Sliwa Kicked Off WABC

STFU_and_GTFODegenerate Liar Curtis Sliwa has been kicked off flagship New York City radio station 77 WABC AM and will be replaced by talker John Batchelor effective Monday, November 30th.

Sliwa has been broadcasting on-and-off the conservative New York City newstalk radio station for 18 years, according to The NY Daily News.

“WABC and I were not able to agree on an extension of my contract,” Sliwa told The News. He would not comment further on why he got the boot from the station. WABC Radio PD Laurie Cantillo had a different perspective on the issue, telling reporters that Sliwa “expressed a desire to host between 6am-7pm and we don’t have any openings at this time.”

The red-bereted jackass will continue his weekday nightly syndicated show from WABC studios for now. Cantillo confirms that Sliwa will broadcast from the studios for the next two weeks.

The outlook of Sliwa’s syndicated show looks dim, as Batchelor, who already has a weekend program, simply cannot broadcast seven-days-a-week. Syndication company Citadel is desperate for cash and will syndicate Batchelor’s show against Sliwa, who is a numbskull compared to Batchelor on global events.


John Batchelor replaces Sliwa

Rumor has it that Sliwa will be replacing current morning show host Bill Bennett at local WNYM The Apple (AM 970).

“Nothing is signed,” Sliwa said.

If that doesn’t work out, Sliwa will continue his “Curtis Cast” on, where he is tight with the management.

This is not the first time Sliwa has been fired from the New York conservative talk giant. He was fired from the station back in 1992 after being mysteriously shot and left for dead on the streets of downtown Manhattan. Political connections landed him a spot on then-New-York-City-owned WNYC AM, much to the chagrin of its employees and listeners. Sliwa then returned to WABC AM several years later and paired with leftist lawyer Ron Kuby in 2000 for a very successful morning show, only to be bumped from the line up for a resurrected Don Imus in 2007.

Sliwa, who was heard filling for conservative Sean Hannity today, was asked about the shake-up by a caller.

“I’ve had better days,” Sliwa responded with a sigh.

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  • Fuck Diss!! Gotti Jr. walks and I gets my tuchis booted off the air?? Ders a fix in. A little moolah schmoolah. Duh woik o duh cosa nostra.

  • Please dont put him on 970 The Apple. At least Bennett is my backup, for when Imus and 1010 WINS are slow.

  • Good Riddance !! It’s about time Citadel woke up and got this ignoramus off the air!!!!!! Slime-wa was an insult to the listening audience and shamelessly plugged his Guardian Angels in violation of that organization’s tax exempt 501(c) 3 charity status!! Say goodbye to Broadway Curtis and a warm welcome back to the gutters of Carnarsie ,Brooklyn!!!!!

  • Bada bing, bada boom. He turned around and was kicked outta da room.

  • He’s going to WBAI.

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  • Salem switched call signs – their NY station is WNYM.

    My guess is at least one day of Barchelor’s weekend show will be made from weekday segments. I’m pretty sure most of the Saturday show is already recorded ahead of time (author interviews, etc)

    I assume it was a joke, but it would be fun to team up Sliwa with the widow of Al Lewis.

  • He just got a one way ticket to PalookaVille! TRP has triumphed over this degenerate liar and media shyster and all around bag of bullshit with a beret! WE beat him on TSL even though were on once a week! Our podcasts beat him out each night! People don’t want to hear some illiterate asshole from the gutters of Canarsie Brooklyn who is know degenerate liar and media shyster. Who outside of him wants to hear his stupid “Italianisms”? He tightly controls the show and will take no calls that disagree with him. UBA TV is like going to the GULAG of radio. 970AM will flop if he takes over for Bennet, but then again, who listens to that station? People have caught on to his deceptive bullshit, and shameless huckstering. Let him go shit in his beret!

  • @ Frank: Diss is all your fault!! I was OK rollin' in duh moolah schmoolah until yuz gots wrapped up in my stuff and that's when tings gots unravelled. I'm callin' in my boys to TCB. You better wear a red jacket and beret to blend in to hide yourself from the wrath of them.

  • John Batchelor has got to be the most boring host out there. Every other sentence out of his mouth is “John Batchelor Show, JohnBatchelorShow.Com.”

  • The Jews have automatic elevators that stop at every floor so there is no need for a shabos goy. They only tip the schvatzes put of guilt.

  • At least Curtis can always go back to his old job of pressing the elevator buttons on Saturday at Mt. Sinai.

  • As Felix said: ” now broadcasting from my flagship station in beautifu Hasbrook Heights N.J.! He’s going off WABC just when Gotti’s trial ends. He’ll pull some more bullshit to keep his name in the news. Maybe kidnap his son and blame it “da Mob”, or shoot at his wife and blame, “da Mob”, or his car will explode like in the Godfather, and say it was “da Mob”. He’s a punk and a coward who taunts the Gotti family because he thinks that nothing can happen to him. Just like when he was in high school which he didn’t finish. He shows how truly low talkradio has fallen. From Greats like Long John Nebel and Joe Pyne, to some bag of bullshit with a beret. That’s what programmers think their audience. That you could put shit blowing through a fan and people will listen. Well, the shit part about Sliwa is true.

  • curtis a couple months ago blasted BO DIETl for having a small childhood
    association with John Gotti when Gotti intervened for Bo Dietl when he
    was getting beat up. This forced Bo Dietl to answer Curtis on Don Imus,s
    program. Bo Dietl is truly a mans man. Curtis is not even 1/10 the man
    Bo My best to you John and Frank. Hows Cheryl from Spotswood these
    days i hope she is well

  • Frank of Queens predicted this would happen.

