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New Viking Settlements Found In North America

Viking Settlements (click to enlarge)

Viking Settlements (click to enlarge)

A second location of Norse settlement in North America has been found, showing Viking settlers ventured farther west and into the continent than had been previously believed.

The discovered remains of a 700-year-old Norse shelter were uncovered in a previously-examined Nanook archeological site, 200 kilometers southwest of Iqaluit in the Canadian territory of Nunavut. The location is also where the now-extinct Dorset people once inhabited a stretch of Hudson Strait shoreline.

Nanook archeological site on Baffin Island

Nanook archeological site on Baffin Island

At three sites on Baffin Island, which the Norse called “Helluland” or “land of stone slabs,” and another in northern Labrador, research teams led by the Canadian Museum of Civilization‘s chief of Arctic archeology, Pat Sutherland, have compiled evidence from field studies and archived collections, documenting dozens of suspected Norse artifacts such as Scandinavian-style spun yarn, distinctively notched and decorated wood objects and whetstones for sharpening knives and axes.

Among the new artifacts found near the sod-and-stone features at Nanook is a whalebone spade, consistent with tools found at Norse sites in Greenland, and which might have been used to cut sections of turf for the shelter.

Another piece of evidence shows what appears to be a rock-lined drainage system comparable to others found at proven Viking sites.

Sutherland says the remains are inconsistent with Dorset culture and believes they are evidence of Viking shore stations. She theorizes that Norse sailors continued to travel between Greenland and Arctic Canada for generations after the failed colonization bid in Newfoundland. L’Anse aux Meadows, located about 1,500 kilometers southeast of the excavation site, is the only confirmed location of Viking settlement in North America and is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Sutherland believes Vikings encountered and possibly traded with the Dorset, who were later overrun, probably before 1400 AD, by the eastward-migrating Thule ancestors of modern Inuit.

Sutherland’s research is featured in the current edition of Canadian Geographic, and is currently writing a scientific paper summarizing her decade’s worth of work on the national museum’s Helluland project, which is expected to be published in August.

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  1. Ivan Van Sertima says

    This is all Europeans dirt fighting with each other. We all know that Archaeological record indicates that West Africans were the first non-indigenous Americans. They had the superior nagavigational skills and ship building expertise to make such an endeavor possible.

    Another ETB/Alley Oop/Schwartz sockpuppet.

    "nagavigational" – nice spell!


  2. The Great Frank says

    Alley Oop, please try to get some good material! Once again you’ve been exposed! Go back to school and learn how to spell, you’re looking like an idiot!

  3. joe the plumber says

    I have never read about west africans coming to america, but I did read an article that said DNA evidence let researchers to believe that all the american peoples were decendant from north east asian peoples. Do you have any links Ivan?

  4. Ivan Van Sertima says

    The above is a link that proves my point beyond a "Shadow" of a doubt for all you solutreans!!

  5. Brock Lesnar says

    I have definitive proof that Ed McMahon is the missing link.


  6. M. Innes says

    Actually, it was probably Polynesians in Mexico or Arctic people who originally migrated up and across from Siberia (maybe from around lake Baikal?)

    His factual precision may be inaccurate, however, Alley Oop is correct in identifying the excellent navigation abilities of Prehistoric peoples. Finds in Mexico do in fact show the possibility of very early Polynesian peoples in the Americas. Lets not forget that all current evidence suggests that Australia was discovered long after it had separated from Asia. The people who seeded Polynesia and Australia were Ocean-going folk from really early in the prehistoric ‘flowering’ of mankind – not especially long (on the calender of the history of anatomically identical Homo Sapiens – between 40 and 75 thousand years BP.) What is more, there is evidence to suggest that such migration may have occurred in only a few generations, thus strengthening the African connection. The fact that these people were able to traverse the ocean effectively so early in Mankind’s history has always astounded and humbled me to the abilities of our distant ancestors, who we are inclined to think of as less capable than modern man. Of course, our *faculty* for reason has not increased in that time, even if the scope and availability for education has.

