Pelosi Drops The Swastika Bomb

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has drawn conservative scorn for her latest salacious lie about conservatives, this time accusing Americans protesting ObamaCare of wearing “swastika armbands”:

Obamacare_swastikaUnfortunately for Ms. Pelosi, the only Americans protesting ObamaCare brandishing swastikas were tying the nazi imagery to the Democrat Party.

Seeing that Universal Healthcare is a Socialist policy for the nation, it is understood that ObamaCare is then a National Socialist policy. Seems Ms. Pelosi does not understand who the real National Socialists in America are.


  • I finally like Pelosi. I love Nazis. I would be complimented if someone told me I look like a Nazi in full regalia.

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  • What "salacious lie"? Christ, you people are idiots. Let's follow this through:

    1. You post a video of Pelosi claiming that there were people opposing the health care proposals at the rallies carring stuff with swastikas on it.

    2. You claim this is a "salacious lie".

    3. Then you promptly contradict yourself by posting a picture of a protester from one of those rallies with a swastika.

    4. Then you also state that it was Americans who were tying that imagery to the Democrats.

    Hello? Do you even recognize that you just completely contradicted yourselves and proved yourselves wrong?

    And WHERE in the video does it say ANYTHING about arm bands?? PELOSI NEVER EVEN UTTERED THE WORD – WATCH THE VIDEO YOU POSTED. Where did you get that one from?

    So the only people uttering "salacious lies" would be YOU. You guys are obviously so ridiculously partisan that you would argue ANYTHING – even if it doesn't make sense – as long as your side doesn't lose any "points" under any circumstance. It's PATHETIC. And for the record, I don't even like Pelosi or support Obama.

  • patagonianproud

    you idiot pelosi. its clear that the protester was carrying a sign with a RED stripe over the swastika !!

  • Nancy, there you go again fabricating your illusions. Perhaps it’s the Botox’s toxic effect or the other medications you are using.
    The protestor’s sign is referring to you and it is saying, no more Nazi Pelosi and the national socialist party. Are you and your plastic Messiah concerned the about the active objections against your demented policies? I hope you are in convulsions!
    Now have your personal physician, Dr. Daffy Duck take you back to the Rubbermaid room, and hallucinate in private, you moron.

  • What I can’t understand is if everyone knows this “regime” is delusional and out to ruin the country, why are they getting things done in their agenda. At what point does everyone start to act? When do people realize we’re talking about something more important than their jobs, health care, or their clunkers. We’re dealing with personal freedoms and individual rights. Liberty!

    There may not be another chance to stop this asinine movement towards tyranny and socialism. Get out of the house and go protest. It’s time to show you care and make the small sacrifices for the greater good. There are more of us than there are of them!

  • You guys need to grow a brain, its clear she wasn’t saying the the protesters are nazis! She was speaking to how accurate the protesters’ view of the obama’s heath reform bill seems. Its not appropriate to be waving swastikas around. Everyone needs to calm down and wrap their head around the fact that anyone in office can make good decisions, so instead of fighting that person, and try to support (and if needed curve) how things are done, not change directions!

    And hey, if the next pres. is a republican, he (or she) will curb everything just the way you want it…

  • The Dummycrats learned all their best lessons from Hitler.
    Take away the right to bear arms, suppress and control the media to promote their agenda, publicly attack and humiliate anyone who dares speak out against them, promote stronger central government over individual and state’s rights, inciting people to report their “neighbors” who speak out against the administration.
    How much longer until we need papers to cross state lines or have checkpoints at state lines to prevent border crossin ?

  • I think a lot of the right wing scaremongers out there hate Pelosi, Obama and all democrats for one reason: Rush and Ann told them to.

  • MV, you need to go and listen to her complete statement on the news that is more than 21 seconds. She did indeed mention this and no one had been shown to have a Swastica on. The Swastica pictured was done after Pelosi as a protest to her statement. This is not the first time this has been used. Obama refered to Natzis in his campaign associated with Americans as did Dick Durbin in 2007. Sooooo, you need to be more accuarte before you start liosting your false statements!

  • Alan, I went to a Tea Party on the 4th and it was people from all of the parties there. Unfortunatly, there are narrow minded people, both Republican and Democrat that are only party minded like yourself. The majority of people may lean a certain direction, but the country comes first. These are the people at these protest. It has little to do with talk show host, but everything to do with an out of control spending House and Senate and a President with a rediculous agenda.

  • It’s worthy to mention that Hitler and Nazism were right wing racists. It’s amazing, only one of the comments tell the truth.

  • well I see the dem socialist are at it again you should go to the town hall meetings that claim that the gop put these people up to the riots well I for one have seen the strong arm tactics and my message to the American that have any kind of balls left get up and fight Obama said if we resist push back harder well I would expect that from a socialist Community Activist from one of the most corrupt cities in America and hanging around a racist preacher and a marxist leader so whats new for you peeps that are to stupid to realize its not about whos party is winning its the people who are losing this regiem that is in power now are not Democrats there is nothing Democratic about it we have a Pres that slurs a police department it should of been a local matter but the President got into it . And now hes telling people to shut up and if you don’t agree with him you have no voice and if anyone is being discrimanated against its the whites . I was for a Black President if he had been for the American Growth but hes done everything to destroy the United States of America. I agree he has a likeable way around him and his masses follow him. either they don’t understand he lies and distorts the truth that OK Hitler was a Man who came up from nothing and he drew Masses with his redirick and the masses followed him and anyone who dissagreed with him was persucuted and the Jews that didn’t want to fight back and went along so it wouldn’t cause a fight ended up in boxcars and went for a shower and their suntan booths are not so hot too so America if you don’t want to end up omn the shit end of the stick I would suggest you take a stand because a bunch of us are the health plan is Elderly Genocide and don’t for get they get judged now you get judged later its gouin to keep on and there is goin to be a civil war

  • Don't worry about Nancy, she is busy this weekend flying 170 of her friends out to California to her 25 million dollar vinyard for a party..on planes that you and I are paying for and Obama just ordered another 550 million to be paid for more luxury jets to fly Congress around. Nancy flies to California every weekend, and YOU pay for the private plane, and all the press to go with her. So while you are sitting home again this weekend, eating rice and beans for dinner again, Nancy is out wine tasting and telling the world what a wonderful woman she is. BARF!! She and Obama both need to hit the road.

