Obama: Iran Has A Right To Nuclear Power

In an interview with the BBC, Barack Obama has stated that Iran has a right to nuclear power – provided the Islamic regime’s uses are peaceful.

“This, of course, is sort of like saying that one supports the right for Jeffrey Dahmer to have dinner with friends as long as his plans are for friendship,” wrote conservative commentator Matt Lewis. “Aside from the fact that this is a dangerously naive position, it should also be noted that Iran is already flush with oil and doesn’t need nuclear power.”

In the BBC interview, Obama did not comment on whether Iran has the right to reprocess spent nuclear materials. The Islamic regime has the capability of strikingIsrael with a missile. Obama has described Iran as an “existential threat” to the Jewish state.

Concerns over a nuclear-weaponized Iran have increased after close ally North Korea successfully tested a nuclear bomb last week equivelant to the size of the one that ended World War Two.


  • Now there's a sure recipe for total destruction – the words "Islam", "nuclear" and "peace" in one sentence…

  • Here is my question for this blog: Let’s say some enemy country wanted to destroy America and was able to get a “manchurian” candidate in as president. What would be different about what that person would do as opposed to what oboma is actually doing?
    Personally I think nothing. Therefore, by logic, he either is the candidate or person specifically trying to destroy the country, like a terrorist.

  • Ya Gotta Be Kiddin:

    Johann said
    on June 2, 2009

    Now there’s a sure recipe for total destruction – the words “Islam”, “nuclear” and “peace” in one sentence…

    Johann has my vote for the pullitzer for noticing this… He must be a physicist or brain surgeon or … (ok I’ll stop).

    I’d love to see the Isreali’s PM response to this ? Or maybe the IDF’s Response ?

    Interesting Point Expertman.. Wow, that’s a very scary thought.

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