about the position and the security of the US and it's people. Yes ambassador to Sweden would be a better (harmless) chioce but that would be a commonsense move. This administration is by far in over it's head and as of date has not shown me one ounce of commonsence. Alot of lawyers could only revert back to case history for their answers and do not exercise critical/creative thinking.

  14. Kim says

    This woman is probably over-qualified for this job.

    And considering all the crap she has/will have to put up

    with, probably underpaid as well just like the rest

    of the female workforce. It sounds like her

    detractors are more worried that she will too good

    at her job.

    Professional butthurt from the misogynists.

  15. Georgie Jessup Maule says

    On transgender folks For all the crazy folks who think it is all about liberals vs conservatives;

    Most post op transsexuals M to F in particular are conservatives in their political and social views.

    That said what we call transsexualism has been around since the beginning of time. In the bible jesus refers to them as eunics and says they are made that way by man, born that way, or do it in obedience to the Kingdom of Heaven. I am not christian but I am a M to F and I can tell you you don't just do this on a whim. I myself took ten plus years before I transitioned and another five to ten before I ever had surgery. I was married, loved my wife very much (we are still very close like family – she remarried) Both of my parents are/were conservatives and I love both of them very much. My childhood, except for the trans issues was very blessed. I was very good at being a boy/man and would have gone a hell of a lot further if I had stayed a male. The bottom line is that we have no idea why we have this feeling. It just is. Until we deal with it we are consumed but it. I was never a gay man and didn't not do it to attract men or feel good about being with a man. In fact the two relationships I have had have been with lesbian women. It is as much a Mystery to us as it is to you "str8" folks. In Lakota (a warrior society) we had a tradition to follow if we had the Mystery in us. We were respected and our advice was sought out by the People. Of course it was the tradition that was honored and not the individual. The individual had to be willing to walk the talk. Of course in a culture like ours (America) who only sees two genders it gets very confusing for us but the sex change is the only way we can find peace in such a culture. In Lakota the word for God is Wakan Tanka. This word and most traditional words for Creator have been interpreted as meaning Great Spirit by western man but if you talk with any elder they will tell you a more accurate translation is Great Mystery. We are a part of the Mystery. Deal with it!

  16. Cathy says

    Now we have an artificial women in the Dept of Commerce to go along with the artificial American we have for president. Way to go Obumer

  17. clerc says

    big steps for comunities , fabulos exemple,thanks obama congratulation

  18. Sedgwick says

    No human being is ever an “it.” And “choosing to be transgender” is as accurate a statement as “choosing to be gay” or “choosing to be straight.” In other words, it’s not accurate at all. Nobody would ever “choose” this path if they could live as cisgender. It is only out of a deep, lifelong conviction that one is in the wrong body that transition begins. Why is it a threat to you or your god if someone becomes fully self-actualized? Aren’t you thankful enough for the freedom to be who you are that you can allow others to be who they are as well? If your religion frowns upon transgendered individuals, go frown on it all you want in the privacy of your own home or church, but don’t try to inflict it upon others. How would you feel if you were suddenly told, as a cisgender individual, that you HAD to be transgendered, or as a straight person that you HAD to be gay, just because according to someone else’s religion that was the way to be? You wouldn’t like it, right? It’s the same exact thing here. You can’t change the fact that you’re cis and hetero, they can’t change the fact that they’re LGBT. When will people realize the futility of trying to force our personal belief systems on others?

  19. voice of reason says

    so the founding fathers werent christian… also jefferson took such issue with the new testament that he rewrote it

  20. Jenny O says

    @ "The Great Frank" …

    Yes, opposing the appointment of this overly qualified woman based on her sexual preference does make you a Bigot! Look it up!

    I can't wait until you close-minded fools really meet God … oh wait, you aren't gonna make it there…

  21. voice of reason says

    ok you people america isnt founded on religious beliefs of any types, jefferson, adams, and franklin were deists. washington rarely ever attended church. also read the fucking treaty of tripoli, you might find it interesting, oh and just so you know it wasnt until1954 that under god was added to the pledge. also im happy to see that another barrier is being breached

  22. Pitstop41 says

    How dare anyone judge this extremely educated woman.Politics is not about Gender .It is about getting the right person to fill the job.I am appalled by all those comments that dare bring God into it.He would be disgusted for he does not judge .He died to give each an every individual the right to a good life. Have you not remembered the 10 commandments nor your virtues. Amanda is an inspiration . Do you place yourself above her as a human being for it surely sounds like. I guess all you Religous or so called religous are absolutely perfect in everyway and stand higher than any other,I guess you feel that it will be you who will have right of passage.Again I say well done to Amanda.