  • Your are all a bunch of player haters – Curtis is da bomb, you are all a bunch of low life white trash losers who have done shit for the city.

  • I think this is a case of WABC doing over programming. If Sliwa's numbers are good, then why remove him.

    *IF* Curits moves to the Apple, WNYM 970 doing "Morning Drive" this could hurt WABC in the longrun.

  • Curtis & Kuby always beat Imus in the ratings – by a significant margin. But can Sliwa pull the same ratings magic all by himself? Is The Apple the new WEVD? And if so, does that mean Jay Diamond will wind up there? Stay tuned….

  • And moron, what has the degenerate liar and media shyster done for the city, except sling pure bullshit, file false police reports, fake his own kidnapping, and have a bunch of ignorant stooges like you shill for him! The Apple is all syndication, and therefore he'd have change his syndication which means he would lose the earlier time zone stations. Do really think that the rest of Amerika wants to hear his stooopid bullshit and nonsense? I think NOT!! KKKuby was the show because he had some intelligence, but this degenerate liar and media shyster is moron and a jerkoff who appeals to the same. He wouldn't hurt WABC as no one wants to listen to his bullshit. He has no callers or guests who challenge him as he is too dumb and petty to take criticism. He tightly controls the show as to make him look good, just like his publicity campaigns. TRP has stopped the media liar and degenerate liar!

  • I did the photo shop on that one. Pay me royalties or stop using it. My payment is accouncing on the Nimboard that I am great at least ten times a day, and face toward Mecca when you do it.

    UF is Great! UF is Great! All hail the Great one should do the trick.

    “accouncing” nice spell. BTW GFY. -Admin.

  • Those of us who remember the horror show that was the “Guardian Angels”, better known at the time as “the panhandling piss-ants” during the 1980’s and the brutal beatings of prostitutes in mid-town by his collection of liars, losers and lunatics, say “good riddance”. There never were any patrols. Sliwa is an ignorant liar. Good riddance,

  • Curtis is one of the best radio people around. He has more guts then all of your liberal morons put together.

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  • I'm really going to miss the curtis sliwa show. I found his show to be entertaining and informative. I certainly did not agree with all of his opinions and philosophy but do you know anyone – friend, radio talk show etc. who you agree with on every topic and opinion ? – of course not.. Now I know John bachelor is a brilliant man, but the topics he covers do not interest me at all. Good luck to John Bachelor, but I will REALLY MISS THE CURTIS SLIWA SHOW. –GOOD LUCK CURTIS and may GOD bless you. Lou Marchini .

  • I remember when Curtis lied about being kidnapped by the New York City Transit police, and the various fraudulent acts of heroism Sliwa concocted during the early 1980’s. He poured gasoline over a child and then made believe he showed up and chased away the person who did so, “saving” the childs life. The “Guardian Angels” were not a welcome presence in Hells Kitchen twenty five years ago. They were as welcome as a screen door in a submarine. I’m sorry he was shot, of course, but he will live forever in the new hamburger McDonalds named in Sliwa’s honor – “The Nothingburger”.

  • He is a total degenerate liar and media shyster who should have been locked up for the felonies of filing false police reports. He is out for the money and fame and nothing else. A punk who did n't have the balls to be a cop, but instead made up his persona. His show was a load of bullshit and only the stupidest and ignorant could possibly think he was informative or entertaining. Operation-No Angels! has triumped. Palookaville next stop!

  • Gotti Jr. Walks and Curtis can't talk his bullshit on WABC! I tuned in last night, and Ahhhhhhhhh! His father was a merchant seaman, who was away for months at a time. When he came back home, sliwa and his siblings completed for his attention. That's why he quit school and married an negress. To get attention! That is the undlying reason he stole the GA name and is degenerate liar and media shyster! He still need his father's attention!

  • Donnelly O'Jonathan

    So what’s the story with you, Frank? I thought this was a serious Conservative site, then I read all this stuff bagging Curtis Sliwa and the Guardian Angels. Obviously this is something you take as a personal mission. So what did Curtis do to you, Frank? Pee in your cornflakes or something? Did he run over your dog? Did you get Citizen’s Arrested by one of his patrols for breaking the law? It’s gotta be something pretty sinister to have earned this degree of vitriol. Did you tryout for the Guardian Angels and not make the cut? Or did they boot you out for misconduct? What’s the real story, Frank? Why have you made Curtis Sliwa your mission in life — enquiring minds want to know. And how can anyone take this as a serious “Conservative” site? It’s a joke! Bloody pathetic!

  • I'm sorry the Curtis Sliwa show is off the air. I enjoyed listening to the show every night. I really miss it. Curtis best of luck and hope to listen to you from another station soon.

  • why all this animosity to sLIwa ? you didn’t like him/show–shut it off-had high ratings and carried that time slot.
    programmers made another huge mistake—1st was iMus in the morning–joewhatevr’sthe name/with brezinski–now this.
    being we don’t care for imus and joe–we simply go back to 710 /John Gambling–
    nothing to rant about.

    John Batchlor used to be on 5 days/week back 2004,in the slot now occupied by coast to coast–1-5am.
    very informative,BUT–.

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  • I’ll take Curtis any morning over that real dirt bag-IMUS. When IMUS came on I went
    to a real talk show host, John Gambling. I’ll go to Curtis for pure entertainment
    any morning. Without Phil Boyce WABC has struggled. Bring Phil back, get rid of IMUS, bring Curtis back and I’ll listen to WABC all day again.

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  • ********(SLIWA probably left to commit FULL TIME to going after his favorite Mafia CANNOLI Italian, GOTTI. Go get those ITALIAN CANNOLI Scum, Curtis!!!!)***********

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