Saudis Want US To Pay For Not Using Oil

Saudi King Abdullah

Saudi King Abdullah

Saudi Arabia has come up with a novel way to combat so-called “Global Warming”: have Western countries such as the United States compensate them for a decrease in oil consumption.

Describing the prospect as a “make or break” option in an e-mail correspondence with The New York Times, Saudi climate negotiator Mohammad al-Sabban said, “Assisting us as oil-exporting countries in achieving economic diversification is very crucial for us through foreign direct investments, technology transfer, insurance and funding.”

“It is a very serious trend that we need to follow and influence if we want to minimize its adverse impacts on our economies and our people,” Sabban said in another e-mail to OPEC officials. “That does not mean we would like to obstruct any progress or that we do not want to join any international agreement. We will do that if the deal is fair and equitable and does not transfer the burden to us.”

But not even environmentalists are not warming up to the idea.

“It is like the tobacco industry asking for compensation for lost revenues as a part of a settlement to address the health risks of smoking,” Jake Schmidt, the international climate policy director at the Natural Resources Defense Council, told the Times. “The worst of this racket is that they have held up progress on supporting adaptation funding for the most vulnerable for years because of this demand.”


  • Cos Omac

  • The Koran says that if Mecca and Medina are ever taken over by infidels it means that Allah is dead. I say we nuke Mecca and Medina and kick all the survivors out of Saudi Arabia. Then the Muslims will have no choice but to give up Islam, since Allah is dead, and thus we will no longer have Islamic terror. And we will get cheap petrol as an added bonus.


  • I'd like to see the Saudis, the Dubais, the Iranians, the Iraqis, the Russinas, the Libyans, the Nigerians, and Hugo Chavez drink their own oil.

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  • We can make it happen once we take care of those who won't let us drill, build refineries, and build nuclear plants. It's really that easy!

  • @ron-I’m feelin’ ya!
    @The Great Frank–don’t make no kinda sense at all does it?

  • A way to combat “Global warming” indeed!
    Since there is no global warming but global cooling, it seems that Saudi climate negotiator Mohammad al-Sabban is pulling a scam (imagine that!) on us.
    The fact that global cooling is causing an increase in energy use not a decrease in oil consumption, this means consumption is “up” and profits are up.
    We must remove the jackasses who are running this country on a rail and start drilling for oil, building nuclear power plants and encouraging ways to create energy.
    The handwriting was clearly on the wall in the oil crisis of the 1970’s but the muttonheads continued to import oil and listen to the Marxist environments that put us in this position.
    We will never succeed in this until this Kenyan moron and his communist collaborators in Washington are removed.

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