White Actress Refuses Black Actor’s Kiss

Carolyn Forword

Carolyn Forword

A White actress’ refusal to kiss her Black co-star on the lips during a play aimed to promote inter-racial relations has exploded into a major race row in South Africa.

22-year old Carolyn Forword says she did not walk out of the production of The Pied Piper of Hamlin because of the race of her co-star. Instead, she insists the repeated smooching is “unhygienic” and not suitable for the audience of young children for whom the show is intended.

Forword’s co-star, Unathi Dyantyi,  is more than a little crushed.

“I felt like a piece of sh*t every time we had to do it because of the way she treated me,” whined Dyantyi, who says Forword shrank from his advances and pushed him away while during the performances. “She didn’t want to kiss me. She said she found it unnecessary and the kiss was unhygienic.”

Unathi Dyantyi

Unathi Dyantyi

“I’m speechless. What’s unhygienic about the kiss? And what’s unnecessary about it? It is necessary for what the director is aiming to do. He’s trying to convey a message that it’s OK for different cultures to fall in love. We’re a multicultural country and we’re trying to convey that.”

Forward, who recently returned to South Africa from a two-year hiatus in England, is upset that she is being portrayed as a “racist” in the media. “It is a play for eight-year-olds,” she said. “They wanted me to kiss the guy for 20 seconds, which is inappropriate for that audience. It wouldn’t have gone down well at a Catholic school, for example. It would have been unhygienic because it was a travelling show. I pulled out because the director never gave my agent an idea of where we were staying. It had nothing to do with the kissing thing. But now I’m seen as a racist.”

Carolyn Forward in a previous role as Alice in Wonderland

Carolyn Forward in a previous role as Alice in Wonderland

“If Carolyn really was a racist, would she really have agreed to perform in a play that promotes miscegenation?,” ask her supporters. Forward did 12 shows of The Pied Piper before pulling out, leaving the remaining 50 shows to her understudy.

The play’s director, Leslie Ehrhardt, supported Dyantyi’s account. “Without a doubt there was a racial element from the word go until the very end,” he said, adding that the controversial kiss lasted about 20 seconds during each show. “Carolyn underlined it with her general behavior towards Unathi. She pushed him away and her face was screwed up, as if kissing him was the worst thing in the world.

“She said to me in rehearsals that her doctor told her it was unhygienic to kiss on the stage. That took me by surprise. When we going to her old school, she said it would not go down well with her people, or words to that effect.”


  • She is correct – it isn’t appropriate in a show for 8-year olds.

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  • 20 SECONDS?! And this isn’t an ‘adult’ show? I could see if it was soft-core porn but, for kids? No, if the “director” believes this is appropriate for kids then he is a pedophile.

  • Hendrick Verwoerd is spinning around in his grave.

  • Carolyn has never been racist, the director has no idea what is suitable for kids to view! 20second kiss? Why would you want that in a kids play? Hold hands or something! And I believe Carolyn had flu at that time and was scared her co-worker would get sick as well.

  • If the kiss was in the original script that she read before signing the contract, she should be prepared to honor her contract. If she did not read the script before signing the contract, she’s an idiot. If the kiss was added to the script after she signed her contract, then she has a case for objecting to performing something she finds morally objectionable or containing a physical risk.

  • Anti-GM Nonsense in Zimbabwe http://www.amateurscientist.org/2009/05/anti-gm-nonsense-in-zimbabwe.html Non-related but a good blog post.

  • sounds like the sole purpose of the play was to try to program little kids that its normal for white women to engage in sex with blacks..
    since south african males have some of the HIGHEST incidence of AIDS on … oh.. PLANET EARTH, I would say it more than just unhygenic to go around making out with them.

  • Jeff from Torontosta

    Mrs. Tiger Woods would have no problem with a lingering lip lock in front of the kids.

  • Maybe she's gay. If a Guy didn't want to kiss a female he would be labled queer.

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  • Typical South african white,nothing new there.I live in SA and this is just the attitude white women have towards blacks .They have been brought up to hate everything black.She should not have signed up for the play after reading the script but humiliating the guy like that.That is just plain racist.

    • If yall country is too damn rotten thriving on that filthy shit than just move. Move to a continent that is populated with normal human being than biggoted mental retards who talk more shit out their ass worse than old ppl fucking.

