Curtis Sliwa: Anti-Italian Bigot

sliwa_i_am_not_a_crookDegenerate Dirtbag Curtis Sliwa can add self-hating, anti-Italian bigot to the jack-of-all-trades list of semi-professions he has imbibed in over the years, reports The Annotico Report.

On February 26, 2009, Sliwa launched into an anti-Italian rant on his talk radio show while reading a story about the Italian American Museum in NY receiving a Federal grant. Sliwa said:

“Uh, the Italian-American Museum in Little Italy? What the hell is that? I mean, what do you need an Italian-American Museum in Little Italy for?”

“And plus, what do we need to be spending federal tax dollars? You go to the Italian-American Museum, you make a contribution. Or, you have an enforcer there from the Genovese, Gambino, Lucchese, Colombo, Bonanno crime families who forces you to pay a contribution.”

“[I could] swing a dead cat” over his head “and every fifth person” he’d hit would be in “organized crime.”

(According to The Annotico Report, Sliwa’s declaration of “every fifth person” translates into having close to 100,000 people in organized crime on Staten Island.)

Sliwa, who is of Italian-Polish heritage, has made a career off of bashing Italian-Americans and implying that all Italian-Americans are involved in organized crime. The most recent example of this is declaring that lifestyle magazine Mob Candy is a front for mafia money-laundering. Sliwa has also come under fire for racism against Indian-American Bobby Jindal, and for the implied racism seen in his personal tour of the South Bronx.

Sliwa then traveled to Staten Island and apologized for his viciously racist commentary at the Arrochar Friendship Club in South Beach. An  “Italian grandma”, Mrs. Cammarata, then paddled Sliwa and shoved soap in his mouth. Sliwa finished off his mea culpa routine by taking a tour of the Italian American Museum.


  • Proud Italian-Americ

    What a piece of scum !!

  • the great Frank

    Hey, degenerate liar and media shyster, open up your books! What happened to the building Guiliani gave you for free? You shilled money for it on your show and never used the building. What happened to it? Is that how you bought a $1.5MILLION condo on the Upper East Side of Manhattan? Every time you get paid to speak, it is illegal! It is a violation of your tax exempt status. Open up your books!

  • I hate him !!

  • the Great Frank

    This degenerate liar said he "took on the Mob". Bullshit! Why didn't he go down to Mullberry St. and make his famous citizen's arrest? What? he was scared of some linguini eaters.? He charges his stooges for their uniforms at a profit! Who becomes a Guardian Angel? Losers, morons, illiterates.

  • The true definition of a PUNK. In the prison senses of the term.

  • Lamont Cranston

    Cuitus, azenda me. Tuze propiosnos sfachim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wasted energy tracking what this clown does.
    There are much bigger fish to fry.
    Take them out and Sliwa will have no resources.

  • U’r juss jellus o’ me cause I makes duh moolah schmoolah and u’r juss a bunch o’ bums working for free like you work at WBAI. Are you against somebody making a living? Are you a communist?

  • the great Frank

    Sliwa inflicts himself on us constantly. With his bullshit stories, his constant putting his puss in front of the cameras and on radio. He is using the ignorant fools who believe him to ripoff the public. He is like a roach, shine the light of truth on him and he scatters!

  • Angry Italian Americ

    I looked up some definitions of the word GAVONE, it is under Curits Sliwa!

  • i have to agree with curtis here. i can just feel the jealousy pouring out.

  • Curtis Sliwa is a man.

    Unlike the sissies who sign up to the mafia, or the worse sissies who suck up to them

  • Besides ignorance, and ill-education, this shows why Italy and its culture are so lied about on the media, not only in America.Here in Argentina we have the same situation.It’s because the big media groups, have this as a policy, it’s dangerous for the world masters that a country like Italy spreads out its history, art, culture, way of living to the rest of the world, it goes against the world domination agenda.They seek to idiotize entire nations, destroy educational system in all countries, and destroy family, religions, and cultures.Italian humanism is all the contrary……Things don’t happen just because….Forget this nasty clown and go against his masters, his puppeteers!!!!.

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