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Obama Mom-In-Law Practicing Witchcraft?

Marian Robinson

Marian Robinson

Barack Obama is reportedly steaming mad after learning that his mother-in-law is openly practicing Santeria in the White House.

72-year-old Marian Robinson, who lives in the White House and looks after Obama brats Sasha and Malia, began practicing the Afro-Hispanic witchcraft in the late 1980’s to help her ailing husband, who was crippled from multiple sclerosis. Robinson took him “to ceremonies where they did spells and trances, and sacrificed animals, chickens and goats,” which upset Michelle, a close friend reports. “But Marian was desperate and kept going anyway, even when her husband was to sick to go with her.” Michelle never brought up the incidents after her father passed away in 1993.

The friend says Robinson is now afraid for her health and recently invited an old friend with whom she practiced Santeria with to the White House. Michelle is said to have “flipped” when she saw the woman.

Michelle & Mom

Michelle & Mom

Obama “is quite upset about this on two different levels. First, he is a committed Christian, no matter what his critics say about Reverend Wright. He is adamant that Sasha and Malia be raised with Christian influences. He does not want them to be involved with African voodoo. And secondly, he is worried about the political fallout if his enemies get wind of this. Rev. Wright was bad enough, but this would be political suicide,” a close friend of Michelle’s confided.

Obama reportedly has told Michelle that her mother will have to go back to Chicago if she does not “stop this witchcraft mumbo-jumbo immediately” and ordered the Secret Service to not allow Marian’s friend to return to the White House.

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  1. marie says

    Obama brats????

    that tells it all.


    chew on that righties :-p

    • Standard_Patriot says

      Cute, swahili is it?

    • sunnykat58` says

      I just want to let you know, that as a conservative, I found that term offensive. I've never been to this website before. Please don't judge all conservatives by a few flakes you find on the internet. I don't agree with Obama's policies, but his children are innocent and never should be referred to at all in political debate. (which elevates this article more than it deserves) Again, please don't judge all conservatives by this type of garbage.

    • second son says

      your swahilli is really bad. I doubt your curse will work because you lack the power gained through white light and intelligence. Yeah – the world sees brats or fuck trophies.

  2. ron says

    These people are turning this country into a circus, including The White House. Can you imagine the field day the Liberal/Marxist media would have if it was Reagan's or Bush's mother-in-law?! Yet not a peep over this.

    Soon, we'll be hearing about boiling people alive in giant cauldrons and acts of cannabalism.

  3. Dax says

    "These people are turning this country into a circus."

    Who? The Obamas or I don't see the President calling any press conferences over this he-said-she-said claptrap.

    And by the way – is your mother-in-law any reflection on you? dax

    • Texas Conservative says

      Ron's mother in law isn't in the White House Dax. The White house has been made aware of this information and has not confirmed nor have they denied it. If it is in fact true, the voter have a right to know what is going on in our house….the people's house.

    • Krystal says

      Actually what he allows into the White House which is not his but We the People's IS a reflexion on him and since she acted in such a manner in that building it does look bad on him.

      Now the brats comment I could have lived without but Obama has been (from his own mouth) a Christian then a Muslim then a Christian. Yet he didnt have Christmas and held a Muslim cerimony in the White House several times. Now I could give a rats ass what he is but he needs to stop lying about everything under the sun.

  4. jaysays says

    WOW! Next thing you know other religions will be being practiced in the White House – it won't be long until Judaism or Hinduism will be an acceptable form of religion!!! What a shame – what is this country coming to when people can practice any religion they choose too!!!

    Yes, that is sarcasm.

    So, where's the sources? Anyone have a report that isn't a "friend of a friend"?

    • Belinda says

      Judaism IS a Holy Worship of God from which Christianity is a root off of the branch of David! . hinduism is just another sicko cult.

    • MJM says

      what is your freaking problem? It was BUSH who had 8 years to bring this nation to its knees! Why is everyone forgetting the man who sent all our jobs to China and other oversea countries…are you all stupid or just dumb? You sound like a bunch of racists..probably are.

      • WAYNE says

        you’re wrong there asswipe!!! it was billy bob clinton that sent the jobs over seas,,, that started the down fall in our job availability
        the next time you get on the phone to take care of some matter, and you can’t understand the person you talk to ……..( THINK ABOUT THAT )

  5. Donna says

    One mistake. Obama is a committed Muslim. I'm sure muslims wouldn't like this kind of stuff, either. If Obama was a Christian, he wouldn't be trying to destroy the greatest country in the history of the world.

  6. AC says

    The friend says Robinson is now afraid for her health and recently invited an old friend with whom she practiced Santeria with to the White House. Michelle is said to have “flipped” when she saw the woman.