  • Looks like she is into acting for all the wrong reasons.

  • I don't see what the problem is.

    Look at the pictures.

    She's a most beautiful White Woman and he's a hideous,butt-ugly Negro.

    She was probably repulsed by the sight of him.

    That and like far too many South African Negroes,he's probably got "slim".

    • I got news for you…. the word Negro is getting really fucking old and I feel like ripping your red neck ass split open outside your jaw. How fucking dare you dickhead? That broad looks like a sack of botox. Look in the godamned mirror yourself you demon wart! Unathi will be blessed with a more beautiful woman than that sack of demon shit. You hear?

  • she is a heroic woman, we need whites to rally behind her and support her

  • Mr. g

    I consider any black individual or any white individual who mix outside they're own race to be traitors. The multi-cultural agenda intends to blend our cultures together to a point where they will no longer be recognizable to our descendants. Blacks should be just as repulsed as whites should be at the very idea. DIVERSITY IS RACISM. It only causes people to hate each other more than it does harmonize.

    Apparently you have never been to a black neighborhood here in the states. The average black's hatred of all things white is unprecedented. But to call them racist for this is now considered racism! If a white displays equal hatred for them he is considered a nazi. Why is that?

    I know you will mention slavery as being the justified reason, among other things, but are you going to deny that blacks in Africa havent participated in it as well? They still do to this day. In fact, check out this link from Ohio State University: http://researchnews.osu.edu/archive/whtslav.htm
    It tells how in our history black Africans kidnapped and enslaved white Europeans.

    The director of that play doesn't give a crap about racial equality. He is obviously in it for the "shock" value, or to satisfy his own personal fetish. In fact, I am convinced that any white or black who mix are in it almost solely to satisfy a perversion. It is a sex thing only, and almost all race mixing white women/men as well as race mixing black men/women, do not really care about equality. If you reduce it to a sexual thing then these "enlightened" individuals are unconsciously placing the negro/white below them, almost as if he/she were nothing more than a sex toy. To these individuals, race-mixing is considered the ultimate in forbidden fruit by the “ignorant” ways of the old. How ironic that they fool themselves with the equality act and the whole time they are behaving every bit as racist as the people they accuse and condemn.


    • I got news for you demon wart, GO and get yourself some help you fuck. Go ahead and say some shit like that in my neighborhood where it is mixed and find yourself needing botox to fix your goddamned jaw. I would blast your biggoted demon fucking ass back to the goddamned 1900’s! Black and white woman are able to fuck right through your ass because your ass is lying stinking in this fucking earth! So shut your fucking shitting chew hole before I rip your jaw split open through your filthy ass!!! I fucked 2,000 men outside my race and they told me girl you are BEAUTIFUL. So hop on a time machine and type in 1919 and go back in time because living in the 2000’s does not suit you well.

  • If this actor cannot bring herself to kiss another actor, she's going to have difficulties working in her profession again.

    For the last time, people, you cannot contract HIV by kissing. Read some medical literature. Anyway, even assuming that African men have the highest incidence of HIV on the planet, nobody is suggesting that Forword had to sleep with the guy. Women of all races would be wise to get an HIV test before sleeping with any man and then use a condom. It's very, very simple. But completely irrelevant to Forword's inability to be professional.

  • "For the last time, people, you cannot contract HIV by kissing. Read some medical literature."

    Carter Wilbur,

    That being said, would you yourself kiss someone that you knew to be infected?

  • Frik Groenewald

    First things first: This wasn't just a kiss on the lips, but a full 20 second open mouth kiss. Anyone that sees this as hygenic needs their two braincells send for a catscan, cos one just died.

    In South Africa it is OK for people like Juluis Malema to go around and sling HATE speech left right and center, and then be protected by the ruling party, but when the opposition leader states facts all hell breaks loose.

    I'm just curious if she said the same thing when the male actor was white, will we still be talking here? Racism is being fueled by the media, because it SELLS.

    I have to agree with a previous comment, that it is OK for people of colour/color (depending which english you use) to play the race card, but when the situation is reversed then all hell breaks loose.

    We are human beings, we will NEVER totally accept other people, races, religions, cultures, sexual prefferences etc. ad the more the push for this is the stronger the resistance will be. I believe if I am wrong we won't need guns, armies or nuclear weapons, there wouldn't be war, or gay pride parades.

