NY Gov Staff Gets Secret Raise Amid Pay “Freeze”

Pay Raise Chart (Click to Enlarge)

Pay Raise Chart (Click to Enlarge)

Despite asking New York State workers to forgo a 3% salary increase due to the state’s fiscal crisis, Governor David Patterson has granted pay raises to more than a dozen members of his staff totaling US$250,000 annually.

Gov. Patterson declared a “fiscal emergency” in August 2008 when the NY State budget reached US$15.5 billion and ordered a “hard” hiring freeze and cutting fiscal spending.

Those getting a raise include Paterson’s top aide, William Cunningham, a one-time law partner of the governor’s father; Charlotte Hitchcock, one of Cunningham’s deputies and a personal friend of the governor’s; confidential assistant Cassie Prugh; special office assistant Brendan Fitzgerald; and confidential secretary Lauren Passalacqua.

This is not the first time Gov. Patterson has been busted abusing tax payer money during a self-imposed “fiscal crisis”. The governor spent more than US$20,000 on hotels on himself and friends to attend Barack Obama’s innauguration last month, and was forced to cancel a trip to Davos, Switzerland to attend the World Economic Forum, which planned to atttend on the public’s dime.


  • Hey leave him alone! He’s blind. He couldn’t see. He accidentally put the decimal place in the wrong spot. You’re making fun of the disabled!

  • Most of you don’t seem to understand that Mr. Patterson, opps, Governor Paterson, is just following the Stimulus plan, and being a democrat politician he just wants to stimulate the tax payers of New York State to give him and his cronies your tax dollars to stimulate their incomes.
    This was done in secret so that you wound not think he was a worthless insignificant thief, who is governor in name only.
    He wants New York State to rank with Illinois for “good government” don’t you see?
    When he does run for Governor of New York he will get the best propaganda artists (no doubt from Messiah Obama) to promote his outstanding leadership and charming qualities, whatever they may be!
    Like asking New York State workers to forgo a 3% salary increase due to the state’s fiscal crisis.

  • Just what I like to see, transparancy in government.

  • What he and others forget is that politicians and cronyism in NY is why we’re in this boat and now we have to “suck it up”? Come election time I hope all of the “chattering class” remembers and votes these bastards from office. Tea anyone?

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