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Obama Toilet Paper Now For Sale In Japan

42540767Remember the Obama Toilet Paper that was sold last year?

Just in time for his visit to Asia, the Obama Toilet Paper is now for sale in Japan. You gotta love those Japanese, this was a long time comin’.

Considering what it’s used for, it can only be an insult. Note to self: stock up on Obama toilet paper. Visiting the can has taken on a whole new meaning.

Hat tip: ILSA

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4 Responses

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  1. NewsGuy says



  2. Philoctetes says

    Forget the toilet paper. The Jap broad is kinda cute. NG: get me her phone #!!

  3. ron says

    I can use it to wipe my dog’s ass.

  4. callirose says

    I’ll bet Bill and Hillary Clinton have a case of it at home. Maybe they will send a roll to all the people Obama has kicked under the bus.

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