Obama Green Czar Blames “White Polluters”

Obama “Green Czar” Van Jones blames “White Polluters” for steering poison into minority communities:


  • This guy breeds racism. What is he doing to promote racial reconciliation?

  • Van Jones a loser in life is now been empowered by his fuehrer Hussein Obama. And like the losers Hitler appointed to positions in his Reich, Van Jones is in reality a “ Gauleiter ” not a czar. (If you do not know what a Gauleiter was, look it up in Wikipedia).
    This Black Fascist who never accomplished anything in life is now a scientist, biologist and environment genius, its no wonder that he is a Gauleiter in the Messiahs regime.
    All Obama needs is to supply him with an official black uniform to go with his nefarious position.
    In Nazi Germany it was the Jews who were the blame for all the problems, under the Black Fuehrer it’s the white people.

  • What? Another asshole racist? Nah! Everyone knows blacks CAN’T possibly be racists..

    There must be some mistake…

  • Pay attention, this is what America is turning into.

    And people though those who voted for Bush were stupid? Pick up a mirror Obamabots. For your “dear leader” is setting up this nation for a train wreck.

  • Can this guy back up his statements or does he think that people will believe this statement just because he says it? Can he believe that a black president would sell out his own people? Ignorance is bliss.

  • Was this filmed in a mental institution? What is this man talking about

  • South Africa is your looking glass. If white America continues with it's liberal ideologies and practices, the USA will be what South Africa has become. I lived in South Africa for 30 years can can see how it has deteriorated over the last 20 years.

    In a few more years, South Africa will be just another failed African state. If white America does not stop feeling guilty and openly take back their country, it will become the same and will be a hugely failed country. Obama is bad news and will not do anything good for the US. I feel really sad for South Africa and the USA, knowing that blacks are to blame for the problems they are both facing.

    Yes, I am labeled a 'racist' and I truly do believe that blacks are a useless sub-species of the human race and are only good for hard labour, not important jobs like finance or politics. Wake up America. Your turn will come sooner than you know and then don't say i didnt warn you!

    John and Frank, thanks for speaking and posting the truth. I always listento your shows on Fridays, even though it starts at 5am here where i live!

  • This guy is a walking talking turd….

  • Why don't we see this on ABC?

  • My goodness!
    It is simply amazing that the president hasn’t yanked this guys chain.
    And we wonder why we have racial problems.

  • stella Venturelli

    has anybody been watching Glen Beck?…he is yelling his head off for the past two nights to get us all to call the White House ……. to get rid of this radicle before he can do more harm to that great house he is allowed to be present in……. let alone advise a president……it's hard to believe how this has happened……none of the other stations are even talking about this…what a shame that we are being told what the administration wants and if there are questions.about this man….no one in the media is interested in answering ( with the exception of Fox Cable. If you don't believe me start swiching the channels and look at the difference.

  • "White Polluters" ??? who is he? Ex 3XK member or Black Panther Brother F….?

    Watching Glen Becks and exposing these racists to public opinion might help to

    understand dangerous situation we are already encountered.

    Another "Red Star" was added to our flag. That's enough. Getting so close to the edge

    of extremists explosion and might happened very soon.

    Scary. Isn't it. Well blame V. Jones for it!

  • If a white official made comments like Van Jones made only about blacks that person would already be on a train home. If Obama wants my support he had better do the right thing and fire Van Jones. I never considered myself a racist but I fast becoming one thanks to Van Jones.

  • Who’s the racist? I don’t care what color our president is. This is about our country. This guy is an admitted communist. Why washe EVER appointed. Show’s the agenda this government has in store.

  • Let me see, you radical conservatives are calling the POTUS a Nazis, this guy is talking about white polluters and conservationist in the context of fairness of regulations and he is a racist?

    Pot calling the kettle black…please clear the green eye shades for just a moment and take a look at the bigger picture people!

  • This is NOT a “tsar”, but a COMMISSAR! Don’t confuse the two terms. He is a lowlife bigot of colour, and this is the infestation of the left that has taken over our government. They have used the tired trick of calling Whites, “racist” to hide their own racial hatred which dwarfs anything Whites have done or said. How many White Republicans had to step down for an innocuous remark? Trent Lott, anyone? This bag of shit has been given an important post with no conformation hearing as have all of his commissars, and the Amerikan people stand silent! The righwing is always called, “paranoid”, but how can you top the insane conspiracy statements of the left, of which this bag of shit is just on example. The tired accusation of “racism” is now useless to the left because it has become worn out and tired. Did I hear you say, “the little boy who cried wolf”?

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