  23. john says

    voice of reason is completely wrong – history and the writings of the founding fathers contradict what this moron states. and mike is right. but, that having been said, the topic is the appointment of this thing. it is just that – an “it”. it is perverse and just another poster child for the perversion of hussein hopenchange and his handlers. even more disturbing is the replies from the obviously sick minds such as zoe, pitstop, pia, amber rose et al. no wonder we’re in the mess we’re in. may God have mercy.

  24. Fwip says

    I’m also a male-to-female transsexual. Whether you label us as perverse, an ‘it,’ or as marxists(?), we are human beings. We didn’t choose to be born this way, and no amount of therapy or medication has ever been shown to ‘cure’ gender dysphoria. We try our best to live in accordance with our values and our own sense of identity – I am sure that you do the same. If we are to be judged, let it be by our Creator. Please don’t presume to do His job for Him.

  25. Lisa says

    How interesting that most of the ignorant comments are from the men. Why does it matter? Why do you hate so much? What difference does it make to anyone if someone is transgendered?

  26. MzLibertee says

    Dear Mike, Frank, Neanderthals, etc. et al:
    Oh, so, America used to follow God, huh? When was that? When they were capturing and kidnapping 30 million Africans? Or when they slaughtered million of Native North Americans for their lands? Or maybe it was when the U.S. was the only nation in history to drop a nuclear bomb on the innocent citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki? And ‘no you ditn’t’ go there with the “Noah at Sodom and Gommorrah” line! Bible Alert: Not Noah! It was Lot and his Pillar of Salt wife (such a loving God that Jee-Hover; killed her just for looking back) and their two daughters…whom, if you care to actually read the passages in Genesis 19 [which you obviously do not since you think it involved Noah whoappeared about 1,000 years earlier in ‘BibleStandard Time’ [BST] – i mean after all, Methusalah lived 969 years, right? wink, wink. {Gershwin said it best: “it t’aint necessarily so!…the things that you’re li[a]ble to read in your Bible, they t’aint necessarily so!” …but back to Lot, who was so appalled and outraged that when the homosexuals of Sodom came to his house and wanted the handsome angels in his house who were sent by God to Sodom to ‘come out and play,’ Lot said, (Gen. 19:6) to the [queer] townsfolk, “don’t do this thing” you can sleep with my two virgin daughters [“who have known no men”] and you can “do with them as you will.” Now, THAT’S sick! Great father that Lot. And at Gen. 19:33 it gets really gross, when the two God-fearing [virgin] daughters who had followed Lot to the Land of Zoar were so racist/bigoted/afraid-of-the-other that they got their own father, Lot, drunk with wine and then “went in and lay with him” [but he was too drunk to know it was them, yeah right!] so they could get pregnant by their own father and bear his pure-blood offspring rather than to deal with the non-chosen men in Zoar. So, pahleeeeze, don’t you dare preach to me about how pure and holy America once was, or about how righteous and perfect your God of the Old Testament was. So sacrificing your daughters to rapist is better than facilitating homosexuality and young ladies making their own father their ‘baby-daddy’ is o.k. too as long as it is heterosexual sex.
    Yes, I too am a proud African-American male-to-female non-lesbian [meaning: I”ve never had sex with a female, only males] transsexual woman and as Lisa and Pitstop and others have said, the appointee, Ms. Amanda Simpson is a highly-qualified defense contracting officer – Senior level. I assure you, she won’t be sharing an office with any one, and as a member of the SES (Senior Executive Service – the three grades above the highest civilian grade, GS-18) her starting salary will be in the $125K pr year range – definitely not in the ranks of the underpaid pink-collar worker. If you think she is unqualified go try to figure out the Arms Export Control Act (22USC1778) and get back to us. It takes a well-educated and astute brain to manage that work and apparently, smarter people than you or I, have evidence that she is capable of doing it. Don’t hate just because your son won’t go to college and your daughter can’t find her baby-daddy…hmmm, better check out that story of S&G one more time.
    We’ve had a Chinese male spy at Los Alamos that sold nuclear technology information; the American Jew Jonathan Pollard – a genetic male – sold naval weapons intelligence to Israel; Katrina Leung a Chinese-American female milked a high-ranking male heterosexual FBI agent for a decade….none of them had sex changes and they all practiced heterosexuality, so how dare you impugn the patriotism of Ms. Simpson based solely on her gender identity while ignoring her proven record of 30 years of defense technology and intelligence and contracting work. Obviously you are just jealous.
    But of course, it’s easy to ignore the bona fide qualifications of someone who is different from what you perceive as normal. That’s the way it has always been done in the USofA.
    Your Bible praised the eunuchs who allowed the Holy Spirit to use them as a vessel; Jeremiah speaks of even the ‘stones’ being used to speak the good news of peace on earth; Jesus ‘carried-on’ intimately with the prostitute Mary Magdalen and her hooker girlfriends, and he never shunned anyone because of any of their physical or spiritual dysphorias. In fact, he told his so-called followers they had forsaken him when they turned their backs on “the least of these, my little ones” who had appeared to the hypocrites as mere beggars, homeless and lame people. I’m an atheist, but you are not, so don’t you think you should be asking yourself, ‘what would My Jesus do?’
    He certainly wouldn’t be dismissing the honest, hard work of a person who is minding their business and doing their job despite the puny-minded, neanderthal, moribund brained and hate-filled detractors that feebly attempt to stop the evolution of individuals into the people that they want to be. In other words, mind your own damn business, live and let live.
    So you think it’s transsexuals who are ruining America? Did you ever stop to think it could be unbridled corporate fascism as practiced by the banks, phone companies, global oil corps and automakers who have been controlling your lives with planned obsolescence and billions of dollars in lobbyists for decades? Best little government money can buy. Yes, America is the ultimate whore and she sold the unknowing and shrinking American middle-class down the river to the OPEC in 1973 and they are too stupid to even know it. I supposed it was transsexuals that allowed the Japanese to bomb Pearl Harbor and 15 Saudis to fly jets into the WTC (the CIA actually brought the three buildings down) just so the US could go drop bombs on people who did nothing. Why are so outraged at the appointment of Ms. Simpson but say nothing about the millions of death for which the United Staes is responsible around the world, You strain at a gnat while gulping down a camel. [not my words].
    Transsexualism and sex reassignment have been recognized in medical circles since the 1930s. Havelock-Ellis and other anthropologists studied the phenomena in the 19th century. There is nothing new here. And, yes, Sweden and the majority of nations in Europe have long recognized the rights of people to identify with the gender that is innate to them. Those horrible Euros with socialized health care, high taxes, good jobs and life-spans that average 10 years longer than lifespans in the U.S.
    Get over it. American is no longer the only superpower in the world, thank goodness. We sold our ass to China just like any other whore on Wall Street. The American Empire is a fading fallacy. Stop thinking you are better than anybody else, because you are not and the hard times coming are NOT the fault of transsexuals but the fiscal policies and institutional racism of a nation built by murderers and thieves. Tell the truth for once in your life. Stop trying to the ‘best’ and just be hones people and maybe if you change your gas-guzzling cultural idiosyncracies this country won’t implode itself [like it did the WTC] in the next couple of decades. I think people here have a lot more to worry about than what’s between the legs of a civilian political appointee serving at the pleasure of the Chief Executive….unless of course that’s a particular fetish of yours (Great Frank, i’m talkin’ to you, boy!).
    As for the Transsexual Nation, we are worldwide and we are going to live our lives to the fullest – anyway, whether you like it, understand it, or not.
    The world is turning with or without you; if you don’t like it, please get off of the planet.
    Thank you.
    Mz. Libertee