    Because the woman was Nancy Pelosi, no wonder!

    • Ana says

      Nancy Pelosi.. thank for the chuckle! It’s probably so true! LOL! Pelosi is a witch..!

  7. lm says

    Obama has lost control of what's going on in his own house! Why did the grandmother think this was ok?

  8. Jim Jables says

    At least the president and the first lady appear to be upset over what she did. Heck, Nancy Reagan the presidents WIFE, not the presidents step mother, was doing witchcraft in the white house.

  9. ron says

    Robinson is concerned about her health because she read the health care bills circulating through Congress.

  10. wise grandmother says

    And Nancy Reagan was criticized for reading her horoscope!

    • Texas Conservative says

      It wasn't Nancy Reagan…it was Hillary Clinton that reportedly had the communication with the dead things going on in the WH.

  11. Cloris says

    Uhm, that old black magic has me under its spell?

  12. Cloris says

    LOL @ “Obama brats”

  13. georgetheatheist says

    "Babalu! Babalu Aye! Babalu Aye!" – Desi Arnaz

  14. Bonnie says

    Well, I have trouble believing that anyone would pray to a chicken since I lived on a farm as a child and that was dinner. Anyone doing that kind of thing has a reasoning problem. Mabe she's afraid her healthcare will be sacrificed if this health care reform takes effect.

    On the marriage issue for Gays I'm stymied. Why can't they be happy with laws that give their significant other all the financial security as those in a marriage ? It's always been about the word for them. They can't have that word,,,it is defined as between a man and a woman. They need to get their own word. I'm good with that. How about Harriage or Garriage? You can't reinvent a word that has had the kind of history that the word marriage has had. I support Gays being able to be a couple. I have two cousins that are gay and I love them. Give up trying to take the word marriage and focus on the legal aspects of lawful rights for a couple.

  15. Bob says

    Now we know who's behind Barry's voodoo economic plan.

  16. The Great Frank says

    And why is her mammy living in the White House? Why do we have to pay for her mammy? And will her mammy have the same health care as the average American? This is a farce and joke played before the American people and we're supossed to take this Foreign Occupier seriously?

    • Krystal says

      lol really why is this woman there anyways?? I can see a weekend visit but really?? has to watch the kids, who are in school from 7:30 to 3-4 and have full time staffed nanies paid for by our tax dollars….

  17. Amy Blackthorn says

    I guess Freedom of Religion only applies to him, huh?

  18. Quest for Knowledge says

    If the President’s mother-in-law is practicing this so called religion in the White House, I am all for getting her out of there. She cannot turn this country into a circus no more than that bumbuling idoit of an ex-president we just had. However, I did pray for him because he had too many of our lives in his hands. But let’sd not forget that that same ex-president had astrologers in the White House! And yes, Jim least they froget that Regan’s wife good ole’ Nancy practiced witchcraft right there in the white house. Now What?! As for the Obama brats comment, didn’t we just get rid of a set of twin junior alcoholics in training? They say the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. As for Ron’s comment that the First Lady’s mother will eventually resort to boiling people…we will leave that to white folks like Jeffrey Dahmer!!! Remember him. Last but certainly not least, Great Frank, I am so glad that you have decided to step out from under your white sheet!!!!

    • Texas Conservative says

      Nancy did the card reader thing….Hillary did had the "talking to the dead" around the table thing going on.

  19. Brenda Matts says

    Take this seriously folks. If I could see a REAL birth certificate, I would feel better. AND we all may be having to resort to other medicinal cures if the healthcare plan passes. What’s the difference in our supporting his mother-in-law than about 12 million illegals?? Just think, we get to pay for their healthcare. I think Bush, Clinton, Reagan, and all the others were nothing compared to what we have now!!! Good luck world. We are probably seeing the best now so we should all pray and get ready for government take over.

  20. Quest for Knowledge says

    A real birth certificate was shown and that argument is now a dead issue. It was proven that he was born in Hawaii and the birth certificate has an authentic seal on it. The last time I looked it up Hawaii was a part of the US, so technically he is a US citizen. The problem comes in with the issue of illegal aliens. They are flocking to our borders at brake neck speed. Once here, it is not uncommon for them to secure a fictious ss#, driver’s license, medical cards, etc. The other probelm comes into play when major US corporations hiring them to work in our place because they will do the work at a cheaper wage. Also, these same businesses are given a slap on the wrist when it is discovered that they have hireds these illegals. Under Bush’s leadership, jobs were sent out of the country at a pace we may never recover from. I can truly say that under the new administration at least one job is coming back to US soil and will put US citizens back to work and that is the business directly related to student loans. No longer will we have to speak to someone in Inida about student loans bills (Wooo Hooo)!!!! You think there is a problem now with illegals? Have you noticed that there is enough Spanish speaking people in the US that they will be able to pick a Spanish speaking president? Goya beans for everybody!!!! Truthfully speaking, if we all stand up against a universal healthcare plan, I truly believe the idea will be abandoned. I don’t think Obama will rush into it like Bush rushed into the Iraqi war against the protest of many.