  • The American people are intelligent enough to recognize a bad health care bill when they see one……….

    It is fear inducing that the Democratic Party has been slam dunking legislation down the throats of the American people disregarding our input and/or consent at every turn. This health care bill is yet another example of legislation that adversely impacts all of us and the politicians, Democrats especially, stubbornly refuse to listen to what we want them to do. They seem to forget that THEY are working for us not the other way around.

    We never voted on this health care bill in the fist place, it was shoved into the Stimulus bill in the dark of night. That factor in and of itself should be enough to make the Universal health bill null and void. The issue has become bigger than health care; additionally the government is attempting to take away our” Freedom of Speech”.

    The government has a hit list of anyone that dares to so much as to discuss what they have read in the health care bill that distresses them. And then the Gov’t set up a “goon squad” on the internet so people with so-called disinformation about the bill can be turned into the “thought cops”.

    Obama’s mentor Saul Alinski gave the advice via his Socialist propaganda play book to separate dissenters from the group, make them look crazy and/or evil. Well, Pelosi called town hall people like our Aunts and Uncles and the local guy down the street Nazi’s (that covers fear). And so does the gov’t “Snitch program” Anyone wonder what the gov’t is planning on doing with the list of “right-wingers” they are collecting?

    And liberal media stations have given a play by play of a gutsy women, at a Town Hall meeting waving her birth certificate around saying “this is my birth certificate where is Obama’s?” They showed the women’s actions out of context to the meeting to give the impression that she was crazy. So, the crazy part of Alinski’s play book was utilized.

    Now, the government has moved to the next level, in the Alinsky book “Rules for Radicals” he stated that threatening people that might not compile with government dictates with violence is a very effective strategy. At a recent Town Hall, a brave black American Patriot was severely beaten up and bloodied for handing out and/or selling flags that said “don’t tread on me”. They also called him the “N” word. Ironically, Obama’s “hate Czar’s” were not on hand to arrest the Union thugs that beat up this innocent man. Also, interestingly, the Union thugs are alleged to be under Obama’s directives.

    The American people don’t want the government to be able to force us or someone we love to self- kill, because the government wants to save money ( pgs. 29, 272, 335,341,354,425,427,429,430 – about Euthanasia, End of Life, Care for Senions, Rationed Care, etc. in the bill ) First they will make us attend Euthanasia counseling and then perhaps, in the future they will want to save even more money on counseling sessions and they will just kill us. If the government wanted to save money, they would not have allowed the illegals and anchors population to be given full access to the health care we are going to be paying for indefinitely. ( pgs 50, 91, 170 of the bill) So this is not about saving money.

    Americans get it, they don’t want this health care bill or Universal Health care at all, and they are protesting of their own accord.

    Alinsky, Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler would be proud of Obama, Pelosi and Reid.

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  • Nancy, how did Hitler come to power in the first place? By promising free health care and education for all! Who does that sound like? Hmmmm?

  • nancy pelosi u liberals wanted her now u got her the gennie is out of the bottle hell she fits rightjn with hitler and his gang starting with obama; christ where is hitler when our country needs him.

  • I am just amazed at how people defend "their own" simply for the mere fact that they are "their own"! Open your eyes and your ears and stop being lemmings and sheep! Use your brains and figure it out! I think I heard that New Zealand and Australia are probably the most democratic, business friendly countries left on earth – my retirement money is now my get out of America and go to New Zealand money!

  • Yes, folks, there were protesters with swastika signs and at least one large poster of Obama with a Hitler mustache painted on his face. Ms. Pelosi never said the protesters were Nazis or Nazi sympathizers. On the contrary, some of the protestors are calling the President a Nazi and sowing fear among town hall attendees that the health care reform is akin to Nazism. That's what a red slash over a swastika means. All Pelosi said was they were carrying signs with swastikas. Good grief, that's horrific that people are doing that. Wake up. Here are some photographs:

  • These ignoramuses can’t seem to understand that HItler’s Party was a SOCIALIST party! The programs were socialist. Hitler hated the middle class and praised the communists who later joined the Nazi party. The term “Nazi” was coined by Churchill. If he had never done that, people would be calling them “National Socialist” instead, which is their true name. Look at the comparisons to Stalin and the Bolsheviki, just about the same. Only the Nazis killed less people than the Bolsheviki! Whenever the left is threatened by people who are concerned with their nation’s liberty, they trot out the same old tired cliche, “Nazis”. We have a foreign occupier in the White House who can’t prove he’s Constitutionally qualified. He wants to have total control over the people to enact his vile hatred of this country. His wife hates this country. When the people rise up agains the tryanny of the left, they call them a “mob”, and of course they have to be working for some “outside” force. But when the left distrupts, and threatens, then they’re “noble”. The left is the most violent of all political movements. Look at their history, it is written in blood and suffering of those whom they oppress. Their language is violent as is their actions, such as the Foreign Occupiers friend Ayers and Dorn, of the Weathermen. The Patriot has slept, and has now awakened! Speaking out is our RIGHT, not some slimy leftist who wants to smear and slander the Patriots who are exercising their rights! Beware leftwing scum, when the Patriot takes action, the outcome will rid this nation of these leftist maggots!

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