3,037th White Farmer Murdered in South Africa

Johnnie Cilliers describes finding his father's body to Beeld reporter

Johnnie Cilliers describes finding his father

Digital Journal reported in the week that yet another white Afrikaner farm dweller was tortured and killed, bringing the death toll for this ethnic European minority to 3,037 since the ANC democracy ended Apartheid rule in 1994.

Mr Stephanus (Doppie) Cilliers (66) and his son Johnnie Cilliers, a sheep farmer from Bronkhorstspruit, lived in homes on the same agricultural smallholding. Mr Cilliers (sr.) was also a lawyer and very well known in the nearby town of Cullinan where he practised.

Mr Johnnie Cilliers was deeply traumatised after finding his dad tortured and murdered. He burst into tears as he described to Afrikaans journalist Viginia Keppler of Beeld how he first “ran up and down like a madman” after finding his tied-up dad lying in the blood-smeared hallway near the front door. His hands and feet were hogtied together. It was clear that he had been killed in a very cruel manner. He was strangled and also shot in the upper body.

Johnnie Cilliers said that he was very close to his dad. They often used to do stuff together, like going horseback riding.

Johan Paulsen, a lawyer and colleague of Doppie Cilliers for more than 15 years, said that all the staff at the Cullinan court was plunged into grief and shock over the horrific death of a much-loved colleague. Paulsen described the staff as one big family and told of his utter shock at learning of his friend’s death while busy in court.


  • Death to kaffirs

  • If the U.S government had some intelligence, we could trade our ghetto denizens for the white farmers of South Africa & Rhodesia…

  • Die BoereVolk are being ethnically cleansed! The U.S. hypocritics sent in troops to stop the so called ethnic cleansing of Mohamadans by Christian Serbs. So I propose a U.S. invasion of the Bantu Regime in Suid Afrika to stop the ethnic cleansing of our Boer Allies! Keep listening to The Right Perspective to stay in touch with what is happening there. It is the only program to have keep this crime against humanity on the air! Ter Wille Van Die BoereVolk! Volk, Vryheid, Vaterland!

  • Where”s the media?????
    If that was whites doing it to blacks every newspaper would be front page.

  • Please let there be a race war, so that we can end this bullshit once and for all. We cannot keep this up forever, these kaffirs will kill all of us one by one at their leisure, and if we sit arround a wait being politically correct, it might be too late.
    Who cares what America and England will say, fuck them, they are the ones who created this mess, and are not man enough to admit it.
    I know of many white men from other nations that will travel to SA to fight with the native whites for their freedom, just like in the Boer wars, there were men fighting with the Boers from all over the globe.

    I don’t live in South Africa anymore, but I will return to fight for my people and my family.

  • Africa, that is were the savage Blacks got their genes. No wonder we in the USA have such a high crimerate relating the American Blacks.

    • Swift Silent Deadly

      I am a white US citizen, but I can respect your situation and agree with the comments. Blacks in the US are 12 percent of the population and are guilty of 60 percent of the crime in this country. That’s a unbelievable amount. They cry racism at every corner when they are the most racist people on earth. At some point in the near future their will be all out war in the US. You have probably 75 million illegal aliens here. The number growing daily. The blacks here won’t work, want the government to support them and while your at work they are breaking in your homes and robbing people. They kill each other and think nothing about it. If these were whites killing blacks the world would be on fire.
      To NOT CRAZY you are a fool. I have served 22 years in the Marines and 9 as a Police Officer in the US. Please tell me you have more experience in dealing with all races, but I sure as hell doubt it. At some point in time White people in SA will have to fight for their own homeland. In the meantime they need to ban together. They need to have their own security, and they need to use every method they have learned to kill those who tresspass on their land and try to hurt or rape or murder them. Blacks are an inferior race. Use your intellect and skill against them. Take back what you have a right to and stop at nothing less. I wish I didn’t have a young son and wife. I would gladly help defend a white farmers property and family.

  • This is unreal. If it were happening to black farmers anywhere in the world, there would be a huge outcry. But because it’s happening to white males, well, the world looks the other way. We have to let people know what’s going on.

  • Brian from Australia

    To Mr Johnnie Cilliers, I would say respectfully Sir, being deeply traumatised after finding your dad tortured and murdered, and then running up and down like a madman, will not avenge the atrocities done to your father.

    Mr Cilliers, over 3,000 white farmers (including your dad), have now been murdered in South Africa. When is “enough is enough.”