    • Craig says

      I can agree that Obama may have been born in the USA, but when his stepfather and mother took him to Indonesia to live it was required by Indonesian Law that he give up his US Citizenship (not allowed dual citizenship) – So tell me how he was able to live there for so long but still be a US citizen?

    • Rick says

      Sorry, but Barry Soertoro's Birth Certificate is assuredly as fictious as the other illegal aliens you mentioned, so I guess you're argument doesn't hold water. Besides being a Muslem who wants to reform the USA into a Dictatorship Muslem country. The reason he went to the Christian church this week was because there was a muslem guest speaker there that he wanted to hear

      • gp2009 says

        Also the elections are only weeks away so he is trying to put on a good christian front for the voters. He has been in D.C. for almost two years and he suddenly goes to church. Yep elections are what its all about.
        As far as his birth certificate, I want to see the rest of the sealed documents that he is paying millions of dollars to hide. I would almost bet that he went to school here as a foreign student from Indonesia. I bet that he used an Indonesian passport when he went I beleive to Pakistan and US citizens were not allowed to travel there at that time.

    • JanineC says

      No, Barry's Birth Certificate was never shown. That was a Certificate of Live Birth. Not the same thing.

    • belinda says

      bull hockey! IF and that's a BIG IF and NO decieved brenda his illegal moslem status is NOT a dead issue, if any such american one was found it's a batch of LIES like everything else that comes out of ovamit's mouth. verrrry interesting that kenya has signs KENYA has SIGNS on each of it's borders WELCOME TO KENYA BIRTHPLACE OF barrack hussein obama, oh yeah they are sooo proud of their NATIVE SON moslem raised in indonesia next. wake up and learn the truth!

  21. USAF Mom says

    I am not an Obama fan and if this is true I’m sure it’s not the only strange thing that’s gone on in the White House. I do take issue with taxpayer money supporting anyone other than the President, his wife and children. I do think his children should be off limits, I certainly don’t consider them brats any more than I consider the Bush twins to be alcoholics. They were normal teenagers doing what many other teenagers do.

  22. michael says

    The Idiocy of this whole non-story knows no limits.

  23. Terry says

    what happened to freedom of religon?

  24. Matt says

    Original blog article is down, but the Google cache has it preserved for posterity here:

  25. Kristi Gilleland says

    The last I heard there was still freedom of religion in this country.

  26. 344thBrother says

    I'm reading the chicken guts on this one.

    It doesn't look good for the first family.

    There is blood in the craw and the corn is sterile and GMO.

    The liver is the wrong color and appears twisted.

    The intestines are full of… well… feces.

    Bad bad day. Storm on horizon. JuJu lookum weak. Reincarnation as a pig likely. Burn 3 goats, snort the ashes, whirl in a circle for an hour, pour fluoride-rat poison on your head, wear sack cloth, invoke Hekate, beg forgiveness of all the saints, whack off and bury it under a Banyon tree. Give bankers more money.

  27. Man from Modesto says

    You have freedom of religion as long as it is a form of worship to the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob.

    When you worship satan and demons, that infringes on my right to LIVE. You see, God doesn’t like worshiping demons and false gods. He doesn’t like burning incense to idols like little Buddha on the mantel.

    That is why God is going to not only allow the destruction of this nation. God is going to call the enemies over to come here and destroy. Read the book of Jeremiah– it is relevant to now.

    When you see these things happen: Remember the Lord your God.

    Oh, Christians and anyone else who takes God and/or living seriously: You need at least 3 months’ food. Get a year’s worth if you are able.

  28. Karensera says

    If Obama is really a Christian, why did he cover up a cross & a symbol for the name of Jesus before giving a speech. This makes it clear, he is a phony. Any true Christian would not be ashamed of his God as Obama was ashamed of Jesus. Does he not understand we are taught to stand true to our beliefs in Jesus Christ, and not waver from our faith? If you love someone, you are not ashamed of them. I guess he is afraid Jesus will put a damper on his political career, so he would rather hide him in a closet. These are the actions of a hypocrite. There is no way to explaine this away. It was just plain wrong.

  29. carmen says

    Pray for a protection over our country.





  32. Herb says

    You people are just plain stupid to believe crap like this! No wonder some of you supported an idiot like Palin!

  33. k says

    what : a christian , what are you talking about . i heard in a speach he made the very last thing he said was . a muslium of i am one .