    We are told by the highly educated that we should embrace our individuality, but yet whe this is expressed in whichever way (especially when it's not POLITICALLY correct) those same righteous people are the first to condemn you.

    As far as I'm concerned this is much about nothing. Her body, her choice, so just accept it. Maybe the "shocked" producer and all the people that is crucifying her should show her HOW to do it.

    ANY takers?

    Point to ponder

    • Yup….. stapling your ass on my wall is my fucking plan.Motherfucking leeches like you make my skin crawl. I always loved ppl outside my race let alone DATE them and I shoot sick loathing biggoted fucks like you with a bazooka. Watch you burn into an ashen pulp. Skin yourself alive and staple your skin and see who is the leech who needs to burn in hell sucking lucifer’s cock. Oh…and while you are there burning, say hello to Adolf Hitler for me alright leechy?

  • She should have asked her male director, Leslie Ehrhardt, to demonstrate the kiss on him. When he refused he can then be called a racist and a homophobe! Even though apartheid is over Unathi Dyantyi is still a kaffir….

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  • this is a bunch of bull who gives 2 fucks any way , she is white nothin new, and is black they will always blow it out of proportion
    and saffer racist 101

  • She is a racist simple as that. White people in South Africa are sick anyhow, yes you will all be screaming isn´t what you are say racism. well it is see how you like it. I am an actor(black) and a very good one what this b…h did is so unprofessional she should try porngraphy, or I forgot she can not kiss they probably would not take her, she is useless. The South African actors Union should make sure she never works again. I work in england and i am a member of the one the most powerful unions over here I will make sure everybody hears about her. Her name Carolyn Forward will be known by anybody of influence in the industry…promise

    • Forget about that stupid broad. She is not that goddamned important because she is no sight for sore eyes anyway.Unathi should’ve cussed her ass out or ripped her scalp off for humiliating him and left and moved on. You run into biggoted losers and knock their teeth out or strike fear into them. That’s the way of the fucked up humanoid world. That is why I stick to myself and am HAPPIER LEFT ALONE. I do not want no contact with the world because human kind is nothing but a rotted severed dick.

  • To 'Those' who think that Black People are: 'thugs, rapists, murderers, repugnant group of society, people who carry AIDS and other diseases, etc.,' are nothing but a bunch of garbage!!! GO WAY-WAY-WAY-WAY-WAY BACK INTO UR OWN ANCESTRIES!!! WE (OF THE HUMAN RACE) ARE NOT OF THE 'PURE RACE', PEOPLE!!! I used 2 b racist myself, until I got a 'wake-up' call. And, just because of Diversity it shows that ALL PEOPLE are beautiful and equal. Colleges and universities can do/say whatever they want about blacks, only GOD is the one who makes and do everything beautiful!!!

  • i am a black woman and i wouldn’t want to kiss him to 1sec. race has nothing to do with it we are are drawn to people by the way they look whether they are black, white asian., korean and we tend to be drawn to people by some quality. i am not drawn to him and i am going only by looks. there is nothing appealing to me. even if the kiss had to happen why open mouth, i wouldn’t open my mouth to him or any other person i felt no attraction to. i agree wholeheartly with the actress. we are so quick to condem and pull the race card.

  • Why is anyone surpised? I dare you to find me ANY country where white people aren't afraid of, or distrustful of people of color. White people are naturally very territorial as far as race goes. So it seems anyways…

    • Yeah it seems like you’re the only fucking one who sees that shit because there are alot more interracial married coupling all around. It is only you who is an loathsome ass coward who is threatened by anyone different from you. Do me a favor and dig up a hole and bury yourself until the end of days; since you’re too goddamned afraid of minorities. Ppl of minorities wouldn’t pay your ass no mind besides other white ppl who would think just like us.

  • "Uh-Huh says “For the last time, people, you cannot contract HIV by kissing. Read some medical literature.”

    "Carter Wilbur,

    That being said, would you yourself kiss someone that you knew to be infected?"

    I've kissed HIV infected people. I know the facts about HIV. And I don't have it. You lose.

