The Kensington Stone: Scott Wolter Interview

Olof Ohman and The Kensington Runestone

Olof Ohman and The Kensington Runestone

In 1898, Swedish immigrant farmer Olof Ohman discovered a 202-lb. tablet engraved with runes while working the fields on his Douglas County, Minnesota property. Ohman claimed the stone was proof that Vikings were in America before Christopher Columbus, but was quickly ruled to be a fraud.

More than 100 years later, geologist Scott Wolter brought the Kensington Runesone to his lab and performed modern forensic studies on it. Today, Dr. Wolter shares his findings and puts the mystery of The Kensington Runestone in The Right Perspective.

Dr. Wolter’s website is:


  • What a brilliant interview. Thoroughly insightful and honest – no quibble over what is scientifically proven and what is speculation.

    Only the truth is ever this refreshing! Thank you Dr. Wolter!

    Great work to all at TRP – I hope these Sunday afternoon blogtalkradio broadcasts are merely the beginning of great things.

  • As another geologist, I admire Wolter’s research and findings. The Norse were some of the bravest adventurers our world has ever known. Though they were fraught with suspicion and frightened of the supernatural, they mastered their fears and always pushed on.

    To move forward with no fear doesn’t mean you are brave. To have fears and fly into the teeth of those fears, those are truly brave people.

  • patagonianproud

    great interview (as usual) uncle frank
    thank you as well dr wolter
    caucasoids = originators of civilizations
    mongoloids = maintainers of civilizations
    negroids = destroyers of civilizations

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