  34. Chilungutila Manuel says

    Haters!!! Haters!!! grow up and leave them alone.

  35. wanda says

    I always knew there were demonic entities working outta the White House Administration now. This just proves I was right.

  36. Hulk Hogan says

    It wouldn't surprise me to find out that Obama is a cannibal at this point. He's certainly not a citizen, he's almost surely a Muslim, definitely a Stalinist, a self admitted cokehead and the accusations of his homosexuality are very believable. What a prize, he's everything the left worships, a Marxist, Muslim, homosexual drug addict illegal alien that hates America in general and white people in particular.

  37. Guns says

    Obama! A committed Christian?!! That's a crock. The author surely gagged at writing THAT line.

  38. Olenzu Bento says

    Marian Robinson is a well know witch in the Santeria circles, she has taught Michelle and now she is teaching this old black religion to the daughters of Obama.

    Obama as a communist doesn't like it, but Mrs Robinson has the support of Michelle, who's the man in the Obama's couple

  39. Jamie Foxer says

    Santeria is not a Satanic cult. It is a syncretic, Afro-Hispanic (mostly Cuba, but spread out of Cuba to other nearby island and to the U.S.) religion that itself derives much of its beliefs from Ifa, a Yoruban religion practiced mostly in Nigeria and Benin. It is a cultural/religious legacy of the Trans-Atlantic slave trade.

    As with many other religions (Judaims, Islam, Buddhism, etc) it has a corpus of ethical stories/verses/parables/chapters etc. In Ifa’s case, it’s the Odu Ifa (256 in all), many with almost indistinguishable ethical teachings as those found in Christianity, Buddhism, Islam, etc. It does not teach evil, hate, or Satanism. It does teach love of each other, community, and oneness with nature.

    As for animal sacrifce, judaism and other religions include animal sacrifice as part of their traditions and no one calls them Satanic. Please do not get your ideas about other cultures and other religions from the immature and ignorant minds of Hollywood producers, fearful Christian ministers, or the general public. If you wish to learn about Ifa, go here –

    For specific information about Santeria (a BRANCH of Ifa-derived Afro-Hispanic beliefs), go here –

  40. jstablehand says

    I smell a phony article………….just sayin

  41. Aryan says

    Occording to Yahweh Word he should've never been voted in as President of the USA.

    Deu 23:2
    A bastard (mamzer) shall not enter into the congregation of the LORD; even to his tenth generation shall he not enter into the congregation of the LORD.

  42. Liz says

    Brenda, that was not a birth certificate, that was a certificate of a live birth, which is issued in Hawaii for any baby up until a year old that moves to Hawaii. Total difference…

  43. Ron says

    I understand that even if he was born in the US.. when Nobama was adopted in Asia.. he gave up Citizenship… and never should have been Senator, much less president.. bu the "His Brats" statements or ovrr the top, that is reducing him/herself the the level of the Marxist LIbtards…

  44. anniehamilton says

    Michelle is a 'committed Christian?' that is a crock of bullshit. unless the committed part is a 'religious' congregation that is more interested in someone's wallet and less in their faith…perhaps something like lutherans, methodists, etc…not non-denominational christians that are focused on relationships and not on the 'religious' part. she could be a Catholic…many Catholics practice Witchcraft and seem to look the other way, even passively when family members get into this sort of thing or take on Moslem spouses…this is NOT the action of a born-again Christian, though – sorry. no way, no how. not unless you're talking about the Churches in the end times in the book of Revalation that splits apart…even at that? this woman is evil to the core, as is her family, starting with her rotten husband.

  45. Chris says

    You Vipers and Hippocrates!! How dare you call President Obama's! children brats! they are children…. first!! leave them along:) It's not their fault their father happens to be the only bright and shinning star! to lead the American people out of this dark hole your favorite president put us in!! Get over your selves!

  46. Will says

    Just how long are we going to put up with all this ? WAKE UP AMERICA,OPEN YOUR EYE'S ! !

  47. Will says

    Brenda, Barry was born in KENYA GET THAT KENYA IN AFRICA ! !

  48. Jamie Randall says

    The anonymous guy who claimed to have a 1 night stand w/ Christine O'Donnell is finally revealed. #LoveAndOtherDrugs

  49. Rebecca says

    To all of you who are jumping on the “Lynch the Santeros” bandwagon, remember that this is how the Jewish community became the target of the Nazi’s. Do not presume to know about this religion unless you have first hand knowlege. And shame on Mr. Obama. Freedom of religion is still a protected right.

  50. Tila Skeete says

    why is Mrs. Robinson bring which craft to the white house that is so wrong i can even star on it or try to explain it

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