No “Hate Crime” Charge For Black Teens Arrested For Anti-Asian Murder

The Victim: David Kao

The Victim: David Kao

Despite having confessed to targeting and attacking an Asian-American man because of his race, New York City police will not be charging two African-American teenagers with a “hate crime” for the man’s murder.

17-year-old Chris Levy of Harlem, and 16-year-old Cory Azor of Queens, will be tried as adults and are being charged with second-degree murder of 49-year-old David Kao.

The two, out on the hunt for an Asian, caught Kao sleeping in the passenger-side seat of his SUV. After climbing into the car, Levy and Azor put Kao into a choke hold and dragged him into the backseat, where they beat him until he was unconscious. The two then took his credit cards and dumped him out a few blocks away.

Cory Azore

Cory Azore

A security video of the robbery led cops to the two suspects, who had been using Kao’s vehicle to joy ride around Harlem for two days. Azor, the step-son of an NYPD officer, quickly confessed to the crime and implicated his cohort. Levy then confessed that he put Kao “in a headlock and pulled him over the seat into the backseat. I continued to hold him in the headlock and punch him in the face, and then he stopped moving.”

Kao’s body was later found Saturday behind a medical office in Flushing, near Barclay Avenue and 147th Street.

Chris Levy

Chris Levy

Levy and Azor had targeted another Asian man a week before, strangling and beating him before robbing him of money and personal belongings.

Kao, who lived in Elmhurst, was a marketing executive at World Journal, the largest Chinese-language daily newspaper in America. His 21-year-old daughter attends college in Taiwan.

Oddly enough, co-workers of Kao were more concerned with the cold brutality of their friend’s muder and not thinking of it as a “hate crime.” “I think what made us uncomfortable was how brutal these people are,” said Richard Li, his supervisor at the Journal. “I think that bothered us even more. We don’t really think about if it as a racial thing or a hate crime thing.”

A third person was also arrested in connection with the case, but is not being tried as and adult.


  • How could not be a Hate Crime – they’ve admitted it – this is insane, can we get the FBI to reveiw the case – there is obviously something fishy here

  • georgetheatheist

    It’s the White Man’s fault.

  • Zenzile Khoisan

    I agree. African American youth are disadvantaged from birth and their aggressive behavior is an outward manifestation of righteous black rage and should be understood as such. The were taken by force from mother Africa by unscrupulous tribes under consignment from the white colonialists. While slaves in the African diaspora stranded in America, they are bombarded by the media controlled by Zionist aggressors. Please be understanding of my brothers and sisters.

  • well i’ll tell you what, it’s definitely not the kids fault.

    let’s blame the schools.

  • Amazing. I didn’t hear a word about this. I know I don’t have to say what would have happened if a White was hunting to kill a non-White, especially a black. Maybe if and when liberal media people are attacked by blacks, things will change. Until then, the double standard against the White Man reigns supreme.

    P.S. Newsguy, once again I ask you to please stop being politically correct and stop calling these savages “african american.” They are neither.

  • Hate crimes committed by blacks will not be prosecuted. Obama just fired the Inspector General because he went against Obama’s friend. Obama promised “transparency” and he is showing his vengeance with “transparency”.

  • Chaim Ben Pesach

    Chris Levy? He sounds Jewish! Mazel Tov!

  • Zenzile Khoisan

    You are obvious a literate halfwit, the man was not white he was Asian, in case you didn’t know Asians are not white you dummy. And your justification for this act of murder indicates that you are a fake using a false name or you need to be placed on an island by yourself.

  • The Great Frank

    Perhaps their monther didn’t love them, their teach ignored them, their papa was a rolling stone! This is what happened when Dinkins was mayor of NYC. Same response, only Whites can commit “hate crimes”. BTW AC, this guy is really Alley Oop. He trolls the site to put up idiocy to be contrary. Pay no attention to this moron.