    Fight back! Rid yourselves of this vermin. Seek them out and exterminate “them”. Send out the message that you’re no longer like lambs being led to the slaughter.

    Mr Cilliers and the other grieving relatives and friends of the 3,000+ murdered victims. You now live in a corrupt lawless land. Fight back and avenge your lost ones.

    Don’t you owe that “at least to them?”

    • Hi Scott,SA is as much the whites land is as USA is yours. Our fore fathers came here in the 1600’s These murders coupled with the employment equity bill placing us,a minority race last to get jobs,is a slow and legal form of ethnic cleansing.UN is quick to go in some countries when similar things happen, they could at least give us refugee status. Do we have to become brutal freedom fighters before someone helps us?

  • Why do white people live in South Africa. It’s not their land.

  • @ Scott Peterson
    Please tell us who’s land it is then? Let’s see how dumb you really are. Who are the true founders and developers? Who are the immigrants, that did something constructive there, and those who are just parasites? Who are and were the ruthless killers and svages and who were the decent educated value oriented people? And who did more for the prosperity of the land, and who did more to destroy it?

    Also tell me then what should happen to America, Australia, New Zealand etc? Oh, and where do you live and call home ??

    Please, just fuck off with your stupid comments.

  • Scott Peterson
    You must be a real ARSEHOLE…Where do you live…Try leaving on country where you where born only to find that 40 years later you are about to face the same all over again.. Yes S.A. has become my home country and as such I have a right to be here. Not all the land in S.A. belonged to the Blacks ( For a politer Word) and yes if you study your history on land in S.A. land was BOUGHT from the Blacks by our Forefathers..SO GET YOUR FACTS CORRECT YOU IDIOT>>>>

  • @ Scott Peterson:

    You can start educating yourself by reading the ebook “When the Loerie sings again”, by Harry from Vancouver. He is busy producing a book for publication.


  • @ Scott Peterson

    I too found this site utterly rasict, until I read this link.


    Now I realize that most of the rasict remarks are from people that have a lot of reason for it. In the US and other developed mostly white nations there is no reason for this talk, but in South Africa it is understandable to a point.

    Check it out, this is completley out of whack. If you understand what is happening in their country you will see that it is truly horrific.

    @ The people with South African ties.

    You cannot link what is happening in your country to what is going on in the states. There is no coorilation. And almost all the facts coming out of the U.S. are so extremley exaggerated that it is a joke.

    Here it is more about poverty, and in South Africa it is about a racist purge that is motivated by ignorance and greed.

    The people that are doing these crimes don’t understand that they are screwing themselves. And as a direct result of when your forced out of your country they will be in complete ruin. And mass starvation will ensue.

    Again I truly am sorry for the horrific events that you and your families are going through.

    @ the rest.

    Using the unbeleivable events that are taking place in South Africa and twisting it into your own Hate logic is just as ignorant and sick as the people causing these brutal slayings.

    Their plight is nothing like the rasicm “white mans burden” that you spout off about. In our country unless you are in a dangerous poor neighborhood in a inner city that you know is dangerous, or involved in crime the chances of you being brutally murdered is very very slim. And even then unless your looking for trouble it is unlikely to end in murder. Sometimes a asskicking or mugging, but not so often murder.

    So get over it. And quit exploiting the South African white peoples pains for your sick benefits.

  • According to a Human Rights Commission report submitted to the TRC (Truth and Reconciliation Commission) in 1997 the number of blacks that died during Apartheid (1948 to 1989) was 7,000.
    Compared to 14,000 for the period 1990 to 1994.

    The report also states that about 92% of deaths were caused by ‘black-on-black’ violence between 1990 to 1994.

    Compared to 174,220 for the period 1994 to 2000 (under Nelson Mandela)

  • I am trying to convince my liberal friends…..All that needs to be done to SOLVE the problem! And turn South Africa into a successful country once again is to transport over all the united labor union chieftains of America, plus about 5 million of our bureaucrats and instantly, over night everything will be solved….Come on people….everyone in SA, according the marxist model under the “new 5-Year plan”, would then be granted by the newly Reorganized State…..running water, refrigerators, air conditioning, cars, T.V sets and all the food anyone could ever want….I say “YES” it could work!….They need to push Obango to create a worker exchange program and ask that all the Boer farmers are welcome HERE in exchange…..(If they would be willing to leave their ancestral home of origin and forsake it back to the tribal savages)…….Hummmmm….then again….now that I think about it more thoroughly and less selfishly….maybe it makes more sense for the White Farmers to make their stand there!!!Because the tribal “collectivist” savages have already taken over the USA and their chances don’t seem any brighter here…..

