Lisa Did Not Marry Curtis Out Of “Love”

NOTE: The source of this quote comes from a mailing list I found online. I have not found a more authoritative source for this quote, so it may not be true. But I doubt it.

– NewsGuy

What's Love got to do with it? Curtis & Lisa Sliwa celebrate marriage on 12.24.1981

What's Love got to do with it? Curtis & Lisa Sliwa celebrate marriage on 12.24.1981

A revealing quote from The Snark Department gives some insight into the relationship between Guardian Angels leader Curtis Sliwa and his then-wife, Lisa Sliwa.

When asked if she married Curtis out of love back in June 1990, Lisa said:

“Absolutely not. You’ve seen him. Look at him. I mean, he needs to be thrown in front of a couple of open fire hydrants and deloused.  There’s no way it would be love. It was for the organization.”

Nearly three years later, Lisa divorced Curtis after the Guardian Angels leader earned the title of “Degenerate Dirtbag” by admitting to faking many of his early crime-fighting exploits for publicity. Lisa has changed her name to Lisa Evers and now works as a beat reporter for FOX 5 News in New York City.


  • Youze all juss jellus o’ me cuz Im the numero uno, rock um sock em, wrecking crew for the Uzo toting, crack smoking psychopathic killing machines o’ New Yawk. Frank, you pussilanimous paisan: Put on a “Degenerate” red jacket and beret with me and let’s patrol duh streets.

    That’s “Uzi”, Alley Oop/ETB/Schwartz.
    Nice spell!

  • I think that it was politically incorrect with bill maher that she said that. I was watching at the time.

  • Lisa Evers is a babe…

  • Hey Newsguy: Would you kick me out of bed? Or your igloo or whatever you sleep in up there?

    Nice try, Alley Oop/ETB/Schwartz.

  • georgetheatheist

    Isn’t that a bit of a weird “cake-cutting”? (See photo) Usually the bride is standing next to the cake and the groom is positioned behind her holding her arm which is cutting the cake..

  • The Great Frank

    I guess it must be troo, caus’ KKKurtis is a cornood! This moron was used by her because she like he, lived in a phantasy land. She imagined herself some kind of “model”, but as Howard Stern said to her on his radio program years back, “you say you’re a model, but I’ve never seen you in one magazine!” She figured she could advance her “career” by being in the spotlight with the degenerate liar. Well, she divorced him and got a radio show, and then became a reporter under her maiden name, “Lisa Evers”. So once again he proved how dumb he really is!

  • She did marry me for love–of my three piece set! And my moolah shmoolah!

  • Lisa,

    Why make those disgusting comments regarding Curtis, stating that you did not love him, so why did you stayed married to him for so long?..

  • Curtis,
    I saw you the other day on channel one news. I was very disappointed in you, because seemed very erratic and I was wondering if you are using drugs….

  • janice mcclellan

    No class. Never trash-talk your ex!

  • I use to listen to them on their talk radio show. She always talked down to him. it was disgusting.

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