Mario Cuomo Criticies Obama Policy

Mario Cuomo

Mario Cuomo

Liberal icon and former New York governor Mario Cuomo has openly criticized Barack Obama’s prioritizing health care reform over fixing the American economy.

“First of all, I think, looking back, it might have been better if the President concentrated on the economy first, and dealt with the economic problem more completely than he has so far,” Cuomo told liberal talker Ed Schultz Friday. “He has done wonderfully well to keep us out of disaster, but if instead of coming first with health care, he had put if off just a little bit, and waited until jobs started appearing, etc., it would have helped the treasury, it would have put less pressure on raising big taxes from anywhere.”

Here is the quote as heard on The Ed Schultz Show:

While Cuomo is critical of Obama’s priorities, the former governor indicated support for ObamaCare during the interview and chastised opponents as being “too stupid to understand the issues.”


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  • So Mario the moron has come out of his grotto to share his knowledge of how Barry Hussein The Kenyan agent has keep “us” out of disaster. Only a buffoon like Cuomo could make asinine observation as this.
    The gasbag Cuomo still considers himself an intelligent man but in reality continues to show his total ineptitude with statements like this, especially by calling the real Americans “stupid” when it come to understanding the issues.
    His accomplishments as governor of New York State are a legacy of high taxes and corruption but believes he’s marvel in the Democrat party.
    He proudly proclaims that he is the son of Italian immigrants, but could never disguise his obnoxious personality; Mario is best described as an “asino selvatico (wild jackass).

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  • problem? whats wrong with america? its the economy stupid!!!!!

  • I am a libral and I say go Mario go. A libral doesn’t mean to agree with Obama all the time.

  • Seems like a dumb time for a political statement against a policy favored by a fallen man. Maybe it was out of context, only part of a larger interview. Whatever, let’s give health care reform a chance. Let’s begin to see its importance in the overall economy of the future.

  • twila scadoddole

    it appears bob grant is a bigot and he hates italians!

    Maybe Bob’s a self-hating Italian. Seriously though, that was an imposter having fun. -Admin.

  • Tammanur Pattabhiraman

    Ah! Ah!!

    Then a few weeks ago, Barack calls the police officer who arrested the professor ‘ stupid act’. And now the liberal icon ‘Mario Cuomo’ calls the ‘american people” ‘stupid’ for not understanding ‘obamacare’ / what a coincidence? The entire democratic party is run by some ‘elitists’ like Cuomo, Obama, Barney, Biden et al. and it is time the true american citizens (not the illegals) throw them out of power and start on a clean slate to serve the entire ‘american’ population / not just a few priveleged?

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