Homosexuality An “Unnatural Act”: Miss Botswana

Miss Botswana, Sumaiyah Marope

Miss Botswana, Sumaiyah Marope

Newly-crowned Miss Botswana, Sumaiyah Marope, has caused an uproar after declaring same-sex relationships to be an “unnatural act.”

In a scenario that mirrors the recent controversy at the Miss USA competition, Marope was asked by judge DJ Fresh if she would advocate gay marriage.

“It is unnatural act,” Marope proclaimed. “God made us men and women [… ] It is only proper for men to have relationships with women as God created us.”

The crowd erupted in a loud roar of approval of her comments.

Unlike Miss California, Marope went on to win the competition, and was awarded a US $700 bracelet from rapper Russell Simmons, a brand new Mercedes Benz, and an academic scholarship.

Miss Botswana’s comments come at an unusual time in Botswana, as several gay rights groups are pushing for the removal of legislation that does not recognize same-sex relationships.


  • will winchester

    She [Miss Bot], above all people, should know better and what it is like to be discriminated against. God didn’t let people of her race date outside of her race notsolongago in the United States.

  • For those who sit in judgement, please do us all a favor and simply call down the lightning on the sinners. Go ahead, I’ll wait . . .

    It shouldn’t be difficult . . . I’m sure somewhere in the King James version of the Holy Bible, you can find some spell or incantation that will allow you to smite the heretics and non-believers.

    If you can’t make that happen, then maybe you could raise the dead please? Perhaps the millions who have died as the result of HIV/AIDS? Or maybe you could part the Red Sea? A burning bush perhaps? No?

    Then how about consider this: as your heart beats this moment, and your lives tick past, realize that you are one tiny microbe among 6,700,000,000,000 other microbes currently squirming about on this tiny ball of rock hurdling through space.

    Why is it so easy to accuse LGBT people of being unnatural, wrong, evil? Hmmm? Are we insecure because we know we’ll all die and rot in the Earth and no one will remember us or care in 20 years? Are we desparately trying to elevate our self-esteems by attacking or diminishing others?

    Do we believe based on undeniable truth or because it’s what we were taught and it gives us an emotional buzz to feel safe and secure . . . and superior?

    If Satan truly exists, he’s really not that effective . . . after all these centuries, he missed his End Times deadline and left everyone at the 700 Club feeling kinda sheepish . . . after all that doom and gloom fundraising.

    Come on folks. Wake up. We need to love one another, and this planet. When generations look back and see how many dollars and hours were wasted on accusations and witch hunts and self-righteous behaviors, the proof about our beliefs will be right where it always is – in the pudding.

  • Hi, I’m 16, and i’m spanish, I think the actitude oh this woman is so impolite and so rude! From my point of view, gays, lesbians and transexuals are people like us! And they can marriage like us! It’s a very and usual think to see two boys holding their hands or two girls.. It’s not a problem, the problem people (stupid people) who don’t accept this.

    Sorry if my english it’s not so good.

  • We understand you Xavier and appreciate your sentiments. Gay men and Lesbian women have almost all the same rights as the rest of society now in Canada. This wasn't always true of course and our government and society officially and judicialy discriminated as unchallenged policy. One day The Right Honourable Pierre Elliot Trudeau who was Prime Minister stood in parliament and stated that "The government has no business in the bedrooms of the nation". That was a powerfull and scandalous statement to make in 1970, it flew in the face of generations of people raised to believe otherwise. It happened almost overnight here and it started with a statement from an educated and respected man who had no personal stake in the issue. Words are more powerfull than the average person is aware of I believe. Her statement is innocuous enough on the surface but what she may not realise is our history of abuse and condemnation might make us more sensitive than would seem rational. It can be justified by certain types as a licence to hate and mistreat as well. I am sure that she is just an average girl parroting what she has been indoctrinated into from a young age. I am sure that she is a good freind, neighbour and daughter. I am sure that her statement was stated as her conviction and not with malice. I was convinced that her tender years and naivete might be a legitimate rational for her statement and yet you are younger still and speak with the compassionate wisdom of someone more seasoned in life. Kudos to you Xavier.

  • we i botswana are proud..we never experienced racism and we are mor tha happy to upport our own. So thos who are upset, we feel sorry for yu, tose who are happy we feel sorry for you too. Its hate that has brought both unhappiness and happiness in this forum, but in botswana, we are peace loving nation. The intension was to speak the truth based on our culture. But we are not goin to apologize to anyone nor afirm anyone. Just enjoy life people you only live once

  • We cant expect much from her, she has not been schooled enough to understand issues of diversity in our society. But again, you must be very dull not to appreciate the pluralistic nature of our society! She is a reject of the university of botswana and now rescued by Linkokwing, so what do you expect?

