South African Bush War – 1966-1989

A tribute to the men and women who fought against the communist forces over the years.

Any South African my age and older have family and friends who never returned from this struggle. But you kicked some proper Cuban and Soviet butt – I salute you!!

Let us never forget those giving up their lives so we can continue living ours.

When You Go Home, Tell Them Of Us And Say,
For Your Tomorrow, We Gave Our Today


  • Len, this is one of fishclint's videos. I love watching the stuff.

    The SADF was fairly advanced in those days in terms of technology! The Buffel was way ahead of its time.

    Considering the lives lost in bomb explosions in Iraq / Afgan, they could do with a few Buffels!

    And finally then – I salute you Len!

  • Man, I’m am proud to say that I served in the SADF. Those were the days, the days of pride, patriotism, respect, honour and just pure love for ones country. I also love to see those Buffels and Caspers, I am glad to see that the US army is only now accepting our millitary technology that we had thirty years ago, they just call it the MWRAP. Some acknowledgement would be nice. “HansieOslim” and “fishclint” have some more great videos on youtube honouring the great brave men of South Africa. Thanks for posting this vid here Johann. Baaie mooi.

  • The Great Frank

    The Boer Cuban War was a triumph of Good vs. Evil! A nation of heroes spawned by a magnificent race of heroes, Die BoereVolk! Unfortunately, Die BoereVolk were stabbed in the back! The U.S.and U.K. betrayed these heroes who defeated 50,000 Cuban imperialist lackeys and runnning dogs of the Moscow Warmongers! This if the hidden war, hidden by the West because it shows that a nation of 4 1/2 million defeated the greatest Empire in history, as they did the British Empire in the Anglo Boer War! It is an embarressment to the Cuban propaganda lackeys and ideological running dogs in the West who propagated the lie that the Cubans won and that their mercenaries in Angola and elsewhere in the world were a great army. As an Amerikan, I apologize to Die BoereVolk for the stab in the back to your great nation, and hail your glorious victory! Ons Vir Jou, Suid Afrika!

  • Alas, nobody can describe it quite like The Great Frank.

    Indeed, Ons Vir Jou, Suid Afrika!

  • My only bad memory of the buffel is the opfok that the corporal gave us when we screwed arround where you had to either run arround the buffel while it was being driven down the dirt road for about 5k’s, and having to climb up and over it again and again and again untill you just fell off the damned thing. And those tires, man tuff to flip down the road too. But hey, I still think that all young boys need to do the same. Those who know are smiling at this one.

  • We beat you at Cuito Cuanevale! You cannot deny facts.

  • And you just have to love the responses of Elombe Brath. Claiming victory against SADF and telling me I can't deny facts.

    Well Elombe, if you want to cite the battle of Cuito Cuanavale, first of all try to get the spelling correct before you question the facts.

  • Elombe- you and your kind could not beat a fly off shit. We taught you assholes a lesson like no one else. Tell me what evidence do you have to prove that your pathetic poor excuse for an army achieved anything in Angola? You were nothing without the Russians. I beleive that we were fighting the Russians more than the Cubans as you were just their dogs. As I remember it they even left your dead comrades there in our bush like dogs. We fought for the love of our land, you fought because you were forced to like an obedient animal. That is why you got your asses kicked by the best millitary of the time. If you were there, maybe the bundu bash is something you would have heard of, I won’t go into the details of that here. By the way you and your kind are still slaves to your masters. DOG.

  • yes you are claiming victory over cuba and the angolan fapla but i just wonder what happened to the white south african supremacy,savimbi,unita and the botha clan? by the way the castro brothers are still alive and kicking and the mpla in angola can entertain the clinton dinasty with the same diamonds that savimbi left behind.sweet victory some people claim.

  • @ ombaka: You will never get it, will you?

    South Africa’s demise wasn’t brought about by the assault rifle, but communist propaganda. The so called white racist regime was supposedly the greatest threat to human kind, so the western world isolated South Africa with sanctions and brought it to its knees.

    And if you cared to take the crap out of your eyes, you’d know that the supremacy you talk about created the TBVC states where the different tribes could rule over themselves. The fact that this wasn’t recognised by the world, doesn’t mean it never happened.

    Let me guess, you are also one of the stooges who fell for the Obama crap. But your spelling says enough about your IQ.

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