  27. Darleen Anderson says

    To the ignorant fools who posted negative comments.Is it perhaps that you feel threatened by your own sexuality?.Who are you to say that this woman is not qualified?I am sure that a great deal of thought went into the decision to appoint (this woman) to do this job.The ignorance of you who posted negative comments here may be more happier living in a country with less freedom,Say Iraq.Im sure that those idiots could use a few more close minded nimrods in their army,and gee you could just shoot anyone that you decided you dont like,and beat women with sticks and rocks or shoot them in the head too maybe.It is really too bad that there are so many close minded jerks in this country,a country based on freedom of speech and individualism.Since a great many of you have no idea what so ever of what it means to be a transgendered person,or looked it up,I doubt any of you nay sayers who have posted here have the slightest inkling of the level of perserverance of job this woman has.I also sincerely wonder if many of you even finished the third grade or know anything about the constitution.Bringing the bible into this simply lets you rant about your interpritation of the bible.As for god and the bible,where you there when it took place and the bible was written? I dont think so.Figuritively speeking,she probably has more balls for doing this job than you do.For many years men like you have run this country into the ground by your wars your laws and closed minds.Congradulations Amanda from one transgender woman to another,God bless America and President Obama.

  28. linzie says

    i want to applaude those who see that transwomen here in all walks of life living normal lives .And now that Amanda reached a level where all eyes both right and left are now on her you'll see that all the to do is about a non issues, 2010 will the year of the transwomen it's just a fact of life the conservitves and republicans will have to get used to .Maybe if they ever sat and had a conversation with one they'd get it .

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