  • How can it be a hate crime? African people do not hate in their hearts. It is a Eurocentric concept. Did they say gook or chink or slant when they attacked him because they lacked the means of survival? NO!! It was an act of love!. Love for their fellow members of the African community- of the encroachment of their communities by other than African people which further chokes single moms. African people always wind upon the bottom of the heap with each new wave of migration. Brother Obama was only elected because he was half white and had that honkey speech. Brother Sharpton could never be elected because he is pure African from the roots of the tree of African knowledge and achievement. This was a righteous act of African liberation. He had an Oriental car. Why can't there be cars manufactured in Africa? I don't mean that Flintstonemobile that was posted yesterday. I mean a real lean, slinky pimpmobile that a righteous brother could be proud to drive. It could be named BMA-Bruva Motors of Africa. Yeah- that's the ticket!

  • lack of power ! that's why those blacks were targeting asian men. even those violent retards knew that asian men don't have power in american society and no one will give a shit about it ! especially with all the china-bashing, the authorities couldn't even care less.

    but remember this, you will reap what you sow.

  • The Great Frank

    Send this article over the NY Times and Saturday columnist Charles Blow, who is obsessed with White People being "racist". He wrote today about the "hate" that is coming from Whites and has some bullshit breakdown of "hate crimes" being commited by Whites. Of course he has blacks being in the "minority" when it comes to "hate crimes".

  • If you were ( whomever you are ) to beat and rob my elderly White father or mother, sister or brother, call them rude and evil names or just threaten them with violence why would it be any different if the victim was my Black friend or my Asian coworker ? A crime is a crime and if it is worse depending on the color of some ones skin I am afraid that sounds like a politically correct version of racial profiling. I would expect the person that victimized my elderly White parents to get the same sentence as the person that victimized my Black friend or Asian coworker . Why would it be any worse to hurt and humiliate a white, black, yellow or purple person, they are all people and if you want them to be equal you can not give some more special rights than others. Bill from Canada.

  • Ray from New York

    Target Chinese because Chinese are likely to carry a lot of cash. It is not likely a hate crime.

  • I'm sick and tired of the politically correct media being liberal and stupid to defend these blacks. They should be fried! I'm an Asian guy, have been living in the US since I was born here. I can't stand how blacks are always the "victims" and when the tables are turned, meaning that they commit a crime, they are always "innocent." I have seen this anti-Asian hate crime committed by blacks being done often in the NYC area. Some of you here, like philococktestes, need to shape up and quit playing the victim/race card. If you're lazy and stupid, of course us Asians are going to take over your "hood" because first of all, you EARN your respect, and by doing that ,you WORK for it. Not because you're black. Nobody should be respecting you if you don't respect other people. As for these two blacks, I hope they get FRIED. And like somebody here stated, I hate how the liberal article writer is referring to these thugs as african-americans. Simply call them black! I live here in the midwest, and black criminals are simply BLACK! The f–k is wrong with that label!!!???

  • Ray from NYC, get your head out of your a$$. The blacks admitted to the police that they wanted to target an Asian person. I don’t know about you, or maybe you’re a jealous insecure black person, but that is definitely a hate crime. Targeting an Asian person because he or she carries “cash” IS a hate crime. Targeting a person based on his or her race or ethnicity IS a hate crime. Get it? Or are you going to be like some of the ignorant black people here who will play the victim/race card?

    Imagine if a white person targetted a black person because he or she carried cash. That would definitely be all over CBS, CNN, NBC, ABC, and other news network.

  • @Denrock

    The Africans who we see in the US are usually going to college or are working very hard at honest jobs. Go back to "the motherland" and it's a different story – you'll see why the Africans you see in the US are doing everything they can to get the hell out of there.

  • First of all, please do not distinguish Black Americans with Africans. As far as I know, not a single AFRICAN BLACK MAN from the motherland would act in a such a heinous way. These 2 IDIOTS, preyed on Asians and admitted to it. Hate Crime I believe so. If a white, hispanic or asian man says yeah we were targeting blacks and admitted it, we’d ALL be charged with a HATE CRIME and Al Sharpton would be marching down Flushing.

  • @ Ray from New York

    It is a hate crime because the blacks are using their own racial stereotypes to target another ethnic or racial group.

  • first of all. the news isnt reporting facts. because there are 8 different articles each stating 8 different things. all with the same main idea. that they killed this asian man. i know these kids. and i do not in any way agree with what they have done. and i cant imagine what that mans family is going through. but to talk on here like you know these kids and like you witnessed the crime with your own eyes is wrong.