  • Sex on the screen or in the theater should not happen. Even if it is only a kiss it just promotes promiscuity. Racism has nothing to do with this. But, of course liberals refuse to see it that way. Maybe liberals refuse to see it that way because they are the racists here. Hmmmmmm……..

  • Why anything which goes against a black person automatically becomes racist ? Should we do things even if we do not want to (for any other reasons) just coz they are black ? Why it isn’t racist when we don’t deal with Chinese, Arabs or any other race ?

    Blacks needs to stop playing race cards. It makes them losers

    • You sound like a biggoted retard. You don’t know that racism can get your ass chopped up do you asswipe? And don’t fucking say that BLACKS play the racist card because you racist fucks think you got balls to drop N bombs on us, make it hard for us to get a job, an education, and to MAKE A LIVING. So don’t your slimy serpent ass fucking think for ONE goddamned second that you ignorant racist demon fuckers think that you can fuck up our lives because of your petty ass insecurities and then wind up in denial saying dumb shit like playing race cards????Get the fuck out of here dickhead! !! Yall keep that shit up, don’t think that yall are going to be constantly getting away with it without us mixed raced/ minorities dissecting yall loathsome Neanderthal asses with our bare hands!! Shut the fuck up before I kill you!

  • How are there still white humanoids in South Africa, anyway? The Black people there should not allow the promotion of ‘interracial’ romance with these things. They should be promoting Black solidarity and the Black people (the NATIVES) need to focus on media and artwork that promotes the idea of kicking out the rest of these white vermin. Hopefully this white thing (so-called actress) will start the mental wheels turning in the right direction among the Black people there.

  • Ridiculous that a women is not allowed to choose who she wants to engage in an intimate situation with. Race exists, and it is entirely within her right to not want to kiss a black man. She is not racist, she is just a normal human being. Just because she is an actress does not mean she has to submit to whatever other people deem appropriate. The director is the problem.

  • @mabwe70- This is a good example of how race denial ends up being oppression. You want to control what white women think and do? You want to dictate to them who they must sleep with as well? You are a racist.

    • Take a long look in the godamned mirror and crack the glass. Men of minorities do not waste their time with pig skinned dumb ignorant fucks like your slimy ass. Men of minorities usually get more beautiful women so shut the fuck up and grow some goddamned brains

  • My 2 Sence; Yes my African brothers and sistas, I too feel your pain and sympathize with your collective disgust and outrage towards the preposterous disrespect and unsubstantiated inappropriate excuse given in this case regarding a white actress’s refusal for kissing an African actor on the lips. Ignorant absurdities as such are one of many scenarios fueling Hollywood’s racially disproportionate paradigms between Black male actors rarity in a role simply hinting around a love scene with a white women juxtapose white male actors being written a common role of detailed visually explicit damn near pornographic love scenes with not only Black actresses but no doubt our top most beautiful star Scarlets…I to this day have never seen a Hollywood love scene between a African American male and a well known beautiful top notch white scarlet any where near approaching the love scene played out by Billy Bob Thornton and Hallie Berry in the Monster’s Ball..But every time I turn around time after time on t.v. as well as on the big screen Hollywood’s scripts are including our most beautiful and talented star African American Queens within a role where they are ass up and head down with White men many times adverage Joe male actors..I’m not angered with interracial love scenes. I’m angered that its no where near an even playing field on the interracial flip side…Hell Kerry Washington getting DAT ass hit in the oval office damn near every episode..Ain’t seen a Black man bust a grape wit no white women worth paying attention to ever and certainly not currently… Geezzz what kind of message does that send to all the world’s children???

  • If it smells like smoke, looks like smoke, chances are it is smoke! Look the other way if you want to, but meanwhile as for me, I’m trying to find out what’s the cause of the smoke because something somewhere is on fire burning and if left uncontrolled can develop into a serious and damaging problem..OK so let’s say race has nothing to do with this and it very well may be the case! but what if it’s not. What if she was behaving racist and the racist smoke you’ve passed off so easily feeling more eager to comment using ugly words and bad name calling comments to others is how you chose to deal with this issue? Really??? What does that say about you? If more ppl would pause for a,moment and not be so quick to judge others who see things differently than themselves, then maybe that would be helpful with extinguishing the fire of racism also…After all racism is fueled by ppl judging other ppl falsely for fear of finding out the truth..

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