10% of US Mosques Preach Jihad: FBI

Jihad-boyThe FBI estimates that approximately 10% of mosques in America preach some form of jihad, or holy war.

Additionally, a recent Pew Research Center survey shows that about a quarter of the Muslims in America ages 18 through 29 believe that suicide bombings can be justified.

The information comes from Robert Kessler, who writes about his findings in his new book, “The Terrorist Watch: Inside the Desperate Race to Stop the Next Attack” and a new article for newsmax.com.

Agents interviewed by Kessler tell him the number of American mosques preaching jihad were larger prior to 9/11.


  • Where does "free exercise of religion" end, and incitement to treason begin?

  • It's not like "WE" didn't already know this is true. It's getting those in charge to believe the truth of it.

  • I don't believe that 10% statistic. That stat is nothing but glossed-over PC bullshit. Let's not forget that up until a couple of months ago, the FBI worked very closely with CAIR. The statistic is closer to 85%, especially since 25% of the muslim yutes in America believe that homicide bombings are justified (even THAT 25% stat is low because most muslim swine in this country would never even admit that they approve of murder in the name of their death-cult).

  • John of Staten Islan

    The great J. Edgar Hoover would have had every Mosque in America closed down and every Islamist cult member in retention camps by now. AND— every liberal scum which prevents us from dowing this today!!

  • Christians and Jews have lived in peace under Islamic states, as second class citizens, Dhimmis in Arabic. For the privilege of living under sharia law they paid a tax that Muslims don't. While I am unaware of any modern Muslim state that enforces dhimmitude, Egypt, Syria and other "secular" states still have it in their statute books. Refusal to submit to the supremecy of Islam by refusing to pay the tax is a capital offence, as an insult to Islam under sharia law.

    Islam is a supremacist religion. It does not recognize the validity of other faiths. The Koran and Hadiths, their holy scriptures compel the faithful to jihad, which is of two types, personal and political. The same scriptures enjoin a Muslim as a matter of faith to kill polytheists.

    Muslims trumpet personal jihad and obfuscate the political jihad, which is well summed up in the quote from the Koran, "By the sword you shall convert them." The prophet also said, "War is deceit." There is a practice, particularly by the Shia and Sufi, but now more uniformly practiced by all Muslims known as Takyyia which entitles a Muslim to lie to a non-Muslim to protect himself, and more recently, to advance the faith. In Andalusia, (Spain), non-Muslims could not give testimony against Muslims for grievances in court. Muslims were entitled to use force, including murder, to retaliate against non-Muslims for wrongs committed, but the reverse was not the case, as the Muslim clergy declared infidels as not equals under the law.

    Yes, Christians and Jews committed violence in the faith, but "ago." Modern Islamic commentators can't bring themselves to repudiate the passages in their holy books that fundamentalists are using to justify their acts.

    Here in America we are being fed a selective diet from those portions of the Koran in which the prophet was generous and liberal as distinguished from the later portions in which he had been kicked out of his home city and was seriously pissed off. By the Muslim doctrine of abrogation, the pronouncements later in time,("By the sword you shall convert them") are the valid ones, because God changed his mind.

    1492 was a good year for explorers and a good year for Christians in Spain, for that was when the Moors were finally repusled after hundreds of years of aggression and occupation.

    Islam is a religion of peace, if you submit, which is the literal transaltion of Islam. If you don't, (and you have no choice), it is an insult to Islam. In Islam, the prophet said that it is worse to be insulted than to be killed. Islam is not an equivalent faith to Christianity or Judaism because it tolerates no apostasy. That is why 'moderate' Muslims are silent and dare not criticise the holy books. The peace of Islam for the West is the peace of the grave.

    • Boo,
      Have you ever sat down and counted the number of denomations that are included in the Christian Faith, and they do not run around killing one another. Also when you look at the Christian Faith you do not see the racial problems that exist in the world faith of goverment. Compair this to the Muslim faith and the sects that are always killing their own kind.

  • Try walking out in the street with a sign that says "Muslims, try us, we dare you!" that alone means that you are a racist bigot who is intolerant of other religions. I am so sick of this PC bull$h!t. We have spiraled far out of control and away from the once proud nation that we were.

  • This is the only "religion" that came to Amerika preaching "holy war" and the destruction of the nation. No other religion that came here preaches violence. I am sick and tired of the bullshit artists like Hannity, O'Reilly, ect, who say that most Mohametans love this nation. If that were so, how come they aren't protesting against the mosques that preach hatred? Notice they use the lie, "this isn't Mahometanism". Really? Open up your history books to see how they waged a thousand year war against Europe. Then tell me "it's a religion of peace!"

  • Why for Gods sake are the Muslims in the military. Could have knocked me over with a feather.

    Wake up. These guys are not playing nice PC games. They DO want to take over the world. And are willing to die to do so, because they have nothing to live for.

    • Jeanette,
      Have you checked to see how many muslims we have in our government? I will make your blood boil and send chills down your spine.

  • Islam is at war with every other religion. In virtually every area where Islam rubs up against another faith, there is conflict initiated by the Muslims, not tolerance.

    Their Koran and other holy books enjoin Muslims to kill under at least a half dozen circumstances. What other world religion enjoins its adherents to murder, for e.g. insults to Islam, conversion from the faith, polytheism, refusal to pay the jizh, to spread the faith…? Tell the family and friends of the film producer Van Gogh that it’s a religion of peace. If you want to see religions of peace, look to American Jews and American Christians. Where is the BACKLASH that the media is talking about? There is none. There isn'[t even public righteous anger because of thirty years of diversity conditioning of our children and elitist stigmatization of contrarians as bigots.

    We need a new immigration law that will compel all visitors and immigrants to declare that they will subscribe to and obey the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights which guarantees freedom of choice in religion and freedom of speech, among other basic freedoms that were pretty much, universally accepted in the 1950s when it was drafted. As no Muslim Government has signed on to it, we would be weeding out intolerant haters at the border or telling them to sign on and assimilate as the cost of admission. If they turned out later to advocate something else, the law could deport them.

  • We obliterated the “holy” cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. We obliterated the “holy” city of Nuremberg. Perhaps it’s time to do likewise with Mecca and let the cards fall as they may.

  • One thing for sure. If Germany had won WW2, there would be no Mosques in Europe; and no filthy Mohammedans either.

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  • The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem was in league with Hitler in the 40`s and even gave muslim troops to fight alongside Nazis so Woger you`re not right about ” no mosques in Europe”!
    It was the Grand Mufti who gave advice and suggestions how to deal with the Jews e.g. the yellow star was his idea!
    The article above is no surprise to me and I bet that is also the same here in the UK!

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