The Racial Profiling Lie

racial-profilingAfter being persistently accused of  “racial profiling” of Black drivers in New Jersey, New Jersey state troopers asked their State Attorney General to study speeding on the New Jersey Turnpike.

In 2001, the U.S. Justice Department ordered state officials in New Jersey to study the driving habits of motorists along the New Jersey Turnpike — by race!  The Feds believed that the survey would provide statistical proof of what was now accepted as immaculate truth: That state troopers for years practiced racial profiling along the Turnpike.

Well, researchers — using specially designed radar gun cameras and high-speed photography — captured images of 38,747 drivers who were exceeding the speed limit by at least 15 miles an hour.

What they found astonished them.

racialprofiling2The survey showed that black drivers were photographed speeding twice as often as White drivers.  And, the higher the speed – or, the more egregious the offense — the higher the disparity. The number of Black drivers being pulled over corresponds almost identically with the rate at which the study found they were speeding.  Not exactly profiling!

However, because the results didn’t support a politically correct conclusion, the Justice Department refused to allow authorities in New Jersey to release the results — saying they’re “wrong or unreliable.”

As The New York Post editorial titled “The Truth About Profiling,” Sunday, March 24, 2002, page 26, said:

“The survey that Washington is so intent on suppressing suggests strongly that New Jersey state troopers were motivated by behavior, not skin color.  This report needs to be made public. Now.”

Also, Heather MacDonald wrote in her New York Post article titled “Profiling Myth Smashed,” Wednesday, March 2, 2002, page 25:

“The anti-racial-profiling juggernaut has finally met its nemesis: the truth.  According to a new study, Black drivers on the New Jersey Turnpike are twice as likely to speed as White drivers, and are even more dominant among drivers breaking 90 miles per hour. This finding demolishes the myth of racial profiling. But the Bush Justice Department is helping the anti-profiling juggernaut continue its destructive campaign against law enforcement. Will the politics of racial victimization trump the truth after all? Until now, the anti-police crusade that travels under the banner of ‘ending racial profiling’ has traded on ignorance. Its spokesmen charge that police, because of racism, stop ‘too many’ minorities for traffic or more serious violations. In the wake of the new study, they can argue that no more.  We now know that the troopers were merely doing their jobs.  The Justice Department should release the turnpike study now.  The poisonous profiling debate, conducted on ignorance and faulty science, has strained police-community relations and made it more difficult for the police to protect law-abiding neighborhoods.”

Evidently, any report which may upset Blacks or cause problems for politicians, has to be kept under raps because it may be perceived as being anti-Black and politically dangerous!  It also shows that Black race-hustling lefties and White liberals kept repeating over and over, what is now exposed as another liberal lie!


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  • Another example of how political correctness detroys our world…

  • A homogenous people or nation will never have this condition; this only goes to prove that integration of the races is an absolute failure.
    If each race adhered to its own nation, with one race, one language, one culture, and one people this insanity would not exist.

  • I firmly believe that the officer was doing the right thing. He was following protocol. The police officer should file a law suit against the person or people arrested because of the harrasment and bigotry he has and undoubtedly will recieve against him.

