New Evidence Proves Traficant Frame Job

James Traficant

James Traficant

James Traficant claims a Nigerian immigrant was intimidated by Federal agents into testifying against him in a bribery case that saw the Ohio Democrat thrown out of Congress and spend 7 years in federal prison.

Traficant claims he met the man, Nnamdi J. Okolo, while at the federal prison in Allenwood, Pennsylvania.

“The government pressured me to lie against you,” Okolo reportedly told Traficant. “They wanted me to lie against [Richard] Detore to pressure Detore [to give false testimony] against you.”

Richard Detore provided Traficant with credit card security for a car rental in 1999, when the former congressman’s car was being repaired. Detore was also associated with USAG, an aeronautics company Traficant hoped would provide jobs for people in his district.

credit-card-security-onlineOkolo, a resident alien and part owner of the car rental, handled the initial transaction, with the understanding that even though Detore’s card was being used to secure the vehicle, Traficant would be paying when he returned the car.

Unfortunately, when Traficant returned the car, another employer charged Detore’s card, even though it was clearly marked “for security purposes (non payment) only” from the beginning. Okolo reprimanded the employee for the error.

Okolo was later prosecuted for bank fraud relating to a number of problematic transactions involving the affairs of his business partnership with several others. He took a plea deal and began serving his sentence in Allenwood.

Federal agents contacted Okolo in July 2001 after learning of his past transaction with Traficant. With an officer from the Federal Buerau of prisons and his lawyer and present, the agents told Okolo that if he testified in court that the mistaken car rental payment was actually a bribe, his troubles would “go away.”

spotlight_smallOkolo then asked what would happen to Detore. The agents told him that Detore would be charged with a crime involving his dealings with Traficant and that the government would then ask Detore to testify against Traficant.

Okolo turned down the deal and instead of his problems going away, they got worse. He was indicted on a second bank fraud charge after his wife and former business associates were pressured to testify against him.

After Traficant was sent to Allenwood in Fall 2002, Okolo met the former congressman and told him what happened. Shortly after that, Okolo was given “diesel therapy,” a practice of being constantly moved around the US prison system used to disorient and break select inmates. According to an affidavit filed with the Nigerian government, Okolo claimed he was moved to 10 or 11 different prison facilities, including a stint on death row in Baltimore, for about a year.

Okolo was deported back to Nigeria in March 2005 before his prison sentence ended. As he said in his affidavit, “If I had lied, like so many others in Congressman Traficant’s case, I would still be in the United States, with no legal or criminal or IRS problems. I want to be heard, and America should insist that I be allowed to return to my family.”

Traficant also claims Federal agents threatened to deport Okolo’s 70-year-old parents if he did not recant the things he said in the affidavit.

Richard Detore also refused to testify against Traficant. “I didn’t bribe Traficant nor did I try to bribe him nor do I have any knowledge of any effort by anybody else to bribe Traficant,” he told the US Justice Department. “I haven’t committed a crime and I don’t know of any crimes committed by Jim Traficant and I’m not going to testify and say that Traficant committed a crime.”

Detore was later indicted for conspiring to bribe Traficant.

Lawyers for Detore advised him to not testify at Traficant’s trial due to a separate trial in another case Detore was facing at the time.  Detore later charged his attorneys had betrayed him and sought another legal counsel.

Richard Detore testifies

Richard Detore testifies

Detore later testified at the House Ethics Committee hearings on whether Traficant should be removed from Congress following a possible conviction. Risking his own legal status with his testimony, Detore said, “The only people who are guilty of anything here are the FBI and the Justice Department attorneys who told me that if I didn’t lie against Traficant that I would be indicted and possibly be convicted and sent to jail.”

The clarity of the testimony and the facts of the case did not stop the expulsion of Traficant from congress, although Detore was unanimously acquitted in his own trial.

“What has happened to America?,” Traficant concludes. “The government is starting to pressure sons against fathers, mothers to testify against their sons. Don’t we have enough history to recognize there was another nation that did that and they killed many innocent people, didn’t they? I think it’s time we send a message.”


