The Health Care Uninsured Lie

In a desperate attempt to get Obamacare passed, Democrat party apparatchiks have been touting that “40 million” Americans are going without health insurance. Liberals  have inflated that number to 45.7 million. And most recently, Barack Obama declared that “This is not just about the 47 million Americans who have no health insurance.” As usual, the Democrats are lying.

The uninsured healthcare lie has been debunked for a long time. In the “For the Record” section of the Tuesday, August 22, 2000 edition of the New York Post, a chart entitled “What Health-Insurance Crisis?” exposed the liberal and Democratic lie about “40 million” Americans going without health insurance.  They wrote:

“The Democratic convention was littered with speeches demanding action on America’s health-insurance crisis.  In fact, many people without insurance get health care. And the problem is smaller than the advocates’ numbers suggest: Two-thirds of the 44 million or so uninsured Americans manage to acquire insurance within a year.  And the problem doesn’t always have much to do with insurance — many of those without it are illegal aliens.”

Then, in a 2004 article for The Los Angeles Times, physician and senior fellow at The Manhattan Institute, David Gratzer, cited a BlueCross BlueShield Assn. analysis of Census Bureau data that puts the number of chronically uninsured at 8.2 million. Out of that number, one in three are eligible for already-existing government health care programs such as Medicaid, but have not signed up.

The following breakdown comes from the Employee Benefit Research Institute and The Lewin Group:

  • Non-elderly with some form of health insurance — 195 million
  • Elderly, covered by Medicare — 35 million
  • People who get insurance within a year of losing benefits — 29 million
  • Illegal aliens without health coverage — 10 million
  • People who have not had insurance in more than a year — 4.5 million
  • Summary: Of the total 273.5 million people listed in the report, only 4.5 million went without health coverage for more than a year. All others had some kind of health coverage or were able to obtain coverage within one year even if they had lost benefits. The only group who had no coverage were 10 million illegal aliens who shouldn’t be in the country anyway!  So really, only 4.5 million Americans need help when it comes to obtaining health insurance, not the 30 or 40 million constantly claimed by the Democrats.

    NewsMax also confirmed the uninsured healthcare lie on July 29, 2009. Citing data found in the Census Bureau report “Income, Poverty, and Health Insurance Coverage in the United States: 2007,” Newsmax showed that while the Census data shows 45.65 million people in America did not have health insurance in 2007, 9.73 million foreigners and 9.1 million people making more than $75,000 per year who did not choose to purchase health insurance were included in that figure. The Census data shows that the 2007 rate went down from Barack Obama’s magic number of “47 million,” which was true for the previous year.

    An  article by Sally Pipes for The N.Y. Post titled “Bam’s Bad Medicine,” Monday (March 2, 2009, Page 23) also shows that an additional 18 million of the uninsured make more $50,000 a year, and as many as 14 million are already eligible for government programs like Medicare, Medicaid and SCHIP – but haven’t signed up for the programs.


    • Barbara Thorson

      Well, you should not be surprised that the liberals pad their numbers. The whole proposed health program is an attack on the people who are making the country run…everyone will go down the tube trying to comply with all the regulations. I hope the bill will be defeated!

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