Microsoft Co-Conspiring With ANC Blogger Crackdown?

windowsswastika1_1In what may be part of  a larger campaign by the ANC-ruling South African government against dissident bloggers, computer giant Microsoft has ordered an Internet journalist to remove her photos exposing the genocide of White Afrikaner and Boer from its Internet storage system.

South African ex-pat journalist Adriana Stuijt received a letter from Microsoft demanding she remove pictures proving Boer genocide from its Windows Sky-Drive system because some of the images depict “nude scenes”.

However, these “nude scenes” are forensic photos from the South African Police Service records, showing the horrendous injuries Afrikaner and Boer women, men and children have suffered in South Africa and prove these murders are fuelled by pure hatred.

The crack-down on dissident South African bloggers began last Wednesday after Uhuru Guru, the main writer of South Africa Sucks, was arrested and held overnight on a nearly-twenty-year-old case that was dismissed. Three other bloggers from the Boervryheid website were also arrested and released shortly after the Uhuru Guru case. In all these cases, all computers and cellphones were confiscated by authorities.

Adriana Stuijt

Adriana Stuijt

“Forensic experts believe that these images illustrate that these murderers of babies, women and men are motivated not by mere crime, but by hatred – and these photographs illustrate that fact,” Stuijt wrote back to Microsoft in an e-mail. “These are similar to the photographs showing piles of nude bodies from the Nazi holocaust which can also be seen on countless of your albums – but clearly are not deemed pornographic.”

“International genocide experts such as Dr Gregory Stanton of the UN-organisation Genocide Watch have also pointed out in TV-interviews that this small South African minority group is indeed being targetted by ‘genocidal violence’ and that such injuries – mutilations, extensive and repeated injuries – all indicate the genocidal intent of the perpetrators rather than mere ‘crime-of-greed motivation’.”

“As a matter of fact those ‘nude photographs of babies’ you referred to, were the SAPS forensics photographs of two infants who were murdered in the most horrendous way: one girl was wrapped live in newspapers and set alight; the second child showed injuries in the photograph which were consistent with her being grabbed by the feet, and swung against a wall, after which she was strangled.”

Stuijt has removed the photographs from her Windows Sky-Drive account to comply with TOS requirements.


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  • Very clever MS logo!!

  • I don’t think it is a grand conspiracy, just the ubiquitous belief that we have a right to not be offended. If you raise the issue of Freedom of Speech, then it gets countered that such niceties do not apply to private corporations.

    I agree with Viking, though; there are better places to host our material. Unfortunately it takes trial and error to find them.

    ILSA also did not come away unscathed. The same images were posted on Scribd, and the account was deleted in less than 24 hours, along with all our other material we had accumulated. That said though, I believe it was removed because of repeated and malicious red flagging, despite my numerous warnings that the pictures were very graphic. I say this because the same images remain hosted by Scribd, by another blogger.

    So I am not convinced, yet, that there is a grand conspiracy.

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