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  • Africa is black because only blacks can live under blacks.

  • So many whites in S.A (like me) who were never part of apartheid, but now all have to face the music. So many with noware to go, what can one do appox 2 mil whites and 50mil plus blacks…….see http://www.dienuwesuidafrika.blogspot.com

    • Swift Silent Deadly

      Learn how to fight and then learn some more. A King Cobra will kill a 100 chickens just give him some time.

  • Yes, where is the press. We hear nothing about those dastardly deeds here in the US, but some of us are aware. I am trying to look for a book that chronicles what has happened since 1994. If anyone has a suggestion ….

    Is the book "A Legacy of Liberation" by Mark Gevisser any good? Would appreciate hearing from someone. How about "Bring Me My Machine Gun" by Alec Russell.



  • Anybody not stying in South Africa will find it hard to grasp wat is realy happening here. I am a sixth generation white person living in South Africa. Whites are systematicaly being persecuted that is racialy motifated. Blacks sing songs like " one settler one bullet" at political gatherings. They are being told to go rob the whites because they dont belong in Africa. Young white people cant find work because of affirmative action. The media are run by the goverment so that notrosities gets blacked out.

    I had been robbed twice. Once in my shop with the same type of firearm that are being lost by the thousands by the police. My car had being broken into about ten times already. Every time the sound system was stolen.

    The worst of all is that whites can do nothing about it because if you lay a charge with the police, the paperwork gets lost.

    I am trying to leave South Africa. The sooner the better. My only regret is the white people that is stuck in this country.

  • “This is unreal. If it were happening to black farmers anywhere in the world, there would be a huge outcry. But because it’s happening to white males, well, the world looks the other way. We have to let people know what’s going on.

    i am European and i had way too much with “politicly correct” and “hate speech” i am tired of following the law to the letter, afraid to speak my mind about the atrocities black people do in case i am charged and dragged to some police station while every minority gets to hate speak all they want, rape, kill and plunder all they want and i CANT EVEN SPEAK about it. f**k that, my grandfather didn’t died fighting the nazis in bellow zero temperatures and mountain sides so THEY can roam freely in my (and other European) countries! while i am living in terror.

    p.s. whoever things i am racist, no i just dont want to be living in terror in my own country

  • As an Argentinian, me and some of my friends considered for a short time to follow our football team all the way to SA, but after reading the appalling news from that country, no way!!!
    I also urge all Europeans and fellow Latin Americans not to attend WC 2010, if you value your life.

  • We live near the beach. We bought this little flat 20 years ago and now we dare not even walk through the park to go to the sea. They (the blacks) took over our cities, universities, schools, hospitals, old age homes, orphanages, farms, etc etc. We live inconstant fear of our lives. My husband has been attacked a few times.My sister's son in law was murdered on the farm. Prices go up and up. They don't pay for water or electricity. You are dead if your car breaks down next to the road. We pay the rates and taxes and they fill the beaches. God have mercy on us.Be very careful if you want to come to 2010.

  • Whitty!!! because i

    Think carefully of this!!! God created us all. He selected our mothers and fathers and in that shell placed our souls. Did he not make a selection of what country we will be born into. Satan wants to destroy this. The comments like its not your land, yes I accept it , then it is also is not there land. We all on this globe so where do we live mars!!!

    The remaining whites subjected to affirmative action. ( Its for the struggle) Males are immediately killed and women raped ( then usually killed). If you servive this attack then go to hospital where the rest of the crowd are waiting who got there jobs because they where dis- advantaged. (try servive that I have lost people there too!!! no cretical injuries please)

    We all have the right to life and the evil will always try and consume us. The fire arms I use is for hunting and sport not killing humans!!! So they disarm us . We have to pay for our arms licences and motivate strongly. No rather hand them in less problems!!!

    They buy AK 47 and military assualt rifles and hand guns from corrupt policemen. Half of this are the fire arms given in by people that don't comply to new gun laws!! How does it get spread from "safe custody "

    Whites are usually robbed or killed then the police move in and if you are lucky you are not robbed and killed by the police. (thats if you survive the attack).

    Did we in the "racist" era form groups to hunt them and kill them in the cover of dakness!!

    If found guilty of murder you would be exterminated under state law errispective of who you are this was silenced. Why? it will interfere in "the struggle"

    God help us we are truly dependant on you, you are all we have !!!!!