  • Traficant was too conservative for the liberals to tolerate.I believe he was railroaded by the liberals in the FBI and Justice dept.

  • James Traficant should have been thrown in the klink for wearing the ugliest toupee ever invented even if innocent of all else.

  • This is true. If his toupee doesn't define the image of a hair hat, then nothing does.

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  • Anyone sticking to principle these days is automatically a target. Remember what Daddy Bush said IN 1987-88? "READ MY LIPS, NO NEW TAXES". And after he signed the TAX INCREASE BILL IN 1991, he was asked why he broke his promise? His reply, "SOMETIMES YOU HAVE TO GO ALONG TO GET ALONG". The whole U.S. Congress is a bunch of spineless pukes that "go along" by taking orders from AIPAC.

  • My name is Rick Berger and I am a former Congressional Investigator for Congressman James A. Traficant Jr. and I have written a book titled: TRAFICANT GOT SCREWED AND SO DID WE ! My book PROVES Jim Traficant did not do a damn thing wrong! My book PROVES that the feds made the entire case up out of nothing! It PROVES how and why ! The first three pages are my affidavit dated July 22, 2002, in which I heard David A. Sugar Sr., a wtiness against Jim and a friend of his, tell Jim that, "I had to LIE against you in your trial, the feds threatened to put my wife, my son and me in prison if I did not LIE!" If anyone would like to know more, please contact me at Thank you! Have an excellent day! Semper Fi ! Rick Berger

  • My name is Rick Berger and I live in Youngstown, Ohio. I was a Congressional Investigator for Congressman James A. Traficant Jr. I have written a book titled: TRAFICANT GOT SCREWED AND SO DID WE ! My book PROVES that Jim did not do a damn thing wrong! My book PROVES that the feds made the entire case up out of nothing! It PROVES how and why! I heard David Sugar Sr., a friend and a witness against Jim, tell him on July 22, 2002 outside of Mt. Jackson, Pa. that he had to lie against him in his trial because the feds threatened to put his wife, his son and him in prison if he didn’t lie! Jim and I went back to our Canfield office, I wrote up my affidavit as to what I heard, got it notarized and faxed it to Jim’s trial judge, the dishonorable Lesley Wells. She ignored it and 8 days later Jim got sentenced to 8 years! Go to Facebook and search…James Traficant is My Hero……you will see daily paragraphs writen by me relating info from my book! Congressman James A. Traficant Jr. is going to CLEAR HIS NAME !! Semper Fi ! Rick Berger

  • Traificant was outspoken about the Federal Reserve. He was set up, because you screw with the Fed they just buy off who ever they need to buy off to keep you and I in line.

    There is an article in there about Traficant attending an “anti tax” protest.

  • Jim Traficant is RUNNING FOR CONGRESS! He has to decide what District ( 6th / 17th). He is going to WIN ! Go to Facebook and search the following sites……I Support Traficant for Congress…….I support Jim Traficant in 2010………The response from people in the Mahoning Valley (Youngstown area) and the entire country has been PHENOMENAL ! If you would like to participate in his campaign in any capacity please send an email to…………Thank you! Semper Fi ! VOTE TRAFICANT !!

  • Former Congressman James A. Traficant Jr. is running for congress in the 17th District in Ohio as an Independent! It is going to be quite a challenge as his opponent is timmy ryan who is currently dating nancy pelosi’s daughter and is the golden boy of pelosi! Jim filed his petitions on May 3rd and timmy’s picture was in the local paper the Youngstown Sleazacator uh Vindicator for 16 STRAIGHT days! On May 5th timmy was appointed to the Defense Appropriations sub-committee over numerous more senior Democrats! President Obama came to Youngstown on May11th to give a 20 minute speech and then he left town! The fact that the National Democratic Party (pelosi) orchestrated these events leads critical thinking Americans to conclude that they must be ” SCARED SHITLESS” of Jim Traficant! And they should be! Semper Fi ! ” VOTE AMERICA…..VOTE TRAFICANT !”

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