  • Okay "it was not a hate crime"…but all the same, I understand they killed the guy, it was no love move either, so hate crime or not, they should be severely punished and not be protected because of their race or because their great-great grandparents "were victims of racism"….

  • This is insane. How do you not charge these kids for a hate crime murder as adults. When you specifically target a certain race that's a hate crime. The KKK goes out looking for black people, when they kill one of them, should that be a hate crime? They were looking for an asian guy. Had they robbed a black guy this would have just been a robbery but they targetted an asian guy for stereotypical reasons, now both these kids should be tried as adults for murder for a hate crime.

  • I hate niggers

    Niggers are horrible beasts. Attacking poor Asians like that.

  • Cant We All Just Get Along

    This is not a hate crime blacks hate everyone and they do nothing but steal. You cannot blame a lion for eating right?

  • bad parenting. i live in the projects and i've been called a ching chong mother fucker by a 6-year old with his mom. where the fuck is his dad? cmon black bitch, teach him right from wrong. there are nice black people though. but the majority of black teens are straight up animals. their niggerishness is on a level that i have not seen before. the young black teen animals must be trained.



  • chris levy is my cuzin and jus cuz he mad a stupid mistake doesnt meen its a hate crime and the great frank his mother did love him very much and she still does i hate niggers he didnt attack the asian cuz he wuz asian he attack him cuz he saw that he wuz sleeping and that he wuz a easy target

  • and his mother goes to see him every visiting day and she tells me all the time she scared to be in a jail

  • we know u asians are racist

  • They hate asians ,as they hate whites ,in the eyes of blacks they are white,calling your self chinese means bugger all to ,black thugs,your race will find out about this as you increase your conections with africa, blacks are in for a reality lesson with a one party state,like the old south,the HAN race will learn what the white man has all ways known, that the media, is not the consept of the medium, 50 50% ism.
    That democratic systems only last so long,i will be kind to the USA ,give you 50 years , before a one party state is formed in N america, Europe,white world


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  • Goblin P. Goldchain

    No hate crime? Are you serious? This is bullshit.

  • you know what its fucked up but i knew them.. they went to school with me ,, and they never would have done anythin like this in a million years especially cory he had so much going for him.. i dont know what came over them it was so stupid in plain english … and chris has a baby… now she will never know who her father really was.. she will just know him as a murderer.. it has nothing to do with race so you ignorant people need to stop that shit white people are more likely to murder people than any race they just have good ass lawyers..

  • They are are criminals and worthless degenerates. There are many black people who care about themselves and gets an education and actually contributes to society. Therefore, don’t give me that crap about growing up in a bad environment so that their crime is justified. Going by whoever supports this logic let’s just give them all guns so that they will have even more of an “equal” opportunity as anyone else. Then I wish I was black and so that I could shoot all you people who refute me then play the race card when I am confronted with the law.

    Bottom Line, these two are trash and the world and mother nature is better off without them. And if I call this a racial murder crime I am an ignorant person? So the fact that they confessed to killing a man because he was Asian is not because they are racist? Or that they targeted an Asian man a week before robbed and beaten him again is no evidence at all?

    And the thing is, did not David Kao have a family too? Does his three-year old son now grow up without a father and in the future find out that the criminals who killed his father were given a light sentence? The violent, murderous criminals’ parents are upset therefore it’s fair to let them completely go? Why even convict criminals of anything at all, since all of their mothers love them. Let’s all live in an anarchy so that everything is fair.

    All the people that condone the actions committed by these two, the same should happen to you.

  • They should be caught, shot, and killed. No questions asked. Wretched animals.

  • WTH is this? Those two STUPID IDIOTS should be punished severely. Who gives a sh*t about “you dont know them/understand them. you dont Know the whole story” I dont care what reason/ what they’ve been thru to commit such a racist crime, but a crime is a crime. An action. they chose to do it & they gotta pay up. No doubt that the victim’s family is crying their tears out right now. Those two blacks were selfish!!!
    & not all asians are weak (to the ones who said they were) You just made yurself sound so dumb with that statement. They simply just dont like fighting. There’s more IMPORTANT stuff to worry about than that. We’re all creatures of the same species, & if they really did want to be stronger, they can, just like everybody else. Learn more about things b/4 judging. If you took a trip China, you’ll definitely have a different point of view.

  • One word: MONKEY

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