Black Nationalist Democrat Advocated Race Murder On Net

Jerry Jackson on Election Day 2008

Jerry Jackson on Election Day 2008

A Black Nationalist who recently had charges of voter intimidation dismissed by US Attorney General Eric Holder and been reinstated as a poll watcher by the Democrat Party advocated for the murder of White people on his personal website.

Jerry Jackson is one of three New Black Panther Party members who were arrested for standing menacingly outside a Philadelphia voting place on Election Day 2008, dressed in military garb, weilding clubs and shouting “now it’s our time” at White voters.


Screenshot from Jackson's MySpace page (click to enlarge)

It has since been discovered that Jackson has been advocating on his MySpace account for the murder of White people, referring to them by the racially derogatory term “kracka.” The exact phrase Jackson used was “killing Krakkkas,” implying that all White people are members of the Klu Klux Klan and therefore racist. No charges have been brought against Jackson for advocating hate crimes and since its discovery, he has taken down his MySpace page.

Ironically, Jackson was a credentialed Democrat Party poll watcher prior to his arrest for voter intimidation. A further slap in the face has come from the Democrat Party, who has re-credentialed Jackson since Holder dismissed the charges. Jackson will be a poll watcher for the upcoming Democratic Primary in Philadelphia’s municipal election.


  • Once a thug, always a thug…

  • One of the main reasons I left the police department and moved from Philadelphia back in 1998.

  • Jackkkson, what a loser. If the only way he can secure votes for the his party then what does that tell you about the lot of them.

  • So…I reckon I am right in assuming the song “I’m a Krakkka, you’re a Krakka, wouldn’t you wanna be a Krakka too” is not his favorite song eh?

    Hey? I’m sure you know how much of an outcry there would be on Digg if this were a white, oh excuse me-if a Krakka, was spreading all over the net to do this to blacks. Now what was it they used be called…hmmm…Dunno-it’s on tip of my tongue.
    Wouldn’t say it if I remembered it cuz it’s derogatory–and two racist hate monger wrongs don’t make any kind of right in the Book that I read and try my best to live by.
    Oh don’t get me wrong! I get mad with the best / or worst- of them-
    Yet when it comes down to it–I hope I am more like Christ in that way than the “god” of this world.

    In today’s world hate feeds off of imagined and real wrongs way to easily. This one of course–is the real deal.

    Still another reason not many want to acknowledge God–that would mean they would also have to forgive just as Jesus said to “forgive one another even as God has, for His sake, forgiven us”-

    That would call for humility–haven’t seen a lot of that lately. Have you?

  • Hey wanda try teaching a little humility, forgiveness, and love to jerry jackson. If you have any problems finding him just look in the newspaper and find an article about him threatening voters at your local dumb ass (a.k.a democrat party) poll. Like johann said once a thug, always a thug.

  • But….but……but, I thought only WHITE people are racistrs. According to Liberals/Marxists, blacks cannot be racists.

    Then again, that might be true, after all, only whites are prosecuted under “hate crimes’ laws”.

  • Why isn't this on CNN or MSNBC??? How come Rev. Wright didn't speak out against this racism or Sharpton, etc???

    More and more racism in this country since Obamination became selected. A race war is wanted and it's not by the white people.

  • As An African-American This disturbes me on so many levels. If a person were saying this to other cultures they would be rightfully arrested. I am afraid that this kind of thing will solidify in the minds of some whites who are racist, that all black people think that way. I do not. The worse part is I am called a "Tom" by my own, and called a "Nigger" by others who just look at my skin and know nothing about me or my Conservative beliefs. Even though I did not agree with President Obama's platform I had hoped since he is a person of mixed parentage that, he would be able to bring the two cultures together like never before. Blacks did not put him in office even though over 98% voted for him. It really was the millions of whites like his mother and dear Grandparents who placed him where he is today. I truly hope he can eventually help to heal the cultural divide that is sadly growing wider. God Help Us All

  • only white christian heterosexual able bodied males are prosecuted under 'hate crimes'

  • Newsguy – or whatever you are calling yourself on other sites – but you are another reich wing blogger who is taking over on Propeller and probably other social media sites as well.

    Your site and your radio show – The Right Perspective – you should label it instead "The Reich Wing Perspective"

    Save me from all of the so-called conservatives. You are basically a bunch of racists who are not even thinly veiling it anymore. Save me from blogs such as yours who like to spout opinion as truth.

    It's easy to spout your bullshit from behind a microphone or from behind a keyboard – but you are a bunch of freaking lunatics Newsman! What a bunch of shit you haters like to spread around.

    You're very funny Theresa. All I have to say to you is "whine, bitch, whine". -Admin.

  • Guys,

    I am a bit confused. You have deleted the word niger stated by a black man pretending to be a skinhead (BTW skinhead should be deleted also because it is a white epithet). I see a big problem in the media today and that is that words like slope, niger, wetback, chink, spic, kike, and the like are deleted in the news media and not used on TV, yet gringo, honky, cracker, kracka, white bread, are never a problem.

    I did not think you guys would have any white guilt.


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