  • Firstly, thanks to the Newsguy for maintaining this — to the minute — and constantly timely website, with stories that are not only topical, but with other news from around the globe which no other site or talk show is covering.
    As far as our bigoted, America-hating, white-hating pro Black criminal president is concerned, it is obvious that his black radical street mentality was exposed with his knee jerk response to any black trouble maker being arrested, especially by a White officer, even if it is obvious his fellow radical buddy was wrong!! Remember his other law-breaking buddy, ex-NBA star, Walter Johnson of the Phonex Suns he defended, when California Attorney General Wolpen discovered that Johnson misused over $400,000 in funds he received from Americor which is a government-run program to help so-called disadvantaged communities. He fired Wolpen for doing his job and “the people’s work!” And let’s not forget that his other radical friend, Attorney General Eric Holder, dismissed all charges aginst the Black Panther peices of filth animal who tried to intimidate voters in last November’s presidential election. This so-called “Harvard scholar,” (what a joke!) was looking for a lawsuit so he could live off mostly White tax payers for the rest of his miserable life! And now Obama is trying to defuse the situation because on second thought he realizes what a fool he made of himself with his biased and uninformed remark, and is inviting officer Crowley and his police-hating bigoted buddy to the White House as though they were EQUALLY guilty. Officer Crowley ONLY should be invited to the White House and Obama should kiss his tush on the front steps of the White House and beg him for forgiveness. Every police department in the country should be organizing protest marches in every city, demanding Obama step down since he obviously considers himself president of Blacks and “Hispanics” only. The twenty years of anti-American, anti-police, anti-White, Black victimhood indoctrination of Jerimiah Wright and the other 60’s radicals he hung out with in Chicago has come to the surface. The cover is off the bird cage!! We have no less than a Black Panther/ Nation of Islam cult type street thug in the White House. The History Channel could film a new episode “GANGLAND” based on the Obama REGIME!!.

  • John of staten island, would like to thank you, frank of qeens, and of course the news guy for delivering the honest news to everybody. May God bless all of you for the great work that you do. Now, if I was the police officer I would not go to the White House and meet the f.o. and this idiot. I would just continue to serve as an officer, let the investigation continue. If they want to opologize to me I would tell to come meet me on my grounds because I don’t want to miss work, “protecting and serving” idiots like that professor.

  • Hey, do you think that his response was so stupid partly because there may have been no monitor there to tell him what to say ? hahahahah!!!!!!!!

  • Anyone can write an article and claim whatever they want, and have gullible people believe it. Where are the facts? Any reporter can write an article and try to get people to believe it, but for the source to be credible you need facts. I am not going to take anybody’s word unless I can read the study for myself. If the study has not been released, how do you know the results? Editorials are people’s opinions not facts!

  • Oh what lies. Other studies prove otherwise. Racial profiling is alive and well.

  • In 1995 a New Jersey state judge threw out charges against fifteen black drivers who, the judge said, had been pulled over without cause. During the trial it emerged that on a 26-mile long stretch on the southern part of the New Jersey Turnpike minorities accounted for 46 percent of the drivers stopped, even though they were only 15 percent of the speeders.

  • White motorists make up 78 percent of Maryland highway traffic, while black drivers account for about 17 percent and other minorities about 5 percent in the state. When the Wilkins data were submitted to the court in late 1998, they showed that between January 1, 1995 and December 15, 1997, more than 70 percent of the people who were stopped and searched on Interstate 95 were black and about 77 percent were minorities. Only about 23 per cent were white. The data also revealed that the vast majority of drivers who were stopped and searched and not found to be carrying any drugs were also black, more than 67 percent.

    Emblez Longoria, a New Jersey state trooper, filed suit against his department claiming that he was being pressured to make illegal stops of black and hispanic drivers in order to fulfill his arrest quotas. Longoria, who is hispanic, alleges that he was denied promotions and harassed by his superiors when he refused to pull over drivers using racial profiling.

  • Nelson Walker, a native of Liberia and a student at the University of North Carolina. In April of 1995 Walker was stopped on Interstate 95, purportedly for failure to have his seatbelt buckled. The trooper who pulled him over insinuated that his 1990 Infiniti was too nice a car for Walker to be driving and ordered Walker and his passenger out of the car. Drug-detecting dogs were called for and then the car was searched for over an hour and a half. Walker and his friend, Mecca Agunabo I, were made to stand in the rain for nearly two hours while the car was searched.

    When Agunabo said he needed to get out of the rain because he had just recently recovered from a bout with pneumonia, the trooper threatened to arrest him. In a search for drugs, the troopers rummaged through the men’s luggage and other personal belongings. Then the troopers largely dismantled Walker’s car, tearing out a door panel, the back seat and part of the sunroof. No drugs were found. One of the troopers went to his cruiser and returned with a screwdriver, which he handed to Walker saying, “Here, you’re going to need this.”

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