  7. Karima Ahmed Trammel says

    FRAUD…FRAUD…FRAUD!!!! The great anthropologist and historian Ivan Van Sertima died on May 25, 2009 in New Jersey. How dare you! An apology is required.

  8. patagonianproud says

    ivan , what does an unintelligable calypso song prove?

    i tried listening but couldnt understand a word.

    negros have not advanced in the last 40,000 years

    (except when in contact with non-negros and when they lose that contact they revert to the feral beasts that they are !)

  9. Ivan Van Sertima says

    Patagonian Proud: You're wrong. The greatest mind of this half-century, Harav Meir Kahane, zecherd tzadik v'kadosh livraha, Hashem yinkom damo, said that when two cultures collide, the lower culture never raises itself to the level of the higher culture but the higher culture always lowers itself to the depths of depravity of the lower culture, witness the nigrificaction of white culture with rap noise, baseball caps with the brims turned backwards, baggy pants, high-low fade hairsuts,drugs, illigitimate children and tattoes. It is the white race that has purposely lowered itself forever., bro!

    Another post by ETB/Alley Oop/Schwartz.

    Seems you and Frank have some things in common.


  10. Ivan VanSertima says

    Karima Ahmed Trammell: If you get rid of that diabolical Kunte Kinte name and go by your legitimate Christian name, I'll not only apologize, I'll kiss your feet!!

  11. The Great Frank says

    Ivan Van Certima was a crackpot who was ridiculed and exposed as such at a seminar in 1995. His whole theory is that "Afrikans" who were fishermen were blown off course from W.Afrika and "taught" the Beringians. Unlike the Solutrean proofs, there was no contemporaneous artifacts from Afrika as there is proof of Solutrean spears and moccasins and bones. There are no myths among the Beringians that a "bearded black man" came and "taught the arts of civilization" to them as there is of a White Man among most of the Beringian tribes. The Solutrean gene among the Beringians proves that they intermingled with our Great White Caucasian Solutrean Ancestors. That is why the Berinigans want to keep the proof quiet. It makes more sense that Solutreans came here from Europe which was closer than Polynesia. Why do you think that the Beringians talk about "sacred caves"? Because these were where our Solutrean Ancestors were buried. Spirit Cave Woman in Utah is one example. The Beringians want to keep the remains secret by burying them. The NorseMen were returning to Solutrea when they landed in Atlantic Canada and further south. It is called "race memory". Hail Solutrea, the REAL NATIVE AMERICANS!!

  12. The Logger says

    Remember the Kensington Runestone. Like the Rosetta stone found by Napolean, it points to the truth. The truth must not be buried due to cultural bias by the far left and the Religious right.

  13. Monty Python says

    West africans where very poor, unskilled, and unsophisticated people, unfortuantly, they did not posess the skills to sail the world like the Americans did.

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  18. Barry Willig says

    This is all crackpot stuff. Prehistoric Asiatic people got to the Americas. The Vikings stayed for a little while and then died out. The reason was that they converted to Christianity and lost the fighting "i vikingr" spirit of their pagan forefathers. That was the stuff of Iceland, Danelaw, and Normandy. The last Viking died with a sword in his hand yelling "Odin" in 1000 A.D.

  19. illuminati says

    did god not create ALL of us in their image?

    is the new testament(translated multiple times (MUCH lost in translation) to be takin literally?

    the tower of babel : god was not amused ; came down to confuse OUR language( so that we might not understand eachother(devide and conquer))

    no one is better than the next or previous, we must work together or we all face oblivion.

  20. WhitesUnitedUSA says

    Here in Brevard County near Titusville, Florida, Hundreds of Ancient Caucasians were found, predating today’s modern American Indians who are actually from East Siberia, and East Asia!

    Please Watch, this is very exciting!

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