Barack Obama, Teleprompter President

obama_teleprompter_bballBarack Obama’s overuse of speech-assisting devices for public speaking engagement has caused some to dub him “The Teleprompter President”, writes, The Times Online:

Although used for more than half a century, the device was previously employed mainly for set-piece speeches. The current President, however, often uses them for making small introductory statements at the beginning of press conferences.

Obama’s over-reliance on teleprompters developed during the last presidential campaign, as it became quite apparent that the then-US Senator had difficulty in putting together coherent sentences together on-the-fly:

The latest Obama teleprompter gaffe came last Tuesday, as Irish Taoiseach Brian Cowan was greeted at the White House in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. Cowan took the podium to read his speech right after Obama, only to read the speech Obama just gave as it was still on the teleprompter. It was nearly 30 seconds until Cowan realized the speech he was reading was one he had just heard.

“That’s your speech!,” Cowan remarked, look back at Obama. “Why don’t these things work for me? Who said these things were idiot-proof?”

Obama rushed to the podium and fixed the problem with a full White House press laughing at the red-faced Cowan. At that point the speech had flipped over to the new one. Reading from the teleprompter, Obama began reading aloud, inadvertently thanking himself for inviting everyone, to further laughter. “First, I’d like to say thank you to President Obama!” Obama said.


  • The spin on this story by Rush and the conservative media is shameful. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to question the President's policies, but this is simply foolishness. Please read an accurate account of the incident from the Irish Times.

  • but wouldn't it be nice to have a president who can talk without being "prompted". If he believes in what he says why can't be just say it without reading it.

  • Incidents like these just prove how the mainstream media sanitized this guy – how many times did we hear what a brilliant orator he is?

    And now, he isn't even talking about technically complicated stuff, and he can't do it unless he reads of a teleprompter?

    What a joke!

  • President Obama is a left handed person, and with most to all lefties they are right brain dominant opposed to left brain dominant people that are right handed. The Speech center of the brain is located in the left brain, the creative part of the brain is located in the right hemisphere of the brain. The tends to produce people with poor language art skills but are geniuses in other bodies of work. Here are a list to lefties:

    Albert Einstine,

    Alexander the Great,


    Ben Franklyn,

    Julius Ceaser,

    Leonardo Da Vinci,


    Bill Gates,

    The list goes on and on.

    This is why although lefties make up less that 10% of the population they tend to disproportionately make up over 1/3 of artist, Musicians, CEO's, Business men, and Innovators.

  • Smoke, mirrors, and teleprompters.

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  • @ Jason:

    I surely hope you don't suggest BHO fits into that list because he is left-handed. Those people have achieved a great deal – what has he done so far?

    Fool the hysterical left with his "great speeches"? There is a difference between language skills and the ability to construct a simple sentence.

    The joke which is Obama was sanitized and portrayed as the Messiah by the delusional mainstream media. Apparently people still don't realize that this man had achieved absolutely nothing by the time he was elected president.

    You need to hold on tight for the rollercoaster ride if you think language skills are the only things this guy is missing…

  • We know he can’t talk without his teleprompter.

    Do you think he can walk without the “Hail to the Chief” intro?

  • I don't know why the msm (main stream media: [especially abc, cbs ,nbc, cnn] ) go along with the concept of the Obama Administration doing wonderful things and they can do no wrong! The msm needs to get a 'reality check' and tell it like it is! A 'wake up call' has already sounded. Now some truthful, gut-wrenching reporting should be the order of the day!

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  • David Letterman is sounding so ignorant as he keeps praising Obama for being so polished. He bemoans Bush's leaving because now there's nothing to make fun of from the White House. Letterman is also clearly paid off by the Obama admin to keep quiet about his many gaffs. Sheesh! Letterman is even pulling out old Bush mistakes because Obama's so "smart." Ridiculous!

  • This is another one of those GOP shiny objects to distract everyone, and as usual it's idiotic and pointless. Seriously, I really want our president to focus on important things right now, not memorizing lines.

    I'm so disappointed in the press. Now, more than ever we need them to inform and report, and all we get is this asinine crapola?

    And Ed Henry and CNN are starting to seem desperate. It's just not that big a deal. It was an amusing moment to most of us. So what? The guy is over-reacting to the enth degree. He should laugh it off and just move on.

    Everything tiny thing is SUCH a big soap opera. The world's crashing down around our ears, and we're building sand castles in the surf. It's getting so absurd it's surreal. If Obama got a hang nail, it would would garner a front page/week long media blitz.

    People! Please start acting like you have a lick of sense. People are going hungry and homeless, and THIS is what you're mindlessly blathering on about? It makes me ashamed of our "free press."

  • Go actually look for the Saint Patrick’s Day video you mention – its nowhere how you describe it. Obama said those words at the very end as a joke about the difficulties earlier. it went:

    “I like to thank President Obama (laughs) Happy Saint Patrick’s Day everyone (Wave Goodbye)”

    All in all, I don’t think two slip ups in a campaign speech and a misunderstood joke somehow makes a President who actually writes a lot of his own speeches a bad speaker.

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