  • Now we have a new dilemma, with the name Malema. He absolutely hates all whites. He will be happy if we are all wiped out. With his schooling and the schooling of the rest of the Cabinet and municipal workers, and all the AA and BEE apointed workers I want to see where SA will be in the next two or less years without whites. I predict that the 2010 soccer events will be a disaster. Just too much crime and corruption. You cannot trust the police, and if you are white and must go to jail, just kill yourself. They will use any excuse to put you in prison.They ruined and destroyed everything. I can just ask the world to pray for us whites in SA. We may have killed a few (in self defence) during Apartheid, but they (the blacks) murdered more that 35000 whites and more that 3037 white farmers since 1994. (Just for the hell of it.) Do you call this a wonderful place to be living in (the new South Africa)?

  • Europeans settled in Africa, the Americas, Australia, & New Zealand. However, those who settled in Africa (namely Rhodesia & S. Africa) failed to do what the rest did and that was to exterminate the native peoples. In North & South America, one doesn’t find millions of Indians around to invade farms and kill their owners. The same is true of Australia & N.Zealand. The aboriginal peoples are in short supply. There’s not many of them around to invade Australian farms and kill the owners. What we did might not have been very admirable or humane but it was certainly a prudent thing to do. S. African whites might not be in this position if they had done the same thing.

  • I was born and educated in south africa and lived there until I was 38 and thank god I saw the light and decided to emigrate.

    The problem in South africa has always been the Afrikaaner who treated the bantu as 2nd class citizens and never showed them any respect.The Afrikaaner racist policies have led to all the current atrocities and the Afrikaaners deserve all they are getting.I am only sorry that the English speaking South Africans are also targeted

    Please freedom fighters target the Afrikaaner by all means but spare the other language groups.AMANDLA

    • Swift Silent Deadly

      please freedom fighters. you are a little bitch who couldn’t do it yourself. you have no intestinal fortitude. u want some man with real balls to step up. u should stay out of the shadows u little pussy

  • @ John Wishart: I am surprised that any country would accept a moron like you.

    You are no better than the savages in South Africa targeting innocent people. My only wish for you is that everything you wish upon Afrikaners is returned to you 100-fold.

    Now please bugger off (and I mean this in the true sense of the word).

  • john wishart my wife is afrikaans and thay r all lovely plp and for saying thay sohuld be targeted well you must be a wanker like most off the other engilsh plp i no if you have moved to the uk let me no were and we will meet if you got the guts .get a life mark miller wales

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  • I´m from Argentina. I´ve been in your great country during the football world cup. I understand white men position. Something like this is hapend in my country at this time. Our first national organization (1854), after many civil wars during 19th century, is under attack right now by the “origin people” and ultra left parties. We, the europeans, made a great country. We produce food for aprox 300 million people, but these people want to make another “social revotution”. But We know thar Democracy gives allways another oportunities. I think afrikaans must look forward, negociate with the ANC leaders a new start. Not easy, but not impossible. Be strong, be patient and work hard.
    Juan, a farmer of northern Argentina.

  • I am a white male from the U.S. I have worked in law enforcement in a big city and know first hand that blacks are the most prejudice and hateful people on earth. I can’t believe that a part of the country was not given to the whites before ending apartheid. I could have told you they will try and kill every white person in the country. If they can’t kill you then make you leave. Blacks in the US make up approx 12-13 percent and account for 60 percent of all the crime in this country. That is a staggering number. I will also tell you that if you plan to stay alive you had better band together and police your own property. You also better plan on buying weapons and security forces. If you think you can solve this through dialog, you are probably the same one who thought this would never happen.

    These people are animals. The only country in Africa that ever had a decent standard of living and economy was S. Africa. The second largest continent on the earth with many many countries and not one that has an economy or safe place for their people to live. Pitiful, fight back or leave it’s your only choice for a realist.

  • This is terrible, they shout and scream about the killing of Rhinos , just look at these figures many more farmers killed than rhinos and almost nothing in the media

  • I am new to this column. Wish I could help more. My very deepest sympathies to the farm families in Africa. I am a farmer in the U.S. I am also an airline pilot and law student. I have an extra three bedroom farmhouse on my farm — it isn’t heaven but it is a nice place. Because I travel a lot, I am not home enough. I would be happy to share this nice home with another farm family — if you know of someone who wants to keep older people or children or wife and kids safe on a farm in the U.S. let me know: somapriddle@yahoo.com

    • Hi Farmgirl I think that is such a nice offer. Now if USA could just give white SA people refugee status, I would take you up on it and work extremely hard for it!

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