Lead Found In Michelle Obama’s Garden

michelle_gardening1Michelle Obama’s much-ballyhooed White House vegetable garden, whose 55 varieties of produce has fed the first family and visiting dignitaries, has tested positive for elevated levels of lead.

An embarrassed White House spokesperson admitted the garden showed 93 parts-per-million (ppm) of lead, far above the safe 10-50 ppm. Increased levels of lead in the blood may cause irreversible neurological damage as well as renal disease, cardiovascular effects, and reproductive toxicity.

Even though the Environmental Protection Agency puts lead danger levels at 300-400 ppm, lower levels are considered dangerous to children such as the Obama children, Sasha and Malia.

USA/A likely cause of the elevated lead levels is from ComPRO, a commercially available “compost made from a nearby wastewater plant’s solid effluent, a.k.a. sewage sludge” that was used during the Clinton administration.

The practice of fertilizing land with waste water is a common practice in America, and is legal under current EPA rules. However,  growing food in sewage sludge is prohibited under the federal organic regulations. The Obama garden was created as part of an effort to promote organic farming.

The creation of the farm last March raised the hopes of many organic produce advocates. One restaurant owner told The New York Times,  “The power of Michelle Obama and the garden can create a very powerful message about eating healthy and more delicious food. I don’t think it’s a stretch to say it could translate into real change.”

The Obamas intend to continue eating produce from the garden. A recent harvest yeilded 73 lbs of lettuce, 12 lbs of snap peas and one cucumber.


  • The garden tests positive for elevated levels of lead, but the Obama's will continue to eat from the garden.


  • Well now you can officially say President Obama & wife have brains of lead!

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  • So liberals have been saying elevated levels were from hunters and fishermen using lead shot and weights, and now we find out that lead in the environment after being banned from gasoline to raise octane levels is from liberals dumping human sewage on American lawns.
    To get this straight, the Clintons were dumping retrograde human feces on the White House lawn contaminated with lead, and Muchelle Obama who is too much of everything dumped a garden in sewage soil and has been poisoning everyone including foreign dignitaries.
    Sounds like the Rothschilds stealing poor farmer’s land in India which is polluted with heavy metals and then dumping those crops on US and other nation’s markets poisoning masses of people.
    Fits exactly with Obama and his European elitist patrons.

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  • @ Felix:

    My thoughts exactly…

  • The fact is that the wastewater industry, coyly called the Water Environment Federation, has been pushing every house, including the White House, to use toxic fertilizer made from sewer wastes.

    The same industry renamed ‘sewage sludge’ to make it sound more benign. They now call it ‘biosolids’. They were smug as Cheshire cats to see the stuff – not just Compro but also ORGRO – put on the White House lawn.

    The waste industry told us about how green the White House lawn became from sludge. Now the same folks need to take responsibility for the toxic legacy – the lead, arsenic, mercury, cadmium, that these sludge fertilizers left behind in what is now Michelle Obama’s garden. Maybe those sludge toxins are also in your vegetable garden.

    We should have community gardens! We should grow fresh vegetables.

    We should not use sewer waste ‘biosolids’ for fertilizer.

    Maureen Reilly
    Sludge Watch

  • The practice of fertilizing land with wastewater is foolish and dangerous and anyone who has a raised a garden would wisely not use this dangerous method.
    This woman is a true dunce, organic!
    Organic poison that is what she has, the produce should be destroyed.
    It is ironic that the wastewater came from a plant used during the Clinton Administration, could it be Hillary’s revenge?

  • That is just gross. The obama’s are a bunch of hypocrites.

  • The farce continues.

  • The Rip Sisters


  • More Kabuki Theatre from Obamaland. Obushma didn’t get it right on this either. Surprise, surprise. This is the guy who protected Exxelon when they got caught with nuclear waste going into Illinois rivers…ya know the Chicago way and to hell with the citizens. All while playing his holiness who walks on water..

    Lead balloons anyone?

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