No Saddam – 9/11 Link: Cheney

Cheney: No link between Saddam and 9/11

Cheney: No link between Saddam and 9/11

Former Vice President Dick Cheney told an audience at the National Press Club Monday that there is no proof linking Saddam Hussein to the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001 – although there was enough evidence to warrant an invasion of Iraq.

“I do not believe and have never seen any evidence to confirm that [Hussein] was involved in 9/11. We had that reporting for a while, [but] eventually it turned out not to be true,” Cheney said.

However, Saddam was “somebody who provided sanctuary and safe harbor and resources to terrorists. … [It] is, without question, a fact,” Cheney said.

Cheney went to explain that “there was a relationship between al Qaeda and Iraq that stretched back 10 years. It’s not something I made up. … We know for a fact that Saddam Hussein was a sponsor — a state sponsor — of terror. It’s not my judgment. That was the judgment of our [intelligence community] and State Department.”

The evidence was provided to the Bush Administration by CIA director George Tenent, who Cheney described as the “prime source of information.”

Cheney has been making his voice heard on Bush Administration tactics against The War On Terror after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the CIA “lied” to her and others about Enhanced Interrogation Techniques (EITs) several weeks ago.

The former Vice President said he is intent on speaking out in defense of the Bush administration’s national security record because “a clear understanding of policies that worked [in protecting the United States] is essential.”


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  • Adirondack jack

    A great American.

    History will have to determine whether his contribution to the decision to invade Iraq was reckless or necessary.

    The media hate him because he has no aspirations for the presidency, and is therefore free to be blunt and indifferent to the stroking and fawning that they are used to from other politicians.

    His address to the American Enterprise Institute a week or two ago was brilliant and made BHO's speech look like a gossipy yak from a hair dresser to her customer.

  • He can be brutally direct as indicated by AJ. A good characteristic.

  • Who is more foolish… the fool who lies or the fools who believe him?

  • Adirondack Jack


    The left loves its feelings. They override logic and judgement. That is the ultimate foolishness.

    If you think that he is a liar, go download the AEI speech and refute any of the facts and proofs.

    It's easier to throw stink bombs than to compete in the marketplace of ideas. You have chosen an apt name for yourself.

  • I didn't post a stink bomb. I posted a rhetorical question, meant to compell the reader to verify what Cheney said, to think about it in context, and then to form a personal viewpoint, whether in agreement with what he said or otherwise. A stink bomb, to me, would be your response of name-calling and negative categorization.

    Consider that I may have been referring to George Tenent as the original liar. It follows that those who accepted what he said at face value without vital verification and then used his information to send our troops to war…

    But if you prefer knee-jerk reactions and scorn over reason and debate then I can't really help you. To argue with a man who has renounced the use and authority of reason is like administering medicine to the dead. -Thomas Paine

  • My mistake- I meant to say Tenent was the fool. It’s already been established that he lied.

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