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  • Miss Crack-wanna

    How funny that you think I am white. Dummy, I am BLACK. The issue is that this lady is living on some bullsh*t. Africans and their macho ways of WAR and RAPE (since you claim it is the Americans, it’s EVERYONE) should be the focus. I am glad she believes that “marriage” whatever that means is between a cat and a dog. She should go and save her African sisters in the plight of the rapes that are going on all over the place. No one cares for Christianity, it’s on its way out with Islam and Judaism. Wake up folks, it’s a new century.

  • peace4 all n what are you? a graduate of the university of botswana? get a lyf dude n leave sumaiyah alone, intelligency is not measured by the amount of degrees you have,,u can still be stupid having a 1st class degree! Sumaiyah`s ansa was well said…

  • Yeah, but most african women are SUBSERVIENT and SECOND CLASS to men, so this issue affects me not one bit. Keep collecting HIV, you gals are pros at it. When people learn to use COMMON SENSE and allow others to live out their HUMAN RIGHTS in PEACE we will be much better off. Util then, we will have to contend with a small-brained African women who lives for her man……. when he's not out screwing 10 women in the neighboring town.

  • Yeah, but most african women are SUBSERVIENT and SECOND CLASS to men, so this issue affects me not one bit. Keep collecting HIV, you gals are pros at it. When people learn to use COMMON SENSE and allow others to live out their HUMAN RIGHTS in PEACE we will be much better off. Until then, we will have to contend with small-brained African women who lives for their men……. when those men aren't out screwing scores of women in the neighboring town.

  • Its ok to say what we think, voice out our opinions but some platforms/positions like Miss Botswana call for neutrality, diversification and appreciation of all perspectives. If we could go back down the memory lane, you will realise that there is slight similarity between this question and what Mpule Kelagobe answered to back then in 1999, the thought process is the same. She is representing all of Botswana, and what she did was slap the other community of “lesbians and gays” in the face, yet they live in the very land that she lives in, and thats wrong, actually cant make her win the crown, better you work on the thought process well on time, so you can be neutral and represent us all. And above all embrace all people of all colours, sex, and different views, and avoid at all levels stigma and discrimination!

  • Hi, people im from Botswana, rona kwano gare batle di-Gay, ke dilo tse di tswanang kwa Europe, no man can be allowed to sleep with another man, sin sin sin, if you european are ok with it, then go for it, don’t criticise this girl for speaking out her beliefs, also anti-gay is not comparable to racism, in the world there are two people man and a woman, created by God,gays is something introduced by europeans in the world to violate nature and cause incurable diseases, to cause genocide, we keep our culture, you keep your culture, as for rape, where did you get your skewed statistics for rape in botswana, for your information there is more crime and violence in america than Botswana, we also dont have racism, so leave us alone,

    Homosexuality is not “something introduced by europeans [sic]” there’s homosexuality in every race and culture…. there are even some Black African tribes that cross dress as part of certain rituals.


    • why sodom was bent with fire dont just base on gays nd lesbns only even straight people sin god does not encourage fornication but we have got lot of them in bots no one iz saying anything let them enjoy their life batho batho ba modimo stop judging other per people e potse gore who are u to see someone’s sins

  • hey, wena o reng o tswa mo botswana, le re tshegisa batho! we are busy working hard so that during 2016 (50 yrs after being independent) we will be an informed n educated nation and the government of botswana is paying for our education in pursuit for that. it is stil very disturbibg to find ignorant people like you stil amongst us.

    Homosexuality is not “something introduced by europeans [sic]” there’s homosexuality in every race and culture….

    not even my standard 4 son can utter a statement like that.
    im speechless, coz im probably replying a retard!

  • naare wa tlhanya motho ke wena, Turbo, its silly to say that there is homosexuality in every culture, we only hear about this things in this new century before, how about the islamic culture, you think islamic culture allows homosexuality?? you should think before you open your big mouth, its true that homosexuality is a predominantly european thing, in other cultures if it exists its very rare, if you doubt that i can refer you to uncle Bob(Mugabe), ka di-gay o lebale mo botswana, well they can live in Botswana but they will have to join other animals in the kalahari game reserve!!

  • this is serious may b she just said it because she wanted to win

    • makgekgenene, u’re a fool, homosexuality has always been there, read more books hope u will understand one day. i dn’t ‘ve problems with gays, give them a chance coz they deserve it.

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