Sliwa Committed Self-Inflicted “Hate Crime”

curtis_hate_crime_smallGuardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa lived up to his moniker of Degenerate Liar after admitting he once scrawled the letters “KKK” in a self-inflicted “hate crime” to get attention and sympathy.

The confession came out during sworn testimony at the 2006 trial for alleged Gambino crime family leader John Gotti, Jr.

Under oath, Sliwa told cross-examiner Charles Carnesi, the lawyer for Mr. Gotti, that he spray painted the moniker of the Klu Klux Klan on the wall of his apartment because he was about to be evicted.

Sliwa told the court it was one of many examples he has used over the years to get attention, publicity and sympathy from the public to further himself.

Sliwa called the staged events “the dumbest thing I ever did in my life.”


  • TO: Johann 2009 June 1

    "Not as dumb as the morons he leads by the nose…"

    Not as DUMB as the ObaMORONS that are lead by propaganda, ignorance, stupidity. . .

    The Plunderer-in-Thief and "president" of the Divided States of America and CEO of Gangster Motors need to come clean with his Eligibility Secrecy.

    BO Got BC?

    The BaWRECK Obamerica has started.

  • Not as dumb as the morons he leads by the nose…

  • Can't argue with that, BaWreck.

    I like that – Obamorons…

  • The Great Frank

    Sliwa leads a cult. It's members and supporters recite, like any cult followers the same programmed lines. "It was along time ago", or "he was a young man looking for publicity for his group". Thus it was with Kristen, who, ignored the facts, like any Sliwa stooge. I believe she is making a pilot for Sliwa, who desperately wants a tv program to keep his addiction to publicity going. She never ONCE talked to anyone in her "film" about how they left the cult, or criticized cult leader Sliwa. He even tried to get a "Curtis Sliwa action figure, and comic" made. He is sick and those who follow this degenerate liar are sicker!

  • The Great Frank

    Much apprecitation to the Newsguy for putting these posts up, and to Jeddi Knight Felix for keeping us abreast of the actions of this degenerate liar and his Empire of Lies! Not to forget Boer Johaan who on the lookout for the degenerate liar and media shyster.

  • are you saying this man stood up and admitted to doing something wrong once?

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